The Glimpse – Live Like a Virgin

The video above is one glimpse of circle, a recording of a tender conversation between Joy and a man who was experiencing grief about his lack of desire and passion for his partner. The particular circumstances might resonate for you. If they don’t, there is still so much in this video that is relevant to, and hopefully illuminating for, any man or woman and any relating ‘story’. I hope it touches you. It really is worth watching right through to the end as it touches on so many aspects of being human -the limiting construct of identity, especially when it comes to s-ual shame or old stories, reclaiming sexual aliveness, death wish, the openings that happen when we dare to be fully alive in all the feelings that can arise and see that this is how we heal and how we make life fresh every moment.I have been asked frequently recently, verbally and via email, ‘What happens in Secret Garden circles?’ The aliveness of structures, initiations and circle is impossible to convey this in words. Anything can arise. It is unknown because a circle is unique. It is of the moment, and it is of the truth of the unique men and women who sit in it and how energy is moving between them, too.

Yet there is one constant if you are awake enough to notice. A silence endlessly singing, a song of being. That beyond what is human and personal. That which is free.

This unique combination of depth work, breathtakingly beautiful and real intimate meetings, and the awakenings that happen to unconditional Life must be experienced over time for its riches to become obvious (and measurable) to the personality.

Secret Garden work is a never-ending spiralling journey – of growing compassion, of care for yourself & others through life’s ever-changing circumstances, of empowerment & increasing freedom. One aspect of this is opening to all your feelings. If your heart is breaking, let it break open. Secret Garden invites you to make friends with parts of yourself you have confined to the dark corners of your psyche. It supports you in daring to ask life the questions that really matter. Daring to say the simple vulnerable words that are your deepest truth in any given situation or exchange.

These explorations encourage you not to shut down, & instead to open in consciousness & celebrate life’s miracle. They invite you to find the courage to be true to yourself & to feel into and receive the ‘other’ – at the same time. You can trust that you are greater than your wounds or judgements; you can grow larger than any presenting concern, & the past doesn’t need to limit or confine you.

The rare Joyful Loving Ongoing deep dive invites you to show up for yourself & others more & more. It will be laughter & life-filled, & insight provoking. Is it For You?

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