Burn through the myths you have been mis-sold and watch your life flower!

Burn through the myths about love, intimacy and connection and watch your life flower! You have been mis-sold! We are not educated well at all about love or freedom in our mainstream culture. What this lack of understanding does is create huge amounts of necessary pain & suffering and many spoiled lives.

Let’s bust some very common and generally unrecognized myths that are holding you back from love and intimacy-probably without you even knowing it. They can get in the way of, and even totally sabotage, your beautiful life of love, intimacy & connection.

Myth 1 There is an all pervasive Belief in ‘me’ I have talked about why this is so corrosive in some of the longer videos. It leads to other myths such as ‘working on yourself is what you must do’. This is prevalent in the low energy spiritual and tantra supermarket. At bottom this is self-rejection, and a way of bullying one’s being. It prevents tender self-love. It pulls you right down.

Myth 2 Embodiment doesn’t matter-transcend your pain

Intellectually knowing the non-dual truth, reading the right books, being a spiritual seeker, wearing a robe, is not the same as embodied realization. You may have met those who claim to be looking deeply into life and waking up, who are actually detached and disengaged from some aspects of their humanity and are run by and blind to defence mechanisms in their relating.

Your body & beingness must be involved-that’s why sexuality and relating work cannot be avoided if you really mean it for your awakening. Whole body learning goes directly to your unconscious. All change happens at the unconscious level. Life is energy. Ensure you spend time with high energy people and situations which hold the highest vibration intentions. Healing then happens beyond you, it is not done to you or by you. Your job is to observe shifts, stay awake to any sliding back into the old habits of conditioning, and take action to change any situation that is reflecting lower vibrations or past mis-seeing.

Lets bust Myth 3 Romantic love is important –Romance is a lovely game to play if it is seen as just that – but it’s important to let in that intimate relationship is much more than this! Expecting sweetness and light always will create resistance and suffering when your relating asks you to go deeper. Your partner has their own wounding and shadow, just like you. Growing the qualities of presence, receptivity and tenderness are crucial. As is the raw expression of fierce truth at times. What make the difference to relating happiness is not romance, it is the healing transformative and liberating power of true intimacy, which lies beyond personality games.

Myth 4  Information is crucial. No! Talking & cognitive learning is a very small part of you. There is an explosion in online courses but information cannot bring about your transformation. Technology cannot educate fully or give you honest reflection about body language, voice tone, the subtleties that require a deeper intimacy with a master & long term guidance & support to realise. It is so easy to hide in online courses. There is learning that cannot be transmitted except in a live situation. Ask questions about what isn’t clear to you, of course. Get your conscious mind on board with the freedom in being you are drawn towards. And coming to realisations in a group, through the support and triggering opportunities of authentic community, which is dedicated to your freedom in being, allows you to realise them fully enough to have a better chance of being able to do it with your partner, family or colleagues.

The holding of community means you travel deeper, take more risks, are witnessed in all you are- your fear of rejection, your mistakes, your fear of not being enough, your judgements, your defences, your gorgeousness, your power, and through that can come to see your own innocence. There is a level of healing or transformation into wholeness that’s only available in a group and in the field of an awakened one.

Myth 5 We have to dig into the past Do we? Many of my clients arrive at sessions and circles having had extensive counselling in the past before they come to me which has failed to resolve their issues. Research shows that counselling focusing on past problems is counter-productive and only serves to increase negativity. It often makes problems worse and maintains or creates unhelpful stories at the deepest identity level.

I’m renowned for delivering positive relationship- and life changing results – from the beginning, if you are ready and willing to change and take new actions. A uniquely energetic light-filled, diving deep approach ensures this. You will not be asked to unpick your past years of suffering but to immediately focus on what is here now, bodily, stay present with that, be self-honest about that. Then we focus on what you can do differently and/or achieve in the future – and, more importantly, HOW to do that.

Myth 6 Relationship either works or it doesn’t. This isn’t true. Life is energetic, not accidental. Everything that ever happens ‘to’ you has an intelligence in it.

There is a journey in relating that is never talked about, It is VITAL to know where you are in the territory. I will discuss this another time. I don’t just mean intellectually though understanding is good at the start. I mean a felt sense, a moment by moment experiential recognition of, consciousness of where you are in any given moment in the natural stages or phases of relationship -with a loved one, a child, a friend, and with existence, Life, itself.

Nature urges us over and over to move through stages of increasing degrees of intimacy possible between man and woman. This is the evolutionary purpose of sexual desire, which occurs throughout our lives and is not related to whether or not someone wishes to create children

So in circles or sessions I can introduce you to the most powerful framework I know in facilitating awakened intimacy. In the ongoing trainings, we look at all of them in depth and keep spiralling through them.  There are realms within this that I’m so excited to explore with groups – this exploration contains all of life!

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