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Essence – The Live Deep Dive Awakening Retreat

Profound deep dive into awakening and the freedom of Being. Let Go, Live Light! Awaken to your true nature. World-class facilitation to suit your particular needs throughout.

Online Awakening Circle; the Extraordinary Ordinary

Profound deep dive into awakening and the freedom of Being.
Awaken to your true nature.  Energetic transmission and world-class facilitation.
Practices which cultivate direct seeing of What Is. Exercises in which you focus on lovingly and safely dismantling your own material. A gateway to a new life of embodied awakeness and aliveness.

Essence Webinar – Your Joy & Freedom in Being – Live Awake, Alive, Open

What if your own awakening is the gift of every struggle you are experiencing right now, and of every struggle you ever experienced? Joy will show you how your challenges and confusions are perfectly designed to take you deeper in life, towards pure being. If you co-operate with the evolutionary opportunity built into Life, suffering,…

A Women’s Retreat – Unconditioned Radiance & Intimacy

Become wholly healed, radiant woman. A time to find nurture, support, a safe place to ‘sort the seeds’, inspire each other to live empowered & fulfilled as women, & celebrate – recognised & appreciated by other women, in your beauty & power.

The Most Intimate Day

it may be seen that all there is, is unconditional love, the inexpressible wonder of What Is. This day points to life’s undivided reality & ‘your’ wholeness, respectfully exposing what clouds it…..beyond the dream of apparent reality and stories into freedom, beauty, innocence, the deep relaxation of not knowing, being. Beyond any words.

Desolation is Wonder

In this response to a woman's despair, Joy points to what is indescribable. The wonder of being. Life is a magical mystery which 'me' dulls in its futile attempts to control. This cannot be seen in the contraction of resistance to what is. Joy invites the revelation that tears (or whatever is apparently arising) aren't…

Sometimes the Unconscious is a Trickster

In the recent video, which prompted this written riff on it, I'm responding about a question a woman asked me as we chatted before the circle formally opened. She asked about something that she perceived had happened with her partner 'projecting onto her' and whether I felt she was 'right' to respond as she did. I…

The Glimpse – Live Like a Virgin

The video above is one glimpse of circle, a recording of a tender conversation between Joy and a man who was experiencing grief about his lack of desire and passion for his partner. The particular circumstances might resonate for you. If they don't, there is still so much in this video that is relevant to, and…