Joyful Living and Loving Alive, Awake, Conscious – October Retreat

a catalyst for fundamental change in how I look at life; I have found time to love myself more, have placed greater priority towards strengthening relationships within my family & other friendships and am pursuing a pathway which is heartfelt than mind felt.  I benefitted enormously from witnessing other couples “in the cauldron” and watching them grow over the time. I also saw huge benefit in how circles are successful when well facilitated and held with love. (with) other men – now it is less competitive / distrusting and I feel more of a sense of brotherly love. I came away not wanting to be such a loner & appreciate male friendship bonding. I have a great appreciation of how these structures provide building blocks towards improving intimacy. We have adopted several as rituals in our daily/weekly practices together. I see tremendous value for those couples or individuals who are struggling, or have in the past struggled with intimate relating… deconstructing the triggers/flashpoints and providing valuable insights from which, everyone could learn. It was also useful to see some individuals further along the awakening journey “fine-tuning” themselves vulnerably, while also modelling “best practice” for others…the importance of being present; dropping judgements; being aware of our own shadow/triggers and their impact on others & embracing the pure beauty of being truly intimate with others ~ Paul Collins, Glocs.

I have absolutely no doubt this will be a wonderful retreat….do join us – and be amazed at what can happen! I…. I was blown away by the level of connection, intimacy, courage, honesty and presence that I experienced – not to mention openings and healings that happened. It was powerful, and truly special Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Thank you so much for such a rich retreat ….. it feels extraordinary what you have created. What Joy creates means that transformation can happen in an instant when and if people are willing and step into the potential that is there. The circles are full of love, deep insights and potent learnings, laughter and humanity. ‘Me’ and my life have changed immeasurably since beginning work with Joy. For much of my life, I have doubted love existed, now I feel I want to dedicate my life to growing it. Hettie, Stroud

Love is all there is. Love is what ‘we’ are. This is the direct experience of awakeness. Once glimpsed, there can be a yes to aligning every aspect of life with that unknowable. How can you embody empty, impersonal, unconditional wholeness, in awake relating and sexuality? Simple, yet not always easy for one who lives in a separate self.
‘Your’ relating life can be seen & explored as a clear mirror which reflects where you are living the falsehoods of personality, rather than living freedom and the natural joy of being and heart.
Enquiry & exploration in this arena, in a held, safe, intentional space, is the quickest, surest way for you to align with unconditional wholeness. It’s easy to get lost in your everyday demands & challenges, but research repeatedly shows that loving, true relationships are the absolute key to a life well lived. If you know this & yet have found out that your good intentions & trying are not enough to create what you choose now, then these explorations are for you. This retreat is fresh, all-new and alive. It brings you the delicious pleasure of sitting in circle or small groups, sharing challenges, celebrations and gratitudes.
• Do you wish for nourishment, holding and authenticity in this retreat?
• Are you ready to do the inner work to deepen your availability to love?
• Are you looking for an intimate connection beyond deals, pacts and comfort zones?
• Would you like your relating life, whatever your lifestyle, to be one of consciousness, tenderness, passion, pleasure, beauty & freedom?
• What if you can discover how your relating life, whatever your lifestyle, can serve the highest potential of your humanity – embodied freedom?
• Do you wonder how you can expand your capacity to give & receive more love every day?
• Do you wish the healing power of truth, depth & presence to replace ambivalence, compromise & disappointment?
• Do you long to learn how you can live awakened intimacy with your own being, with others, with existence?
If so, this Retreat is for you!
Dismantle false veils of trance, apparent separation & old myths about love which limit intimacy.
Depth, vulnerability, playfulness, transparency, powerful intentionality, clarity, self-love & naturalness grow in you, naturally as intimacy with What Is grows.
Better relationships with others begin with a better relationship with your being &, crucially, with life, otherwise you are continually unconsciously projecting your own wounds outside & getting a clear reflection of our unsorted problems – in relating that does not fulfil your hearts’ desires! Love is always a risk. It brings loss. So it can feel easier to avoid utter opening to ‘another’ and ‘others’. Problems & conditioned patterns take hold in the fear-based, illusory separate self. Yet, through its challenges, and its joys, love’s deepest pull initiates us into largeness. Discover how to co-operate with this evolutionary opportunity built into relating and sexuality. You will open where you have been stuck, un-nourished or fearful & in embracing the one solution, (there is only one), find a joy that doesn’t depend on anything outside of you, yet magnetises what is right for you.
Avoid serious mistakes that can sabotage your life & which most men & women almost inevitably suffer from. Listening to life, with Joy’s expert guidance & safe holding, allows you to move beyond patterns into beingness, which brings you freshness, clarity & love. Joy’s approach is radical, this energetic transmission invites you directly to the root, to essential nature-the core beyond story, thought & feeling, over & over again. All problems & patterns dissolve then.
What you can discover is that who ‘you’ are is What Is, already, beyond your story. The story of relating, what was or what might be, naturally changes as you let go into Only This
This is for you if you are single, in a couple, or with a partner and choose to attend alone. It is for men & women who want more emotional & physical intimacy with themselves, with beingness, with future partners or their current partner. Ultimately, this is about the relationship to ‘your’ self, to being.
Heart-opening vulnerable relating is the gateway to the Boundlessness beyond knowing. That is, always, anyway.
This enquiry catalyses the natural evolutionary unfolding into wholeness, the potential for which is built into your physical & energetic body. Its ultimate expression is inner marriage – dissolution of all opposites into beingness, unity consciousness.
To whatever degree it is realised, this deepens friendship & harmony between you & your lovers, partners, spouses, children, parents & friends, & all you meet. You will more deeply embody the love that is, in all existence and beyond it.
Imagine what would happen if you renewed your passion for life, your love of being. What that might lead to……
such a valuable experience for deepening my understanding of myself and my husband, and our relating foibles.  It has encouraged and supported me to get in touch with deeper feelings and beliefs which I’d unconsciously avoided all my life, which misdirect my life and block free, open relating.  Joy’s keen insight and loving guidance was so very helpful in pulling unconscious traits to my consciousness, helping me sift through the jumble of feelings, beliefs, and misconceptions that I’ve gathered through the years, and seeing more clearly what is real. Witnessing other couples’ interactions gave me new insight into what loving behavior looks like -both of the other and of oneself. Witnessing their issues and how they are guided to respond informs my own behaviour.  It is a rich and intense milieu for growth, and I highly recommend it for anyone truly wishing to dismantle the maya and find one’s true self ~ Amy, Stroud

Themes this work allows you to explore experientially in structured explorations, whole circle, small circles, pairs, dialogue, Q and A, and individual practice

• Wounded masculine and wounded feminine – how to recognise and be free of these in your life & relating
• Attachment patterns and dissolving them
• The Essentials of Intimacy
• Expanding tender embrace of your your own and others’ perceived limitations, their humanity
• Growing the courage and clarity to communicate boundaries clearly
• Growing the humility to hear and fully honour another’s boundaries
• Know if it’s time to leave a relationship and be clear about what is ‘right’ for the future
• Prioritising truth while parenting your children
• Exploring unconscious, archetypal energies
• Untangling co-dependency
• Holding safe space for shadow energy
• Recognising & opening beyond defence mechanisms and triggers
• Dissolving judgement and emotion
• Stillness & silence
• Presence and increased sensitivity in physical touch
• Making love wide open, without holdback
• Opening into What Is, depth, authenticity, freedom, community, celebration
• Men’s* and Women’s Circles (* Facilitated by Tim Langford)
• Aliveness Moving, Stillness Listening meditation (recording is a free Bonus within your course fee, a meditation facilitated by Joy)
Cutting edge explorations, light-filled transmission of awakeness. & world class facilitation.
Deepen intimacy
Empower aliveness
Soften into the unconditional love of Life
Embody formless being.

Do you long to learn how you can live awakened intimacy with your own being, with others, with existence?… then join us!
Strictly limited places . This truly is a massive advantage for you, as it makes it so easy to relax into the field of deep trust, maturity, openness & authenticity.
Best Early booking til midnight on day of deadline unless all the very limited places have gone already. Book before the places go! Your course fee INCLUDES the renowned Aliveness Moving, Stillness Listening meditation, (downloadable MP3), value £16, free of charge, if you don’t have that already.
All love, Joy Hicklin-Bailey xx

Learn how you can live awakened intimacy … then this 4 day retreat is for you! You already know in your heart if this is right for you. Limited places remain, book your place now

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