Exquisitely beautiful, we are so in love after so much struggle, deeper & deeper every day ~ ~ Maggi Stevens, Oxford

Wake up now to your joy in being together

Couples Session – Are You Ready to Discover How To Be Happy Together?

Joy has a very high level of expertise in seeing how you as a couple can move through stuckness, or through repeating patterns of conflict that may be limiting your happiness, fulfilment & ease together.

These limitations can be something couples have to pay a very high price for if they are not addressed.

Joy brings intense clarity of reflection & unconditional, safe receiving of you both just where you are.

Learn how to live consciously with the differences between the spiritual, expressive & emotional needs of men & women of any sexual orientation.

Increase your sensitivity to the energy and dynamics between you

Learn how to face into difficult situations and circumstances in ways that bring you closer ratehr than pull you further apart

Go deeper  awaken to new freedom in your own being through a more intimate relating together.

Learn how to be free, true, ecstatic – together.

In – depth work means that the ‘issues’ simply dissolve completely out of awareness.

Joy loves to serve you with in depth coaching using her unique Essence approaches, if you are wishing to commit to enhancing your relating skills.

High trust, deep intimacy & shared joy is your reward.

Congratulations to you for your courage, self-honesty & commitment to real growth. If there are issues that seem to hold you or you & your partner or spouse, back from your happiness & freedom of being each moment, there are several approaches which might be appropriate – usually it’s easiest to assess this by talking at the first appointment about the specific challenges you’re facing &, most importantly, your desired results/outcomes. A synthesis of some or all of Joy’s ways of working can be used to assist you whether you are wishing to release limitation in the moment in ordinary life or dealing with deep-rooted trauma, a period of transition or longstanding issues of concern. A series of private couple sessions gives you total focus & powerful reflection, & the resources and tools to resolve what is asking for attention. Options are at ‘Practicals’ below. Your ‘work’ begins the moment you commit to the session series, perhaps through dreams or what comes into awareness.  Joy will suggest practices and explorations for you at home to support the session work.

Joy Hicklin-Bailey brings you her expertise in human dynamics and transformational evolution. She is a superb facilitator of the emergence of Self or beingness, for those who are drawn to wholeness and freedom. Joy is a spiritual guide & an outstanding coach in the areas of natural happiness, intimate relating, awakened embodiment & professional development. Joy has been working with awakened embodiment coaching with individuals, couples and groups for 20 years. Joy’s clients come from all walks of life & include professionals, mothers, fathers, celebrities, farmers, artists, healers, those who are integrating awakenings, & more. Joy is such a world – class, profoundly effective facilitator that several internationally renowned teachers, facilitators & coaches go to her confidentially to solve their life and love issues and trust her in their supervision work. She works with immediacy, tenderness and utter clarity.

Joy is a qualified, practising Jungian psychotherapist, the founding facilitator of Essence work, a hypnotherapist, a Huna healer, an expert in ancient lineage work with ancestors and family (the source of constellations work), Time Line therapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, and astrological counsellor and a highly regarded business/executive coach & trainer at management & director level in organisations such as Centrica & Aviva, well-known charities & more.

  • Thank you so much again for your time today - we both agreed you have a gift for guiding couples through difficult subjects in a way that feels safe.

    Alex & Laura, Bristol

  • it was really amazing, and I feel hopeful we'll both find the best and most honest path forward with your guidance and support.

    Kathryn Dawes, Worcs

  • If I could afford to double her fees, I would do that in a second. She is definitely the first person on my wedding list!

    Fiona Campbell, Bristol


Joy has a practice in Gloucestershire, in Slad Valley near Stroud. The practice is easily accessible from London, the South West, & the South. She also works once a month in Bristol & every three months in Bath & London . You can book sessions of between two & five hours. Two hour face to face private sessions for several weeks or months at intervals to suit you are recommended if you are local or if you wish to work steadily, using whatever approach is most appropriate, to achieve the outcomes you wish for. There is space then to integrate changes into your ordinary life in between sessions. Many clients choose to work regularly with Joy for years to maintain a life of awakeness and natural ease.

Those living at a distance often book two sessions on consecutive days & enjoy staying in a local b & b & exploring this beautiful area. You can book one long session. This approach is very good for working in depth fast, then we renegotiate another sequence if you wish for that.

Joy also offers telephone or skype coaching sessions which can be for one hour – or longer – to supplement your face to face sessions – or as our regular mode if you live outside of convenient travelling distance in the UK or internationally.

Life-changing positive transformation can be achieved in a one day (or two half-days) ‘breakthrough’ session or a committed series of shorter sessions of two hours or one hour over an agreed period.

Your unconscious will begin to process as soon as the appointment series is firmed up so, if possible, setting an intention about how often & for how long the sessions will be is helpful to the work. Joy can assist you in getting clear about this if you wish.

Enjoy the simplicity and openness of alive inquiry together.

As a result you will both be more in touch with your true self – your power, love & effectiveness, happiness & confidence, and your relating life will flower.

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