Terms and Conditions

General terms & conditions for Secret Garden workshops, courses & retreats

Validity : these terms & conditions are correct at time of writing (January 2016), and may change from time to time. You need to check the current terms & conditions below plus any specific terms that apply to particular courses and products. You can ask for up to date ones or ask specific questions if you wish for certainty, before making a booking.

Cost : see course booking page for details of course fees. Residential course fees usually include accommodation in the retreat centre (dorm shared room basis) & breakfast. Single or twin share accommodation is available at some retreat centres on payment of a supplement. Please check details of what options provided (accommodation, meals etc) for any course in the drop down boxes and the Description detail of your course booking page then book what fulfils your requirements.

Travel : you are responsible for your own travel arrangements to & from the retreat centre or day/weekend non-residential course. Flights to overseas retreat centres are available from most major UK airports are very good value if you book early. Cars are readily available for hire from the destination airport. Please check visa requirements with your travel agent. We are available on the phone or by email to support you in your travel preparation.

Booking : A place can be reserved by paying a deposit or the full course fee (see bank details below for details of methods of payment). Detailed ‘joining’ information will be returned to you on booking. Your contract is with Secret Garden Opportunities Ltd for all events whichever method of payment is used.

Balance Payment : The full balance is due several weeks prior to the first day of a retreat/ Workshop -please look at specific course information

Discounts : There is usually a discount for early booking – see website or phone for details of when this applies. There are sometimes further discounts for booking multiple events & for paying in full on booking. We also usually offer a discount for both people if two or more people are booking together and where one has never attended a Secret Garden event. Please see course booking page for details.

Disclaimer: All participants take full responsibility for their own safety & psychological well-being & their personal property while travelling & during the the whole of the group, course, retreat or session & after the completion of the course when undertaking individual practice of what is learned during the course. All participants undertake to keep other participants & all facilitators free from harm & to take full responsibility for all choices & experiences during and after a course. Where relevant, all participants are required to respect boundaries related to their specific course and other participants which are designed for everyone’s safety and are explained at the beginning of the event.
Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Tim L, Secret Garden, Secret Garden Opportunities Ltd & the retreat centre attended, reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary or the accommodation without notice if rendered necessary because of unpredictable situations arising & to refuse to retain a participant in a retreat group if conditions warrant it or if deemed necessary for the comfort or safety of participants, without refund. Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Tim L, Mayfaire, Secret Garden. the retreat centre attended, & Secret Garden Opportunities Ltd, reserve the right to increase the cost of the Retreat / Workshop in the event of rises in accommodation or travel costs or currency fluctuations. Any price increases (which are unlikely) will be kept to a minimum. No responsibility is taken by Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Tim L, Mayfaire, Secret Garden Opportunities Ltd or any  venue used for any loss, accident, damage, injury or irregularity during or after the group, course, retreat or session. Mayfaire & any other residential or non-residential venue used during the group, Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Tim L & Secret Garden Opportunities Ltd, do not assume responsibility for participants’ property or welfare during or after the group, course, retreat or session. No responsibility is taken by Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Tim L. , any venue used, or Joy Hicklin-Bailey Ltd for materials, approaches or structures experienced or learned during a course or employed after a course. Or for the responses a participant or anyone connected with them have during or after a course.

Please understand that Secret Garden courses, meetings & retreats are not intended to be a substitute for personal one to one or couple work where appropriate. This might well be a great supplement to the work in groups, there are no limits to deepening your self-realisations & one to one and couple work and will create this separately in a manner of your choosing, if you need it or consider it appropriate. Such work might well be a great supplement to the work in groups, there are no limits to deepening your self-realisations and one to one and couple work is very helpful for that, and also for support with any issues that become more obvious to you during or after your explorations in the gatherings.

A certain level of maturity, self responsibility and balance, as well as emotional and mental health, is assumed to allow enjoyment and benefit from  these gatherings. The emphasis is on beingness, not limits. On silence and stillness, not business and analysis.

Insurance: Your personal holiday or event insurance is your own responsibility, is mandatory for any event outside the UK & recommended for events in the UK too. You undertake to provide a photocopy of your current policy when paying your balance for a retreat outside the UK.

Should you decide to cancel your booking, notification must be in writing by registered post to the address below. The full fee will be retained less than 25 weeks before the Retreat. We recommend you take out travel or event insurance in good time before that to protect you in case of illness or other unforeseen eventuality.

All monies paid are completely secure, & in the event of us cancelling the workshop for reasons beyond our control you will be fully reimbursed for course fees. Accommodation fees must be claimed from the centre or venue.

Cancellations Fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation. You can however arrange privately for another person to take your place up to one month BEFORE the event you have booked has started, but not after that point.  In the event of us cancelling the workshop for reasons beyond our control you will – for course fees only, not for any other costs incurred – be fully reimbursed. No responsibility is taken by Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Tim L, Hawkwood, Secret Garden Opportunities Ltd, Mayfaire for any loss, accident, damage injury or irregularity during the group, nor for any negligence, incompetence, omission or error made by any third party supplier of goods, accommodation, venue staff or equipment or food or any course participant. Joy Hicklin-Bailey reserves the right to make changes in the itinerary or to refuse to retain a participant if conditions warrant it or if deemed necessary for the comfort or safety of participants. Joy Hicklin-Bailey and Secret Garden Opportunities Ltd are not responsible for the consequences, financial or otherwise, of third party negligence, omission or cancellations of accommodation, meals and other services or for a participant’s inability to attend a course.

Your consent: Secret Garden & Joy Hicklin-Bailey & their representatives may make audio recordings & video recordings & take photographs. These will be appropriate to the territory we share & always respectful. Any request for full confidentiality with regard to film, audio & photography must be made very clearly at the beginning of the course to the main assistant in writing – this will be respected as far as possible & we will do our very best to maintain it. If this request is not made, we reserve the right to publish such material without reference to participants. In participating in a  live event and/or Forum, you are consenting to content or transcribed content being used in written material such as a book or blog post. Any life circumstance details and names that can identify anyone will be removed fully before publication. Transcriptions are deleted from volunteer transcriber equipment, by prior agreement, after the work is done, and stored securely, only by Secret Garden, behind firewalls.

Confidentiality Where the nature of the exploration warrants it, participants will be required to keep all that is shared during a workshop or course or retreat (whether in discussion or as structures) by other participants and by Joy Hicklin-Bailey and Tim L, as confidential information which is not to be shared outside of that course, retreat or workshop except by Secret Garden with regard to photographic, audio & video material  – see Consent section above, and our Privacy Policies. Joy Hicklin-Bailey, Tim L & Secret Garden Opportunities Ltd accept no responsibility for the consequences of a breach of any such confidentiality, whatever those consequences are.

Products : The term products refers to items purchased from the website or during a workshop, such as CDs, DVDs, recordings of meditations, inner processes, talks, live gatherings. these items are sold on the basis that they are for your own use only, and that Joy Hicklin-Bailey retains copyright. These items are not to be played or shown in public or with anyone else -they are own use only. In purchasing such products, the purchaser agrees that download links are not to be passed on to anyone except a current live-in partner. These products are not to be used in your own groups or with your own clients unless you have been trained by Joy Hicklin-Bailey and have Joy Hicklin-Bailey’s written permission to do so.