Joy Hicklin-Bailey Talks & Conferences

What is shared in Joy Hicklin-Bailey’s talks and addresses is uncompromising & infinitely tender. The Most Intimate is the beauty, the innocence, the wonder of life that cannot be captured, can only be pointed to in words. This resonance is shared energetically in her talks , there is no agenda to change anyone, all is seen as magnificent!

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The Most Intimate – Joy talks about the core underlying context of her work

Joy is invited to give talks & addresses regularly about her work at corporate functions, colleges and public events in the Uk and internationally. She is a powerful and much-loved speaker who frequently gets invited back to give new presentations year after year. Often people report profound energetic transmission from attending her talks. All Joy Hicklin-Bailey’s talks address the challenges of genuine growth and awakening, and weave vivid stories and cutting edge research in neuroscience and psychology to reveal previously hidden pathways to sustainable, deeply transformational change.

A short selection of the hundreds of talks Joy has given

  • Being is All There Is
  • The Most Intimate London, Stroud, Glastonbury
  • Summer School, Oxford University – ‘Energy’
  • What Is
  • Overcoming Key Barriers to Happiness in your relating-7 Keys to Intimacy
  • University of Surrey Conference “Spirit at Work” Releasing Limits Workshop
  • Learn the Secrets of Joyful Loving
  • Let Go and Live Light-The Awesome Power of Forgiveness
  • Releasing Limits to Living Life Wide Open
  • Love and Intimacy: How to Create Powerful Moments of Connection to Increase Happiness, Health, and Long life
  • Astrological Conference, Lucerne Fate or Free Will?
  • Tree of Life, Birmingham How You Can Create Awakened Intimacy
  • Yes Group, Bristol The Map of Your Relating Life
  • You and the Planet – The First Step at SEED Festival, Hawkwood

What You Say about Joy Hicklin-Bailey’s Talks

Please contact Joy by phone or email if you wish her to visit your organisation, conference, festival or networking event.