Ho’oponopono for Self Healing

If you wish for for increased freedom, happiness and creativity, self-forgiveness is vital.

This product is a stand alone invitation. The profound energetic healing of Ho’oponopono is an essential aspect of awakening work. This short yet profound self-forgiveness meditation can be used often. It will safely and easily release you from old ideas of who you thought you were and release old energy in your auric and etheric fields. It also boosts your sense of calm and vitality. Trust your unconscious mind. No thinking or doing necessary!

Rediscover the beauty and simplicity of being you.

If you wish to have total support and careful guidance through the demanding journey of full forgiveness of self and others, via videos and workbooks, plus creative applications of the energetic healings (for eg. money, the planet, mechanical objects, animals etc) please go to Let Go, Live Light to purchase the 4 module online webinar series.


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You will need an internet connection and computer so that you can download this recording and use it over and over again throughout your life. Once your order is made and payment made for it, you will receive an audio version of this product. Your download link will be sent to you via email, once we have confirmed you have paid (or booked a place on Being before the early deadline, if applicable). Then you will receive a live link to DOWNLOAD the file – the streaming is only for previews. The recording is approx 12 minutes in length. Please ensure you are in quiet, private space and will not be disturbed for 15-20 minutes, so that you experience maximum benefit. The recording is not suitable for listening to whilst driving or using machinery. This recording is copyright material and for your own use only. Ho’oponopono is a powerful self-healing. You may wish to shake or dance first, then do some breathing. Then, simply sit and – just trust your unconscious mind. This healing ‘works’, whether you experience the inner journey in an auditory, kinaesthetic or visual way. Enjoy! And please let us know your gains!

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