Men’s Weekend – being authentic next date tbc, please ask

Being authentic or as I often like to refer to it .. being real, is simultaneously perhaps the most significant, powerful, scary, transformative, hardest “choice” any human being can make, and it holds particular significance for men since male (archetype) is by nature more involved in the outer world than female (for whom love and loving are the essence).

Being real is also potentially damaging, confusing, utterly impossible “choices” a man can make, for example – real to what? What happens when your realness does not align with those you meet in society or those close to you.

I suggest that the lack of ‘realness’ can be seen as the biggest underlying cause of the worlds ills – but there is of course a danger in even saying that – Secret Garden is emphatically not on a mission to change the world.


Those that have worked with me in the past – you know (something of) what to expect. Those that have not – we need you too!

I get that is it scary to try something new – or that you don’t have the time – this really means you don’t think you would enjoy it or that it would not be worthwhile in it’s effect on your life.

You cannot know.  It is a ‘gamble’.  All you can do is some combination of weighing up the facts, information including testimonials, cost etc (head) and/or sit quietly, look inside and ask yourself what matters most to you and if you are drawn to this weekend to ‘advance’ that.

For practicals, see below.

Course Fees

Add your course place to your basket, below. The course price excludes all food and accommodation.  In addition to the booking fee, there is also a charge for an evening meal.  Please select your diet preference below.  We will write nearer the time with details of this but the plan is to share food & contributions for meals (apart from the Saturday evening) and for some people to be able to stay together at the venue.  See the Details page for more on practicals.

Note the friend discount is applicable if you bring someone new to Secret Garden.

Full Course Fee



  • £19 discount if you bring a friend

    Couple / friend discount?

    IMPORTANT: Both people must book separately - or if you wish to book on somebody's behalf, you must log in as them before making their booking

    *Name of attendee

    *Name of partner/friend

    *Catering per person

    • 19.5 £

    Special Diet Allergy Details (see note below)

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The weekend will start on Saturday at 10:15 for 10:30am.  Our most likely group space is a gorgeous old large space in central Stroud.  The weekend will finish by 4:30pm on Sunday.  We will eat shared lunch together and there will be a catered meal on Saturday evening.  There will be an evening session – this is precious time and we will want to make the most of it.

“B&B” can be for each man to organise separately but please wait before arranging this – details TBC via email after booking

First details will be sent via the live link you receive on booking.

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