Men’s Weekend – Authentic Relating

We put a brave face on it but a lot of men are finding life hard these days – it’s moving so fast – we thought we knew our place and how to be.  Nothing is solid any more.  Trying is not the problem (though our women might tell us we are trying!).  What are we missing?  The exhaustion of trying new tricks and techniques is showing on our faces.  There is a lot of quiet desperation and numbness in the men I meet.

I suggest what is missing is our skill to authentically ‘man up’.  This is a different planet to the traditional pressure for men to stuff down their feelings, or the new age pressure to indulge them.  This is about adult responsibility for everything in our life, starting with our feeling life and moving out from there to how we relate – with men and with women.

We will meet in a large Gloucestershire house with total immersion for 26 hours (residential).  We will then move to another venue to meet women who will have been immersed in their own retreat.  My challenge throughout our time together is to facilitate cleaning you out in places you hardly knew were ‘dirty’ so that by the time we meet the women, you are literally new-born.

You can trust that I have both been on and facilitated this journey many times and can absolutely assure you that, if you give yourself to the process, you will have never been more attractive both to women and to your own authentic heart than you are on Sunday afternoon and beyond.  The flavour will affect you positively for ever

For practicals, see below.

Course Fees

Add your course place to your basket, below. The course price excludes all food and accommodation.  In addition to the booking fee, there is also a charge for a shared Sunday lunch.  Please select your diet preference below.  We will write nearer the time with details of this but the plan is:



  • Saturday – Lunch: bring and share; Evening: We will get some sort of takeaway (each paid for separately by you) from Nailsworth, details TBC
  • Sunday – Breakfast: small contribution or bring and share for simple vegetarian breakfast, details TBC; Sunday lunch – is catered and charged separately, see below



  • We will stay at the house  There are several shared rooms available but you will need to bring your own sleeping bag and if possible a mat.  There are 3 toilets and 2 shower rooms too
  • A nominal contribution of £5 per person will be made to the house owner.

Note the friend discount is applicable if you bring someone new to Secret Garden.

Course Fee

Early Booking price till January 19th £159

Full price £179


  • £19 discount if you bring a friend

    Friend discount?

    IMPORTANT: Both people must book separately - or if you wish to book on somebody's behalf, you must log in as them before making their booking

    *Name of attendee

    *Name of friend

    *Catering per person

    • 8.5 £

    Special Diet Allergy Details (see note below)

    Newsletters - please confirm if you would like to be included

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