The Most Intimate Gathering Details

  • Your life is not what you think. You are not what you think you are. You don’t exist as a separate individual. The implications of this are way too big for the mind.
  • All there is, is unconditional love, Nothing else can be known
  • ‘Your’ separate self has a profound loneliness & discontent in its depths. This is an invitation into the most intimate, beyond separation from life which is seen as both real & unreal
  • This event points you back to life’s undivided reality & ‘your’ wholeness, respectfully exposing what clouds it
  • Follow Joy’s (life’s) call to stop chasing illusions, stop doing your life & let life do ‘you’, naturally.
  • In silence & stillness underneath the questions, dilemmas & fears, in this high vibration energetic field you fully meet yourself exactly where you are. This is ‘your’ doorway beyond the dream of apparent reality into freedom, beauty, innocence, the deep relaxation of not knowing, being. Beyond any words.
  • Only then can ‘your’ love grow. Only then are ‘you’ free to step out of the made up confines of your conditioned self, the defence mechanisms, reactivity & constructed self -& there is nothing wrong with these!- that dull aliveness & wonder, into the joy of the very essence of being.
  • With dialogue & inquiry rigorously investigate your assumptions about identity, unconditional love, being, complete freedom, the dissolution of the separate self. The opportunity is to see that separation & problems have no actuality. As the illusions dissolve, what remains is what always is, blinding, extraordinary, obvious, undivided, oneness. The wonder of what is.
  • Spiritual community means that you cannot hide from yourself or others in this potent being in stillness & dynnamic enquiry & silence.
  • Are you willing to fully meet that life which you wish to run from or reject?  To face your fears? To risk recognition of who you really are which can destroy ‘you’ & ‘your’ whole life as it seems to be. And discover the true life beyond, what can never be destroyed?

This group will fill fast so book now
This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!

This is a light filled gathering
Its fundamental, & hidden, power is in the energy transmission that occurs

Enquiry into What Is


The Most Intimate Videos

Do you want the truth ….or something beautiful?

(you might also ‘discover’ the And!)

A radical event – are you ready?

Dialogue & Enquiry

Bring your deepest questions & patterns & dive beneath them!

Question & Answer sessions with Joy pointing to the true nature of Life



  • Are you willing to follow your deepest longings? And discover what can never be lost
  • Drop the endless quest to solve the unsolveable to polish the story of a phantom ‘me’. Find out -what is life’s mysterious richness? What is its deepest invitation?
  • Come with your questions about spiritual growth. Dive underneath the deepest question, the most stubborn pattern, the despair of separation, the noise & chatter of mind. Come & drink pristine innocent pure awareness. Buddha nature, the Tao, Gnosticism, Huna, divine consciousness, beingness, that all religious and esoteric teachings originally point to.
  • This awakening to your true nature is always the only doorway to the profound, spiralling journey into the essence of being & your boundless capacity for love, gratitude, clarity & compassion. This essence cannot be captured in words. The invitation to die to all else & rest there lies at the heart of all Joy’ s gatherings, whatever the stated theme.
  • At this event, you may establish or reconnect with a deep, lasting connection to this essence, to stillness which contains all movement & silence which contains all sound, & realise it more deeply in your everyday waking consciousness.
  • Most people don’t actually want to find the truth that they think they are searching for. It is less threatening to all they ‘know’ to go on searching. Fall into what is beyond the known, into the fullness of present. Be willing to stop, to face your fears, despairs, longings to end your comfortable hopes & dreams. Every movement of life, whatever its colour, becomes the gateway beyond you. And new life comes!
  • Take this opportunity to find what you have been searching & longing for. Wake up to who you truly are. Then together we can enjoy the vulnerability & innocence which is beyond words .
  • Join us -this event can unleash for you a process of accelerated growth in understanding & realisation that creates true clarity & endless small miracles. As you meet what is, life’s pain & beauty, old tight thoughts & patterns may cease or fall away without any effort or attention.
  • This gathering is suitable for you if you have been a long term explorer of your inner life
  • and for you if you are drawn to this simply through a current life challenge or curiosity.
  • And if you simply have a sense that real life is so much more, more than you can ever imagine & are willing to lose all your cherished assumptions & beliefs, to die for your real life. You can’t choose to do this & yet somehow this event can work you loose.
  • Form, being & formless are revealed as one, all love.

This group will fill fast so book now
This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!

If ‘you ‘want to…

  • Remember and realise that there is no separation
  • Dance the apparent edges between being, becoming and what is beyond both
  • Open to natural, inspired action which is truly appropriate for the embodied human ‘you’ are
  • Gain insight, engage with what is, love what is real
  • Dissolve into the love, the beingness, that is
  • Dive underneath your dilemmas, confusions, resistances & stuckness
  • Enjoy spiritual community & authentic support
  • Realise love, presence, openness & peace, the power of just ‘being’ when you shed who you think you are
  • Wake up out of the dream, no matter how comfortable, & dare to live the vulnerable, innocent mystery of what is unknown yet all there is.

This group has limited places and will fill fast so book your place now just call or email us – Couples and singles –re-awaken intimacy and aliveness. If you book to join us at this event now you can still catch the early booking discounts.

This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!

And you can receive couple/friend discounts too.

  • I have spent 15 years learning and reading about spiritual awakening, in these few days the truth of it unfolded for the first time. Thank you is inadequate

    Sally Meadows, Guildford

  • I noticed the dissolving of a subtle cocoon I had wrapped myself in of mostly unconscious protection mechanisms. I am courageous & freer, I feel safer within myself even in the midst of unpredictability. Im using daily this simple method of releasing -it's made a very quick, powerful difference on many levels of my being. I'm a writer & in the last month I wrote 3 new pieces & finished a novel I had struggled with for ages

    Oscar Levy, London

  • Aloha is inner silence, empty of belief, story, judgement. Sunshine sings it, rain falls through it, winds breathe it, trees are moved by it, the earth rolls with it, children grow with it, the ocean churns it, bodies may love it into beingness.

    Aloha is Spirit beyond form, the soul of creation. Aloha is silence, potential, the ground of being which brings fulfilment & peace, It is passed on and celebrated in love.

    Joy Hicklin-Bailey

  • I had a knowing of the peace & presence that I am. This knowing gives ‘me’ much more relaxation & acceptance. Everything is arising and it's great! Nothing needs to change! I have so much gratitude for this opening

    Julia West, Cirencester