To Love

Times of apparent loss and broken-ness, which perhaps everyone reading this has lived, and maybe more than once, invite - in parallel - the seeing that Love never dies. Love [...]

Choice; alchemical transformation or shutdown?

The video above is one glimpse of circle, a tender conversation about feeling 'stuck'. I am asked frequently verbally and via email, 'What happens in circles? The aliveness of structures, [...]

Emergency and Emergence

In Secret Garden Essence Coaching Training, the approach is deeply sustainable for your life, because it puts your values and goals at the centre. I don't talk about my story [...]

At the Heart of Sorrow

Silent Saboteur or Sweet Surrender? The sweetness and wonder of new love turns to drama and the debris of a break up. A tightness and ache in your heart. Grief not only [...]

‘You’ is Unreal

What happens when I say 'There is no such entity as You'? There is only (one-ly) Life. One appearance. 'You' are not in control. 'You' do not exist. 'You' are [...]

Don’t Get Lost in Fairyland

Every day, new accounts of loss, suffering, heroism and anguish from our collective story of Covid-19, touch me so deeply. Sharings from those who are intrinsically part of my life, [...]

Desolation is Wonder

In this response to a woman's despair, Joy points to what is indescribable. The wonder of being. Life is a magical mystery which 'me' dulls in its futile attempts to [...]

Sometimes the Unconscious is a Trickster

In the recent video, which prompted this written riff on it, I'm responding about a question a woman asked me as we chatted before the circle formally opened. She asked about [...]

The Glimpse – Live Like a Virgin

The video above is one glimpse of circle, a recording of a tender conversation between Joy and a man who was experiencing grief about his lack of desire and passion for [...]