Desolation is Wonder

In this response to a woman’s despair, Joy points to what is indescribable. The wonder of being. Life is a magical mystery which ‘me’ dulls in its futile attempts to control. This cannot be seen in the contraction of resistance to what is. Joy invites the revelation that tears (or whatever is apparently arising) aren’t separate from wonder. This is an energetic collapse of that which never was, not an intellectual understanding.

The contracted separate self must make stories up about aliveness, and yet aliveness -whatever the feeling or thought which expresses – is cause-less. Life, unconditional Love, is outside time.

Freedom is the life that infuses all forms and is not changed at all when any or all forms are gone. Glimpses may occur – but not because ‘anyone’ ever did anything. The transmission is strong and unfettered.

Freedom, wholeness, cannot be ‘got’ or ‘owned’. Nothing can ever be done to ‘achieve’ it. The Most Intimate message can apparently dissolve the trying. ‘Me’ dissolves because it isn’t real.

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Essence explorations allow the separate self to dissolve its limitations to a very large degree. Life becomes smoother, more easeful. Right direction arises effortlessly. This can be massively life enhancing for the ‘one’ who appeared to be stuck in a mire of suffering and is drawn to take action to address that. The journey of awakening is revealed through essence to be a dismantling and a letting go – by no-one, not a building up. And it can appear to be helpful for the mind and personality to be primed, ready for awakeness – the one who is separate is an unreal construct and may collapse.

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