Essence – The Live Deep Dive Awakening Retreat – August 29-31, 2020

Essence Live Deep Dive Retreat is all-new and highly focused on your awakening.

This is a fully experiential retreat, the content and themes will be determined by what is brought to the circle. You will discover a lot, let go of what you no longer need, laugh a lot in superb company.

Benefit from profound approaches for increased freedom, ease, happiness & creativity. Dissolve conditioned limitations.

The radiance of being can be yours.  Join us – Live Light, embodied.

  • How can you fully embrace feelings such as fear, thoughts that have bothered you, & judgements that have separated you from others, then easily let them go? Why is this important? And when are you likely to resist? And what can you do about that?
  • Discover essential keys about the stages of awakening. What sabotages your waking up?
  • Let go of procrastination and self-sabotage
  • Discover how you can set and energise goals that are naturally right for you so that you achieve your objective
  • Deepen your relating with family, friends and intimate partners
  • Let go of past trauma and old identities
  • Integrate archetypal energies smoothly

Essence is a profound, very safe, yet incisive, approach for your freedom, and the side benefits of that – ease, happiness and creativity, and the letting go of your perceived, conditioned limitations. These approaches will also allow you if you wish to deeply serve others, those in your close circle of friends and family, or professionally, if you go on to train as an essence Coach .

The Essence package comprises 3 elements, which you can book separately or together. The webinars can be booked earlier -you can book the retreat separately later. The August Deep Dive Retreat is open to you if you already graduated from the Essence webinar courses and Awakening Retreats in the past. (Use the ”Retreat only” booking option below if you are a graduate).

Save money before the deadline – either by booking the retreat only before the final Retreat early booking deadline, or by getting the powerful online courses to support your lifelong learning at a special bundle price in the Retreat package.

There is an additional discount on both options below, for graduates of Essence Coaching Training, Essence Awakening Training & Being With People Training

If you already have one or both Essence webinar courses

Choose the Live Retreat Only option below – you must book your place by latest Aug 9 (no bookings can be accepted after this point), discount until July 29th only,  

If you don’t yet have the essence webinar courses

Book the Retreat Bonus Package available ONLY if
– You book your place (if they are still available) before July 29th ONLY. If you do, you receive £50 discount off the live retreat fee AND receive

Exclusive Discount of £50 off the profound Essence – Unleash Your Joy and Freedom in Being webinar course

You have instant access on booking  and can participate at your own pace, at times to suit you. You can tailor this course to your specific needs and interests (6 x 90 min modules) Must be completed before you attend the August Live retreat; Free Live event for participants through early summer

Exclusive Discount of £50 off the deeply healing and free-ing

Essence – How To Forgive Self & Other & Ho’oponopono webinar course fully facilitated webinar course, which you can tailor to your specific needs(4 modules) Must be completed before you attend the August Live retreat; Free Live event for participants early summer. 

Total Discount in the Retreat package for webinar courses is £100 (+£50 early booking for Retreat discount is £150!) or for each of you if you both purchase the course,  (for couple or 2 friends (one new to Secret Garden)), £129 (+£50 early booking for retreat is £179!)if you book the Live Retreat before the deadline, but also, crucially, before the limited places go.

Unlimited access – you can use the webinar workbook materials and the approach you will learn and benefit from for the rest of your life, in all presenting circumstances, to free your life from judgements, emotions and memories you no longer need!

You must complete the two Essence webinar courses by August 9 as the retreat is only for graduates of those courses. This means we will dive very deep together in the Live Retreat, as everyone will have done so much groundwork already.

Strictly limited places on this rare Live retreat, facilitated by Essence founder Joy Hicklin-Bailey.

This Retreat is certificated for all successful graduates and, afterwards, you will, if you wish, have the opportunity to train, online at home & live, to become a Secret Garden Essence Awakening Coach. Then you are ready to take this profound, uniquely effective work out to your clients (certification needed). If public health and safety issues prevent a live face to face gathering, we will meet Online on the same dates.

This is intended as a face to face retreat circle. All government guidelines will be followed for gatherings, at all venues. If face to face gathering isn’t possible within the guidelines by the time a decision must be made, the retreat will be Live, Online.

Course Fees

Add your course place to your basket, below. Choose Retreat Fee or Retreat Package Fee – you simply select the appropriate drop down option below. The friend discount is applicable if you introduce someone new to Secret Garden and they book their place, or if you are a couple. Just add their name below. Both people MUST book separately or you can book on behalf of your friend/partner only by using their user name & password. There is a discount if you are a graduate of the Being With People Leadership Course, previous Essence Awakening training, or Online Awakening Circles. Select the Payment Plan option if you wish to pay in two parts (deposit is £250, balance due by July 29th)

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    £29 discount if you are a graduate of Secret Garden's Being with People Leadership Training

    Discount for graduates of Essence Coaching Training, Essence Awakening Training or Being with People

    • -29 £

This Essence work includes the course fees for two Online courses plus the Live Retreat, August 29-31. For the 2 online courses (Essence Online and Essence Forgiveness and Ho’oponopono Online) which are an essential, mandatory part of this training, you will need an internet connection and computer so that you can participate and download recordings of sessions, download the written course book material, and – if you wish-participate in the private forum. The recordings also mean that you can listen to the guided meditations again and again over your lifetime. If you have already graduated from the Essence webinar courses, you qualify to attend this all-new Essence Live retreat. (please select Retreat only option on booking) The free Bonus Live Online sessions will be recorded so if you cannot attend in person you can benefit at times to suit you. B & B and camping will be available for the  Essence Live Retreat, in Slad Valley (or go home after each day). If public health and safety issues prevent a live face to face gathering, we will meet Online on the same dates.

Additional information

Essence Live Retreat

Live Retreat (if you already bought Essence Online & Essence Forgiveness), Live Retreat (includes purchase of Essence Online & Essence Forgiveness), Live Retreat – includes purchase of Essence Forgiveness (Ess Online Already bought), Live Retreat – includes purchase of Essence Online (Forgiveness already bought)