I haven’t felt this kind of joy since being a child—for no reason, it just arises! ~ Dawn Olsen, Brighton

How People Like You Rate Secret Garden – Rediscover the Joy in Being

Your profound work and how it allows and brings conscious light to areas of my relating I have struggled with for so many years, has and IS changing my life for the better!❤️❤️ ~ Melanie Howard-Dobson, Painswick

This is really worth checking out - Joy is the real deal and will facilitate all sorts of wonderful awakenings. Do check it out ~ Jane Duncan Rogers, Findhorn

it has been a pleasure to work with you and to be part of gatherings and circles! Absolutely a BEAUTIFUL garden it is 🙂 ~ Peter S., The Netherlands

beginning to heal my difficulties with male contact, trusting men, trusting myself, exploring boundaries…I’ve been able to see and feel when I go into animus-ridden behaviours and through developing compassion for myself, have begun to change this. it was so revealing to feel my powerful inner freeze…..and to realise that there is a more empowered way I could respond.
Openness and honesty in communication, embracing vulnerability, experiencing different identity states, confronting and challenging fears – who couldn’t benefit from this? Communication and relationships effect every single area of life, so having this safely contained and well-boundaried space can benefit anyone who wishes to become more intimate or just better at listening, understanding and appreciating difference.
I am feeling joyfully alive and present – something I feel as though I’ve been working my way towards or into for many years now without knowing what it was – the strong silent pull from within to experience deeper, intimacy with myself and others...Joy is an inspirer and living role model of what she teaches ~ M May, Southwold

For bringing the unconscious conditioning into the light of consciousness....freedom is innate, reality is beyond the mind...a lovingly held environment to allow the process.Joy is loving essence and beautiful example ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

there are things Joy has said that I have adopted (with full credit of course), such as ``It's all sensations``, ``life does you``. They remind me to get on point if I get caught in a story. When I have said either saying to another - they were totally heard!
That's the effect of Joys words - they hit that fine sharp chord of truth, yet are full of love - a bit like a thousand butterfly wings beating upon you all at the same time. You think it's going to hurt, but it doesn't. I love that about Joy! 🙂
I participate with Joy for my own unravelling, rebuilding and development, and because I want to make a difference outside of me, in the world. ~ Dawn Rising, Chichester

I am so very grateful for all the learnings and healings, and growth, that have come out of my participation (Essence, Being & Joyful Loving Ongoing groups)…….Secret Garden has been such a huge initiation, for which I will be forever grateful………thank you, thank you thank you, you have helped me get my life back. ~ Hari Ma, Bristol

As so often before you know how to say right kind & loving words. You are so real & human.. I love your woman's warm wisdom. You have a gift to make the other, in this case me, to feel heard, that is a blessing. I 'feel' between the lines that you know what I try to share & where my words might fail you read with your heart. You have healing, reassuring & calming influence on me. I feel you have much going on & you still gave me time your soft feminine warm heart that you are ~ Heidi Ovarassi, London

your words are a balm for my heart. ~ Alicia Ortiz, Spain

Such tender, passionate, safe, affirming connections. I am privileged to have been in that circle ~ Doug Shepherd, Cheshire

don't hesitate to book a session with this amazing healing teacher .. I don't have many regrets ... but that I did not attend her workshops more often has been one of the biggest regrets .. my smile is a testimony of the year of growth & healing I have done in her hands ~ Denise Camilleri, now New Zealand

Thank you so much for a wonderful 4 day retreat - can't wait for the next one ~ Sally Burgess, London

Heart opening & surprisingly challenging, re ignited a need in me for truth. Thank you very much. I would love to do further work with you both. There was a rawness to how I experienced myself this weekend, something to do with feeling safe to reveal myself. ~ Sam Wheadon, Bristol

Letting go of the agenda of building ever greater arousal has created a profound sense of freedom. I loved learning aout naming desires, fears and boundaries prior to beginning the conscious lovemaking exploration. I can at last give myself permission to be true to what I am feeling or needing in connection. Being more still rather than taken over by fantasy or excitement allows me to dive deeply into my senses and be fully present. Being in the sensation-al life is so free and spacious. The practice gives a new taste of potentials between us ~ S.

You can benefit this way too

Surahbhi McMellahn, Ashburton

Thank you for the radically safe space you hold. ...so rare to experience it modelled with intensity, commitment and heart, as I’ve experienced with you. I like it! ~ Sho Moskowitz, Devon

a great experience for me. Despite my worries about coming I was so glad I did as it helped me to recognise some really important aspects of myself, both 'good' & 'bad', & has allowed me to make change both consciously & subconsciously for my greater good, & that of others. I felt deep love for other people I did not 'know', but on some level knew just as well as I know myself. ~ Rowan, London

I feel that I have gained so much through you and secret garden work. I am eternally grateful for what you have shared with us; it is incredible to see where I was and where I am now. I will definitely continue on this journey and build on the wonderful learnings ~ Tom Lowery, Stroud

the best thing was the huge love which you gave to each one of us & which we gave to each other. It felt like love inspired love & that brought more love so that it grew & grew…allowing myself to be in my vulnerability, trusting people, feeling more ~ May, Bristol.

There have been so many wonderful Awakenings since the New Year retreat with you & Tim. And the depth of intimacy we now share with each other is extra-ordinary; we feel totally Alive in each others presence & deepens with every moment. Thank you so much! ~ Alaistair Howard-Dobson, Suffolk

I have found the work very useful and challenging in ways that I can hardly begin to describe. I wish all my children could do several years of work with Joy ~ Rachel B, Bristol

Exquisitely beautiful, we are so in love after so much struggle, deeper & deeper every day ~ Maggi Stevens, Norwich

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Carole Clements, Bathford

Deborah Maddison, nr Bristol

I want to express my profound appreciation & gratitude for your love (whether it be soft & fluffy or hard & steely), presence & holding of our group & everyone in it. What you offer us all is so very precious…thank you for your generosity in service to us all ~ Deborah Maddison, Bristol

My being (?) seems to have absorbed something and I am finding that a new way of responding…. suddenly find myself having a completely different experience of something I have done many times before ~ Surahbhi McMellahn, Devon

The hard work & presence you maintained in taking us to the deepest & sometimes most painful corners of our minds was impressive. I felt that any issues were resolved with skill & compassion ...good work had been done both for myself & the people I chatted with afterwards. During the following couple of days I found myself revisiting some of the more knotty of my memories & was greeted with clarity & understanding or even emptiness ...nice ~ GL

It works! Benefits are Learning to make love & to communicate my needs in a loving & direct way. Re-awakening my sexual energy More joy….Better health. Powerful, challenging, deep & magical rituals . This group saved our marriage ~ Anon training participant

Darling Joy, thank you so much for the divine work you did at Joyful Loving…the effect of that work spreads to the whole world. amazing! ~ Stephanie Lister, London

Your trainings are amazing, deep & fulfilling experiences within your protected loving embrace. ~ Robert Taylor, Dubai

…. the layers and layers of gains that I get… A re-emphasis of the absolute value in the present, because not only is life here, but i'm here!…. I feel lighter…. my chest and neck feel opened up and like there is more air in there…. and i've been walking with my head up, relaxed and open…. I feel like …(I) am more in the world, looking around me not to scared to be open to it anymore…. I loved doing the thing with the stones, the rituals in nature, the walking, the ritualistic/ journeying nature of it all…. Visiting mother earth and feeling the immense energy and incredible aliveness from her which made me catch my breath. I would say this work can benefit people immensely and profoundly in ways that are right for them…. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and a profound way to value your life ~ Susan S, London.

all very profound ~ Michael Gilling, Somerset

You are a true shaman awakener…. I fully appreciate the astonishing strength & depth of your love & passion… I did absolutely love your very feminine approach ~ Andrew Collier, Bath

2 things I loved this module - Joy speaking of humility..& the way I seemed to absorb through my skin without knowing it was happening until I come back to my life … Deepening union with my lover ~ Surahbhi McMellahn Ashburton

I have learned to let my Woman come to life again. She has been suppressed for many years, old wounds neglected, new wounds added, & during the course the life blood has once again started to flow in her veins. I now have a greater understanding of what she wants & how to give it to her. I cannot recommend this work highly enough. It is perhaps amongst the most important work for positive change on the planet. Go! ~ Zoe Martlew, London

It was fabulous to see you today - I really enjoyed our session & feel very different!!! I have been feeling really great & the session we had really cleared up a lot of things for me - so Thank You!! ~ Jane Seaman, Wilts

Thank you. Thank you. I really feel how much you see that you don’t always voice but you notice & give space to what is needed. Sometimes there is a growth in not having something offered on a plate but having the space to reach out for it oneself & I see you give us each that space as I also see you reach out so tenderly to each of us when we really need it.
When I think of how terrified I was of any major structure & choosing partners when I first came to Secret garden & I think of yesterday when there was the choosing of partners, I can see how far I have come in my journey. Yesterday after all the couples had chosen I listened into myself about all the men sitting there & I could honestly say that of those men sitting there left I could have opened my heart & done the structure with any of them despite feeling more connected with some than others. That feels such a difference to when I used to sit waiting in dread. So in one sense yesterday you gave me a gift by making me go last. I have never felt so okay with being last to choose. I feel that I am so much more able to be with myself now.
What I have learnt & experienced on Secret Garden has helped me immensely with my relationship with my partner & I realised that what I have learned & experienced with my partner helped me this weekend to be more in myself.
I was thinking about what my learnings this weekend were & they would be about recognising my womanhood more, that I begin to really feel that I have some attractiveness, some impact, some presence. I might have understood with my head that before …but I feel as if I am only just beginning to absorb this with my body…I am holding it stronger in myself & can feel it just for me now not simply in relation to my partner.
It all makes me feel more adult, more grounded, more open to what is & what might be & more trusting. It gives me more perspective. It feels like the beginning of me finding my “no” & choosing what feels right for me, not only what is right for the other. I know that I need to find more of my anger, my roar. I still shudder & immediately feel fear in the face of anger & maybe that’s okay but I need to love my own more. I need to let go of the fear that if I am truly myself in all my power then I will be too much … I am getting closer to this & taking small risks all the time.
Thank you for all you have given me.
Poem after morning meditation
‘A baby crying for love
A toddler crawling for joy
A human stretching out
A wave full of freedom
The sea, wild and raw
The quiet surrounding us all
A movement quiet and loud,
The night cloaking us dumb.
A sunset filling us up
Bright and rich and glorious.
And the sunrise waking us up
Greeting us
To the sharpness of the morning
Sparkling us, fizzing us up.
The dragon inviting us in
To meet something new,
Something wild
Something wonderful
Something that's always been there. ~ May, Bristol

I found myself thinking of you and Tim. And the energy of Secret Garden, always delicious, occasionally overwhelming or tedious… imbued with integrity, humour and kindness! ~ Angelika Kositzki, Wales

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