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Essence Awakening Deep Dive Live Retreat

Profound deep dive into awakening and the freedom of Being. Let Go, Live Light! Awaken to your true nature. World-class facilitation to suit your particular needs throughout.

Online Awakening Circle; the Extraordinary Ordinary

Profound deep dive into awakening and the freedom of Being.
Awaken to your true nature.  Energetic transmission and world-class facilitation.
Practices which cultivate direct seeing of What Is. Exercises in which you focus on lovingly and safely dismantling your own material. A gateway to a new life of embodied awakeness and aliveness.

Awake in Being, the deepest gift of falling in love

Maytime….delicious abundance and vitality abound and Karen asked me in a blog comment to write about falling in love and relationship…... The word ‘relationship’ implies the negotiation between two or more separate identities, two or more different perspectives. Your being in its purity, is not, cannot be, in relationship with another - infinity, being, knows no separation,…