Thank you is not enough to express the depth, love & peace I feel within. You have been truly instrumental in changing my life ~ Mary Church Bampton, Oxon

Wake up now to your joy in being

Essence How To Forgive Self & Other & Ho’oponopono Webinar Series with Bonus Live ‘Ask me Anything’ webinar with Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Let Go, Live Light – Live The Power of Forgiveness

The essen-tial self-healing piece for ALL human beings. Are you simply radiant light? If not, you need to know how to Let Go, Live Light.

Where are you in blame or where are you leaking life force, giving away your power? Where is forgiveness necessary?

Where do you appear to be in separation from all that is?

Ask ….and Trust your unconscious mind’s answers where all healing happens

The human journey necessarily involves forgiveness or a refusal to forgive self, others and life circumstances. This course will show you how to heal your life regularly, with every day matters and the very significant and even life-changing issues.

If others judge or blame you, have left you or betrayed you, or violated agreements whether business or personal, and you notice that you love them and accept them as they are, without projection or holdback, and perhaps more, there is simply ‘you are me’, Total Forgiveness is done. If you have in the past disliked the way you have lived a situation, felt rejecting of your body or feel you have made ‘a mistake’, then come into self-acceptance and self-love, Total Forgiveness of self is done. The Essence of Life is embodied, en-joyed.

Forgiveness is the act of making all- one, of coming into one’s all-one-ness. Forgiveness work is core work. Ultimately, it invites a realisation of the wholeness, the non duality, oneness.

Your journeying can be in relation to an individual, a group of people, a partner, an event in our lives, abortion, addiction, an accident, divorce, grief for past lovers, an ex-spouse, a business, one’s whole life story, something that has or is happening in the world, mother earth, the  government, the NHS, a rapist, a neighbour, the drunk driver, one’s body, religion, life, terrorism, a parent or parents, an ill pet, God, money, business colleagues.

The permutations are as unique as each human being is, but the healing principles are always the same.

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After 25 years of searching, I had given up thinking this taste of truth was possible for me. Even though aspects of my story go on, it makes me laugh now! Suzanne Bond, Bristol

You will benefit in all these ways from this Forgiveness and Ho’oponopono training

  • You will notice that old hurts and deep losses no longer create pain
  • You will take the learnings from situations that have been difficult or simply uncomfortable and these will positively influence your behaviour going forward.
  • You will consistently follow the desire to change with commitment to inner and outer action
  • You will be able to work with even your most challenging clients without disturbing your own well being
  • Learn to make all crisis into the opportunity it always is
  • You will strengthen and activate the connection between conscious mind and unconscious power
  • Your intuition and energetic sensitivity increase
  • You will truly understand the differences between forgiveness and justice and what you must do to live both of these, in any situation
  • You will know how to live Ho’oponopono – to make things right times two (completely) – as  a verbal sharing, from the heart where possible, in a circle or family or relationship – ‘I’d like to say this’, ‘I need to say this’, ‘I’d like to get through this with you’, ‘I want to get to the bottom of this with you’.
  • You will be highly motivated to use Ho’oponopono as an inner, regular clean–up.
  • You will know and be motivated to use deep forgiveness healing with others, with yourself, with animals, with organisations, money, government, terrorists…the applications for you are endless!
  • You will be confident about navigating the natural phases any situation in the future where betrayal or loss or sudden change is involved
  • The ups and downs and traumas of your life will be fully healed, ongoing, so that nothing can take you off purpose or cloud your sense of well being
  • You will live in clarity about and fluidity with boundaries in all settings
  • You will be able to work confidently with self-enquiry, ritual, chakra work and energy healing for your own life and with your clients
  • You will experience how Total Forgiveness in relation to any issue or person brings you back to essence, to the peace of Being. You live light, awake.
  • This Online course is stand-alone and complete. However if you wish to take your awakening deeper, you can participate in this course as part of the Essence Awakening Retreat and make huge savings on the Online components (book the training and that one fee includes everything, this course, the Essence Online webinars and the Retreat -superb value and your richest opportunity for freedom)

This Online forgiveness aspect of the Essence work is essential professional development if you are a therapist, counsellor, trainer or coach in any arena and it is ongoing ‘energetic hygiene’ if you are working with people in any capacity.

It is fundamental for you if you are seriously committed to wholeness for your own life and consciousness in relating

On this ‘being human’ journey we are on, we live more gracefully knowing that nothing we hold dear is going to last, everything changes, structures dissolve, and at this time more quickly and dramatically than humanity has ever been asked to adapt to, life is impermanent, and that the dance, the challenge and the art is in letting go. All there is, is Love. So an intelligent way to live is to Let Go and Live Light. The deep empathy and endless compassion of the human heart for this planet, all human beings and all the animal and plant kingdoms is the most precious and stable thing we can know. Forgiveness work is Essence-ial in this

What if nothing – no situation or human being – is unforgivable, what if life is inviting you to forgive everyone and everything? From the past and in your unknown future? Working with The Essence of Forgiveness is about healing wounding, learning from it and letting go and this is essential for emotional and physical health. (Vital research has shown statistically significant links between dis-ease in different parts of the body and particular betrayals and violations from specific types of relationships) The total, radical Forgiveness of this Essence course goes much further than letting go of resentments –which in itself is a beautiful way to live. It is also an act of aligning with life’s unconditionality. The gifts for your own life are vitality, excellent health, clarity, living on purpose, congruent in all actions, knowing the natural birthright of co-creation with all that is.

struggle becomes acceptance, duality becomes Oneness
isolation becomes Connection, resistance becomes Flow
dilemma becomes Clarity, procrastination becomes Intention
uncertainty becomes Purpose, confusion becomes Self-realisation
repression becomes Aliveness, co-dependency becomes Co-empowerment
ungroundedness becomes grounded In-spirited embodiment
judgement becomes Opening & Being, alienation becomes Spiritual Companionship
the lead of old stories & conditioned reflexes becomes the gold of Awakeness
discontent becomes Celebration & Gratitude for life
Life always takes care of you
Love, beauty, intelligence &  the possibility of connection are always there, whatever you think is happening

In this Online Course, you will discover and experience

  • the 7 essential Stages of forgiveness for transmuting hurts, wounds, resentments and ongoing relating challenges into a store of life wisdom
  • How you get clear about what the true learnings (from a deeper place than mind) are, from any situation where Forgiveness work is invited
  • Deep healing to resolve the past and bring forgiveness into all your life circumstances and relationships.
  • Receive the different rituals of Ho’oponopono and learn about the mental and emotional hooks and traps that can prevent you giving yourself this self-healing.
  • Learn how to practice Ho’oponopono to dissolve any projection (dream) that is causing you disturbance.
  • Explore practising giving and receiving in pairs
  • What to do in the phase between ‘no longer’ and ‘not yet’
  • 4 symptoms you need to know about professional burnout and how you reverse them
  • How to work with denial in yourself or others
  • Why Forgiveness healing heals anxiety, depression and procrastination
  • The ‘dark night of the soul’ and essential ways to thrive during this rite of passage
  • Why being in a rush to find others a sense of safety damages your clients’ or family’s or relationship’s potential for transformation
  • Why refusing to move towards those you fear or judge keeps you, not them, stuck
  • The price you pay in health, vitality and success for holding on to grudges
  • The power of the unconscious mind in healing and transformation
  • The importance of doing cleansing work for you after you have worked with a client
  • The most effective approaches to dissolve trauma from serious events and betrayals
  • Discover the differences between which events, things and people are significant and ask for healing, and which ones are fully resolved
  • Your questions fully answered about this much misunderstood and core aspect of spiritual awakening work
  • Your participation in this course allows you to attend the Essence Awakening Retreat (Aug 29-Sept 1, 2020) if you wish and Essence Online if you wish to go further)

Joy Hicklin-Bailey, the designer and facilitator of this Online programme, and the Essence Ongoing Awakening Group and essence Coaching Training, has worked with clients and groups with simple and sophisticated aspects of Ho’oponopono for 30 years. The most harrowing circumstances and deep wounds have been melted in her own life and for clients in her private practice. She will gently yet honestly guide you into deep understanding of and how to practice of 7 crucial stages of Total Forgiveness.

Joy is a qualified practising Jungian psychotherapist, Releasing facilitator, hypnotherapist, Huna healer, an expert in ancient lineage work with ancestors and family, Time Line therapist, NLP Master Practitioner, and astrological counsellor and also an expert business/executive coach & trainer at management & director level in organisations such as Centrica & Aviva, well-known charities & more. Go to Being Joy for more information

  • You really helped me to identify areas where I'd been sabotaging myself and dissolve the limits-I cant even remember what they were!

    Alistair Smith, Norwich

  • Every time I work with you, I return home freer, more in touch with myself

    Jill Allen, Bristol

  • If you follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there the whole while, waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living

    Joseph Campbell, author

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