Essence – Your Questions & Joy’s Responses

What holds you back – & what do you need to ask in order to get clear if this Essence exploration – through Webinars and perhaps the Coaching Training – is right for you? If you’re perched on the fence, wondering whether to jump into this gorgeous ongoing Essence work (& yes ;) there are many unknown riches on the other side) here’s my responses to questions that I’ve been asked most, to help you decide.

I’m hopeless with technology

All you need is internet access and a computer. the access to the webinars is a 10 second one click action The workbooks and recordings of sessions are available to download and take a few seconds. The technology is very stable and straightforward.

I don’t like technology and computer screens

Traditionally, these esoteric truths have been offered day by day. In the West, this intensity of connection with a guide is not so easy for most. Nevertheless, this consistency is vital if misunderstandings about spiritual awakening are to be cleared up and blindspots and unhelpful habitual behaviours seen through. This Online course allows you to receive a consistency of presence and transmission that is impossible practically for most people. You will experience openings that can then stabilise in everyday life during the breaks from other events.

If you regard yourself as anti-technology, please allow the possibility that what this technology does is mean that we can meet every week easily, for a sustained period, without travel or booking accommodation. This is world class facilitation in your own home! Access to the Live Retreat and each module is via email  – a one-click process. There is time for integration and to consider questions in between modules. You can aslo download the online webinar courses, for lifetime use of meditations and workbooks.

Does this Essence training really work?
YES! -many men & women have worked with some aspects of this material in different trainings. The licensed Essence Coaches are getting great feedback from their clients too. I offer a feedback form at the end of every course, and some trainings (like this one you are considering joining) have forums for sharing challenges and gains, & the total passion, gratitude & moving transformational stories are moving and also solid evidence that the Secret Garden and Essence approach works to enhance your story in life. And awakenings happen beyond that often. This does, of course, depend on your willingness to follow the programme with commitment & following through on taking actions – inspired by insights gathered & the openings you experience during the trainings – in your everyday, ordinary life. I share testimonials on the website to reassure you that this is REAL, authentic & groundbreaking, cutting edge exploration, that WILL BENEFIT YOU.

I feel really nervous, resistant & afraid of doing this course. Does that mean I shouldn’t do it?
Fear is the most common feeling along with excitement around this course. We’ve had so many negative messages around our power and clarity. Secret Garden invites you to energise the pure, natural energy of life & it is essential rocket fuel for happiness & above all for your transformational process. It’s all about baby steps.. incremental progress adds up to extraordinary, life-changing gain.  When I’m facilitating groups around the world to audiences on how to facilitate your evolutionary awakening, it’s often assumed that there is one glamorous answer or event in life that solves everything. There isn’t. Your belief in that will keep you stuck. You simply need high quality, ongoing reflection, self-honesty, loving, awake community & safe space – which you get in this group – to risk going beyond the ego’s comfort zone.

What about couples?
You may have a partner who doesn’t share your passion for truth but supports your lone exploration, because it increases the love & happiness you share. Or maybe you are a couple keen to serve each other deeply into spiritual awakening. This is a great arena to work on the inner plane through the presenting challenges of a relationship. It’s wonderful to share the journey with that most important person in your life too. And it’s fine if you choose to attend alone. It’s all welcome – the field looks after every outcome.

If you getting more alive & full of pleasure, while experiencing more self-worth & love will help your relationship, then, great. The training is focused on your OWN AWAKENING & how that relates to the dream you create outside of you. One of the modules will specifically fouc on relating -and the exploring you do then can be about an intimate partner or a child or parent or business colleagues. There is love there underneath whatever is happening. Essence shows you how to uncover it.

My life is already great, what can this course still do for me?
Embodied spiritual practice is like yoga: the more you do it, the deeper you go. Some benefits are more clarity, more ease, less trying and strain, the ability to cope with periods of increased pressure, better health, more financial freedom, even more fulfilling relationships, & the price-less awakening to who you truly are.

I’m keen but I’m really busy, how much time do I need to dedicate to this?
It’s high value in Secret Garden that awakening work is integrated into your ordinary life. This training uses technology to reduce your travel time and travel and accommodation costs. For the Live retreat, you only need 3 days. For the 2 online courses which this training starts with, you need 90 minutes for the online course either Live when it’s happening, or -if for any reason you can’t attend a module-at your leisure if you choose to listen to a recording instead. There are 6 modules in the Essence Online course and 4 modules in the Forgiveness Online course. It’s recommended you do at least 15 minutes home practice each week – however, you can always take a break & start up again when you have the time. the energy of the circle holds you whatever is going on. And remember -all this time you are opening to total awakening and working to stabilise your own inner freedom as well as honing skills to serve others in your coaching or people practice. The time committment is very little compared to the benefits you can receive. Can you make the space for you? It is the best investment you can make..

Is it worth the investment?
The financial investment may seem high, but the teaching costs are on the low side, & the accommodation costs are low considering the quality and consistency of this training. I’ve seen crazy price for courses not as good as this-only 1 module that costs £7000+ with a less experienced, less able facilitator who does not bring the self-relaisation that allows you to travel so much further in your being. This makes Essence look excellent value especially with discounts &/or bonuses.

And what is the price of staying stuck where you are? Of not investing in your awakening? or of not investing in creating a much more powerfully effective people business. Financially & in terms of frustrated creative potential, for you?

What is the cost to you in lost fulfilment, unrealised intelligence, poor choices & yes a less expanded life & income, of your playing a smaller game in your life than you could?

I did a calculation that amazed me. When I work with a group you have pretty much total access to me. I don’t hide behind a stage or delegate to hordes of assistants. An Essence training retreat 3 day module is around 22 hours of group time, training, sharing and receiving transmission. Then the 10 online modules mean another 15 hours – 2 days, at your own schedule and pace – of training. For a private one to one session I charge £89 per hour. So if you download the Essence webinars and join the Coaching Training and access the home study modules even only once (they’re lifetime use, by the way) group you receive access to me that would, at good value, 1 to 1 cost you over £10,000! Investing in your transformation is the best you can make. No-one can take it away, it can’t be lost. And it reaps rich rewards in your outer life too!

How much of your Most Intimate message -which I love- is in these courses?  
This as a profound transmission. It is not The Most Intimate, because it is a course which necessarily addresses the (only apparent) claimed, separate identities and invites an opening beyond that. In the story, awakenings to and realisation of Essence happen. So this facilitates that. As you know, the Most Intimate is something different! Most healings and teachings in the new age and spiritual marketplace are superficial & gives people a ‘high’ experience which is then not grounded. Much so-called ‘awakening’ that is available is very misguided, playing to people’s hope and building up and reinforcing the identity rather than assisting in dismantling it. Nor does it assist people in the dismantling & integration required for true healing & wholeness.

Essence training is a beautifully comprehensive, synthesised way to give you the awakening tools to release the body of old conditioning & create the fluidity in the body & chakra system that are essential to a vibrant, health, awakened life. It will make any spiritual practice much deeper & much more immediate. I’m an AWAKENER & have worked with people in the realm of deep transformation. including its invitation to freedom, for 20 years. I’m passionate about giving you the wake up calls, the tools & the deep openings to create the life you know somewhere is possible, the life you long for. Secret Garden exploration is always grounded. It isn’t about a hyped up experience you just have in the workshop. it’s context, its ground, is always The Most Intimate.

Shouldn’t I just wait until next time? Or try to meditate more at home?
Secret Garden gives you ongoing conscious community. Healing is more powerful and the likelihood of glimpsing then stabilising your realisations of your true nature is much greater when experienced in a group, mopst particularly if the facilitator is a free one and wholly agenda-free. Even though the stories of human pain are different, pain itself is collective & requires others to allow us to dissolve it fully. When light & love increase, old pain can surface or strong emotions about unresolved current situations WILL come up.

As you move towards freedom & joy, it is INEVITABLE you will contact your shadows of deepest shame, emptiness, hatred & not good enough-ness and the projections you use to avoid feeling or revealing them.

This is easier than you may think but requires great compassion from friends, the spiritual community you create for yourself, in the circles, and great authenticity and self-honesty. (It is much safer to be ‘sorted’, ‘together’ and to know who one is at a personality level, even though it is all made up!) Then, you have to integrate the learnings & TAKE ACTION, take small risks, be self-honest in your ordinary life.

I dont know how to do this-I always get it wrong & things don’t change
You are a human being. Evolution is natural & inbuilt. Trust that more than the negative messages you have been told or the limits you’ve taken on. I will guide you, answer your questions, above all love you, every step. The mind will never acknowledge gains and wishes to preserve the status quo, even if it’s your smallness. It will diminish the significance of breakthroughs in order to maintain its conditioned grip, becasue it feels ‘safer’. Co-operate with nature’s impulses & your suffering will decrease, ease & happiness will increase, Let others love you until self-love grows, sweetly & organically, self-love is the primary way we heal & align with life so that all else just gets so easy. Sadly in life limiting beliefs always get reflected back until you find a guide to help you do the work of unpicking your limited map of reality. The mind plays many tricks along the way of the awakening journey and this training helps you see them, love them and let them go for good. I cant help you if you refuse the help that is available & most certainly works for freeedom.

Perhaps it will hurt too much or rock the boat to start looking deeper & facing myself? Can’t cope with the intensity.
It hurts a lot more not to! Others sense your pain even if you think you keep everything ‘together. And unresolvedness & resistance sabotages your life and pain will get mirrored back to you in all sorts of unpredicted ways. Life is intense! especially if you dont have conscious support & some education about what helps you surf the waves. Resistance to life & living it totally weighs your life & being down.

Why would I want to listen to others or relate to a whole group in an Essence Retreat?
Being in the circle with totality is meditation. Everything shared touches you in some way. Everything is your own invitation to dive deeper & be in love with existence, with life as it is. Let the life of the circle grow your heart wide open.

And in turn you receive the power of the holding of a circle of committed fellow travellers. We need to be witnessed in our human beingness in order for pain to dissolve into the joy that always is, always was & ever shall be. Essence training will focus a great deal on your own exploration and also on pair work, so even if you are introvert, you will be actively exploring and dissolving limits throughout (this is also completely possible in the whole circle if you let yourself be deeply touched, of course).

I’m drawn to this awakening work but don’t like technology so the online approach puts me off

The Online courses are complete in themselves, and extremely valuable. I recommend you do the whole training though as there is nothing to compare with live gatherings in truth. The online courses do mean this important work is immediately accessible for you anytime, any day. Maybe it is time to let go of resisting technology! Home study cuts down travel time and costs and it means you can review at your own pace and feedback tells me people have received a great deal more on second and third listenings of recordings. You also have the whole group meditations (and the whole of each module), available for you anytime, for the rest of your life. the technology is extremely simple and once you adjust to the difference of relating via a screen, any strangeness will soon fade. The Coaching Training is very successful too, online, and we also meet face to face at the Live Coaches Retreat in beautiful Gloucestershire. It allows great focus on your enquiries, alongside all the support and nourishment of authentic community.

I want to do this course, but I feel I will have to share with you or a partner something that I think is too strange or difficult to be heard. With essence work, it is never necessary to reveal anything of the material you are freeing yourself from to a circle or a partner. If you do wish to be witnessed, that’s also fine. Nothing is too strange or difficult, if your ultimate intention is integration & love & freedom. Holding onto something all by yourself is lonely, stressful & unnecessary, you are welcome to share whatever you need to share so that you can embrace this journey. Your honesty is others’ opportunity – to open their hearts wide! And know that how you participate is up to you, always.

Am I too old/young/ to do this course? No. Participants’ ages range from late twenties to seventies enrolled at the moment – freedom & realisation of truth is possible and important at any age & whatever your age, nationality, walk of life, your uniqueness is warmly welcome. Awakenings can happen at any age. I was a small child. Integration with human nature is a journey. Clear guidance saves you experiencing confusion and suffering

I hope this helps you decide whether the course is right for you! Please email or call if you aren’t sure about whether to join us

If you’re feeling a YES, trust that soul call – you can join the course here, act now as there are very few places left now

We recognise that you will have your own unique enquiry about this group & how it might relate to your life. Call 01452 813241 or 01452 813241 or email if you have other questions. We encourage you to reach out & allow us to support you in finding clarity about whether or not this is right for you.

Find practical details at Essence Online Courseat Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness Online Course and at Essence Awakening Training Live Retreats

If you like the whole story go to this Introduction and follow all the links, or these Benefits of participation and Find out how others have benefited from taking action on this

Aloha. All love (Whichever side of the fence you end up on..;)),
Joy Hicklin-Bailey
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You can do this, you can live the love you are. See you soon. Just imagine what this might lead you to…..

Join us…..this is the most profound and single-pointed training for your happiness and freeedom available

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  • I know now what it means to 'make love'

    Elspeth Hurst, Lincoln

  • You are so so vigilant about constantly taking away from us our goals & ideals of becoming perfect or good & therefore deserving & loveable person we long to be (but already are!). I realised that I don't expect perfection from myself anymore & therefore not from others & so I don't get disappointed or offended easily which means I also don't feel 'tangled up in others' in that exhausting way

    Surahbhi McMellahn Ashburton

  • The ability to facilitate and hold a sacred space for areas of relating and personal development that is rarely, if ever, offered elsewhere. The feeling of safety and being held by the circle; the sense of wholeness felt by relating in a way, and with a depth, that is rarely possible in the usual course of living. The deep feeling of mutual trust, and the formation of close bonds within the group. Offering the encouragement to step outside normal boundaries, thus facilitating change that might not otherwise have happened.

    Graham V. Bath

  • Working with Joy has been very useful & rewarding for me, especially to reclaim myself as a sexual woman, to have permission to explore asking for what I would like and how to do that, to gain a much clearer understanding of the biological, energetic& psychological differences between men & women, all in safely held (though sometimes personally challenging) situations.

    Intimacy is a main focus of the work; it is never about performance but about presence, integrity, truth and honouring (self, especially). Having said that I have learned a lot of practical information & skills.

    Carole Clements, Bathford