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‘it is making real practical differences in my life on an everyday basis…huge almost inexpressible gains…I love the circles – the depth of honest, vulnerable relating where there is the possibility of mysterious, powerful movements towards wholeness. Secret Garden meets & holds you wherever you are at, whatever your greater need or next developmental challenge you will be given tools, encouragement & love to meet it all, at the same time as being reminded our ’selves’ & everything we perceive is made up. The circle & community has depth, maturity & authenticity to hold me & everyone’ ~ Hettie, Stroud

it’s the letting go of ‘self’ thought, allowing the physicality of experience & feelings to be experienced in structures that allows the true me to be. It is as if finding oneself is done by losing oneself~  Peter Jackson, Bristol

Joyful Loving Ongoing Group is your profound, all-new enquiry into relating, intimacy & love. Are you ready to awaken to & deeply live the truth that all that is real is the love that you are?

Are you ready to resolve conflicts & face challenges in your relationships & create more pleasure in love, doing what love would do?

Are you ready to create real & profound change by dismantling all that isn’t love & discovering the wonder of compassion, tenderness & joy?

Are you ready to learn & build expertise in the skills that facilitate awakeness & aliveness with the ‘other’ & in life?

Would you love to have an authentic spiritual community, supporting you in learning how you can live awakened intimacy? … then the Joyful Loving ongoing training is for you! A gorgeous, rich circle is gathering… .Places are strictly limited, book your place by adding it to your basket below, now

If you book with another person for the two people discount, you must still book & pay for each of you separately. If you book on a partner’s or friend’s behalf, you MUST log in with their name & password to make their booking. Then make their confirming payment (with their name as reference) from your own account or from theirs. Thank you.

Course Fees

For your world class training of 6 4-day modules, forum membership & refreshments

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Discounts –check here &, if you qualify, please apply below

You can also deduct these discounts from the full fee below

Pay in full
Deduct £37
Total £2349 until deadline given

Couple or bring a friend
Deduct £49 per person

Graduate of JL, Being or BWP discount
Deduct £29 per person

Graduate of Essence Coach Training Discount
Deduct £29 per person

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9th October 2019

Varies with discounts & date of booking -please email or call for clarity. Full balance must be paid before October 9th


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    £49 discount if you bring a friend new to Secret Garden, or if you are attending with your partner . Please select this but both people must book separately)

    Couple / friend discount?

    IMPORTANT Both people must book separately. If you wish to book on somebody's behalf, you must log in as them & use their account, before making their booking

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The course is 6 x 4 day modules of world class facilitation spread over about 18 months. If there is a genuine clash for you before you book, for a day or two max with things you have already committed to & told me the dates when I ask for your availability before booking then I refund for the days you have to miss if you tell me at the time of booking your place, but of course I highly recommend you attend all 24 days if humanly possible. Please note there is no late entry to this training unless already negotiated with me. These things are important because commitment is very important for your healing & spiritual awakening journey & also for the integrity, safe holding & transformational energetics of our intentional community.

Accommodation fees & catering fees will be in line with past ongoing groups, with little change, & will be confirmed asap. Fees for Catered meals & Residentials due later -see Event details page All you need to know about what to bring etc will be clarified in a confirmation email as soon as possible, after we receive your booking. Please read the Terms, link in footer.

Here is an example of a non-residential rough plan which shows you how the days behind the scenes of your course will unfold. You will receive a confirmation email before every module so that you know the specifics for every course well in advance. During the module check all specific times & venues except for first day start time with assistants the day before. You do not need to know any more about those until then.

*For these asterisked meals you need to bring your own plate, bowl, mug, knife, fork, spoon

*For the asterisked meals (Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast if you stay at Mayfaire) you need to bring your own plate, bowl, mug, knife, fork, & spoon

SaturdayNo B&B on Fri pm/Sat am Day Circle opens at Stroud venue Arrival times in your course confirmation sent a few weeks beforeCoffee break mid morningLunch approx 1pm-2 15pm  Bring food to share*

at the Stroud venue which has a kitchen & urn


Afternoon break approx 3 45pmDay circle closes approx. 5pm7pm- 8.30pm – At Mayfaire Supper – Outside Caterer *8 30pm Evening Circle at Mayfaire for all participants  9 30pm Close Mayfaire B&B*  if you have booked to stay at Mayfaire on Sat night
 SundayBreakfast at Mayfaire
7 45am-9.00am if b & b booked
 Day Circle starts approx 10 30am at MayfaireCoffee break mid morning Catered Lunch*Circle closes between 3 15 and 3 45pm on Sunday.Long nature break & afternoon tea at Mayfaire


7pm- 8.30pm – At Mayfaire Supper – Outside Caterer *8 30pm Evening Circle at Mayfaire for all participants  9 30pm CloseMayfaire B&B*  if you have booked to stay at Mayfaire on Sun night
MondayBreakfast at Mayfaire
7 45am-9.00am if b & b booked 
Day Circle starts approx 10 30am in Stroud  Coffee break mid morningLunch in Stroud cafesAfternoon break approx 3 45pmDay circle closes approx. 5pmBaked potato supper – please bring potato plus toppings, salad  or dessert 7 30pm Film night at Mayfaire for all who wish itMayfaire B&B*  if you have booked to stay at Mayfaire on Mon night
 TuesdayBreakfast at Mayfaire *
7 45am-9.00am if b & b booked
 Day Circle starts approx 10 00am at Mayfaire (Possibly early 8 45am meditation – assistants will inform you if so on Mon) Coffee break mid morning Catered Lunch* at MayfaireCircle closes between 3 15 and 3 45pm after clear up. Depart   



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