The Most Intimate What You Say

Precious jewels ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

I'm not good, bad, sad, innocent, intelligent, frightened, trying, finding, caring, hateful, loving- 'I am' is enough. Thank you ~ Mark Jenkins, Worcs.

all the yearning, striving, pressure and sorrow releasing into knowing I AM ~ Jane Bell, Northumberland

I found the circle very inspiring and quite thrilling, it was a joy to meet you. ~ Louise Southwell, Wales

After 25 years of searching, I had given up thinking this taste of truth was possible for me. Even though aspects of my story and identifications go on, it makes me laugh now!

~ Suzanne Bond, Bristol

devastating, but wonder bubbles up when I accept there is nothing to be done! ~ M. K., Bristol

I have spent 15 years learning and reading about spiritual awakening, in these few days the truth of it unfolded for the first time. And life is so much better now! Thank you is inadequate. ~ Sally Meadows, Guildford

I had a knowing of the peace and presence that I am. This knowing gives ‘me’ much more relaxation and acceptance. Everything is arising and it's great! Nothing needs to change! I have so much gratitude for this opening ~ Julia West, Cirencester

I love the Most Intimate events....This is it. This is what I have been looking for. If you are ready to let go of endless seeking, come to Most Intimate. If you long to let go of endless doing, and rest in being, come to Most Intimate. If you love silence, stillness, simplicity, come to Most Intimate. I have a different relationship with life now, and there is a deep knowing in me that all is very, very well, no matter what. ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

For the first time, I glimpsed that I cant describe-beyond the mind and conceptual understanding, which til now I valued above everything ~ Brian F., Cheltenham

I've been telling a lot of people about my important, wonderful 'teacher' who has played such a rich role in my life (that's you!). I really do feel very real recognition of you Joy ~ Susan S., London