‘You’ is Unreal

What happens when I say ‘There is no such entity as You’?

There is only (one-ly) Life. One appearance. ‘You’ are not in control. ‘You’ do not exist. ‘You’ are not necessary for the unfolding story of the life ‘you’ call ‘yours’. Functioning happens beautifully, without a sense of self, without an ‘I’.

What happens when that One Big Lie of ‘I’ is busted?


Life simply Is.

Most turn away from this simplicity. For some, it is terrifying, or annoying. Yet some are courageous enough to face the fears, such as the ‘But if I’m not there, what will happen to my job? My life? My kids?’

We can never know the future, whether we wake up or not.

There is no cause and effect – in awakeness, this is clearly seen.

There is only what is happening. Breathtaking wondrous miracle.

‘You’ are all that is, natural wholeness, ‘you’ are not your circumstances, not your personality, not the roles you play.

The ruthless killer and tender lover

In the story, as the sense of an I begins to fall away, the return to a Me is sometimes devastating, and sometimes it is clear that the self can be usefully employed in ‘clearing the ground’.

This is the work of awakening that happens when the ‘me’ is around. Sometimes this is about dismantling the past, or compelling belief systems, or the conditioned personality’s grip. Supportive, authentic community is so valuable for this.

Neediness, trance, belief in feelings and thoughts, resistances and projections can be recognised, and met in loving consciousness, so that they dissolve easily back to source. There is no need to quarrel with loss, change, the impermanent nature of Life.

Life gets better on every level, anyway, for the separate self, then, whether Me collapses completely, or not.

….This precious, miraculous gift of life is for no-one. What is revealed in freedom is the Love that does not change, beyond ‘you’. This compassion is the ruthless killer of illusion.

This – nothing – is the source of any appearance, including apparent healing and all ‘your’ innate gifts, which were never yours.

Freedom is not a thing, not definable, impossible to describe. It is wild and unpredictable emptiness, being every infinite possibility. This is beyond all tools and approaches, the ultimate solve-nt of any pain or perceived problem.

In awakeness, totality and passion replace defences and strategies.

Awakeness is the revelation that there never were any problems.

The ultimate healing of conditioned separation and suffering, the end of being ‘you’ is beyond ‘you’.

What Is, empty fullness, is wonder for nobody. The illusion is that there ever was a ‘you’.

Life is not for a ‘you’ that doesn’t exist.

Life happens as ‘you’, as endless openness. This is being human. And it is immeasurably, magnificently free.

This can never be seen by the Me. it is beyond an experiencer.

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Dearest Joy,

This is all brilliant, I thank you so much for your tenacity in explaining it again and again and again until we ‘get it’. It took me years to understand what is meant by ‘witnessing and holding’, or ‘meeting [something] in loving consciousness’ or ’embracing a limiting belief’. As I didn’t grow up in a world of consciousness, these terms had only a dictionary meaning for me. I never heard anyone talk this way in my mainstream life; a witness was found in a courtroom, holding was physical, not psychical, and a meeting was what one did around a conference table. It did not make sense to ‘love’ or ‘welcome’ my pain–I only wanted it gone. I could pretend to love it, but how could I possibly love (ie, really really want) something painful?? These terms take on a new depth of meaning when used in consciousness, so thank you for giving examples, and for the circle being an example. You have emphasised to me how I do not need intellect in this process, but until I understood your terms I was in darkness. Now that I see your meanings it is like vision to a blind woman. Now I can more consciously try to implement their wisdom.

With much love,

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