Men’s Circle Online Booking only March 10th 2-4pm

* If you are not living locally, there is an option for men who live a long distance away to book the Men’s Online event separately, at this page. Men who are attending live must not book here  – please book your place at the booking page for The Most Intimate Retreat  (no exceptions possible)
In modern life there is currently a great rebalancing from many years of male dominance, which leaves men and man today in a much less secure and happy position than media would have us believe – many men are living without support and friendship for their inner lives and struggling as much as ever with outer changes.
A 2 hour men’s circle – a place to explore, share, listen, support, learn will not solve but does support men in facing the utter craziness and relentlessness of modern life from a place of integrity to our beingness.  We find that a willingness to be vulnerable, which is viscerally feared and avoided by most men, is actually our greatest strength.
Exploring Radical Authenticity – and variations of this – is my calling as a mens group leader
This is an experiment, meeting both in person near Stroud OR online, with full participation in a single circle at the same time, (making this work for us all technically will be facilitated by a dear friend and techie genius)
Physical presence as a circle is the best – feeling the bond, but taking part online can I believe be a great substitute for those living further away.  I urge men I know and those that are interested to join us.
full details will be sent after booking, and the circle meets at 2pm till 4pm on March 10th
Some further thoughts are below and you could also look at my guest blog post – look for ‘Being Honest’
Being authentic or as I often like to refer to it .. being real, is simultaneously perhaps the most significant, powerful, scary, transformative, hardest “choice” any human being can make, and it holds particular significance for men since male (archetype) is by nature more involved in the outer world than female (for whom love and loving are the essence).

Being real is also potentially damaging, confusing, utterly impossible “choices” a man can make, for example – real to what? What happens when your realness does not align with those you meet in society or those close to you.

I suggest that the lack of ‘realness’ can be seen as the biggest underlying cause of the worlds ills – but there is of course a danger in even saying that – Secret Garden is emphatically not on a mission to change the world.

Course Fees

Only if you live at great distance, add your online place to your basket, below. Men who are attending live must not book here  – please book your place at the booking page for The Most Intimate

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