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Being Honest

This is a guest blog from Tim my beloved life partner, who plays an essential part in Secret Garden both in the background between groups and supporting me and co-facilitating during them. Tim wanted to contribute on this subject that, as you will see, is close to his heart. Read more about Tim at Being…

Boundaries – made up, yet vital for a happy ‘story’ Part 2

How do you refine your capacity to clarify and communicate your boundaries? Without healthy and clearly expressed boundaries that we know we will maintain, life can be an overwhelm of resentment, unexpressed rage that is toxic to the body and those close to us. The natural, instinctive, healthy response to an invasion of a boundary is…

The Ultimate Initiation

Joyful Loving is the preparation for the possibility of union, the Inner Marriage - the endless dance of masculine and feminine is All - one, Life endlessly makes love without condition or agenda, for no reason.

Burn through the myths you have been mis-sold and watch your life flower!

Burn through the myths about love, intimacy and connection and watch your life flower! You have been mis-sold! We are not educated well at all about love or freedom in our mainstream culture. What this lack of understanding does is create huge amounts of necessary pain & suffering and many spoiled lives. Let’s bust some very common and…

How do Men and Women end the battle that can happen in relating and Celebrate the Wedding?

How do Men and Women end the battle that can happen in relating and Celebrate the Wedding? In the appearing story of being human, a healing of wounded masculine and wounded feminine can happen. In the marriage, which is the end of duality and inner and outer battling, Life endlessly makes love without condition or agenda,…

Love or Attachment?

As you become free-er of limiting conditioning and ideology, as your I is a less fixed identity, so relationships inevitably change. Sometimes those who participate in groups or sessions worry that the increased freedom and letting go, the dissolving of the stories, is also going to undermine the loving connection. But the opposite is true…

Celebrate Yes and No

Allowing your yes and no fully, moment by moment, improves relating & deepens intimacy.

Cheltenham talk 3 – shift into sensitivity & transparency

Dropping Sensitivity Transparency Showing up in our human Vulnerability does its own healing & creates intimacy The mind fears an endless ocean of endless unpredictability Do you know how to make intimacy and connection happen in your life?