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Essence Coaching Training – Online Webinar 3

Essence Coaching Training Webinar 3 The certified training comprises a series of webinars in 2021 (all recorded in case you cannot attend live), plus Group Supervision Webinars, one to one supervision and a Live Retreat Summer 2021. (There may be another retreat in 2022 if requested by all). We look at specific themes that are…

Essence Coaching Training – Group Supervision & Awakening Work 4 Online

To support you to:
reflect on aspects of your practise and receive, if desired, reflection from your peers and from Joy
process your thoughts, feelings and reactions to your clients’ different life orientations and your clients’ challenges
be held safely and unconditionally as you explore challenges and limitations you are noticing in your work
receive support in managing the practicalities of running your practice, so it runs smoothly throughout the year
build your professional self-esteem so you give even better service to your clients
enjoy contact and co-operation with your peers (a therapist, healer, coach is alone in many respects)
experience or explore awakening to your true nature.  Embody more freedom of Being.
be held accountable to the high standards of excellence in Essence coaching
gain ‘super – vision’, new and deeper insights
one-to-one time with Joy – world-class facilitation to suit your particular supervision needs.
Q & A with Joy
share experiences with your peers
share successes and gains, and celebrate your learnings

Essence Coaching Training – Group Supervision & Awakening Work 3 Online

Live Alive, Awake, Open Profound deep dive into awakening and the freedom of Being. Dismantle the patterns that no longer serve your own life and your clients' breakthroughs. These online gatherings bring you a highly experiential blend of group supervision, guided meditations and powerful awakening structures. The structures will be tailored expertly to the specific needs and…

Essence Coaching Training – Online Webinar 1

Essence Coaching Training Webinar 1 The certified training comprises a series of webinars in 2021 (all recorded in case you cannot attend live) plus Group Supervision Webinars and a Live Retreat Summer 2021 Your participation can be for your own deepening and to use Essence with family and friends informally - fast-tracked by this intimate group…

Choice; alchemical transformation or shutdown?

The video above is one glimpse of circle, a tender conversation about feeling 'stuck'. I am asked frequently verbally and via email, 'What happens in circles? The aliveness of structures, initiations and circle is impossible to convey in words. Anything can arise. Men and women may get stuck when they feel lonely, feel attracted to,…

Emergency and Emergence

In Secret Garden Essence Coaching Training, the approach is deeply sustainable for your life, because it puts your values and goals at the centre. I don't talk about my story much and if you attend Most Intimate events or the Awakening Circles you will easily come to see why that is! So..this feels very odd…

At the Heart of Sorrow

Silent Saboteur or Sweet Surrender? The sweetness and wonder of new love turns to drama and the debris of a break up. A tightness and ache in your heart. Grief not only for lost love, but for how the love wasn’t enough. Grief for how you lost yourself in the trying to make love work. Unhealed traumatic loss,…

‘You’ is Unreal

What happens when I say 'There is no such entity as You'? There is only (one-ly) Life. One appearance. 'You' are not in control. 'You' do not exist. 'You' are not necessary for the unfolding story of the life 'you' call 'yours'. Functioning happens beautifully, without a sense of self, without an 'I'. What happens…

Don’t Get Lost in Fairyland

Every day, new accounts of loss, suffering, heroism and anguish from our collective story of Covid-19, touch me so deeply. Sharings from those who are intrinsically part of my life, family, friends & clients, and also of those I hear in the limited news I digest. We are all faced with the truly inconceivable. The…

Desolation is Wonder

In this response to a woman's despair, Joy points to what is indescribable. The wonder of being. Life is a magical mystery which 'me' dulls in its futile attempts to control. This cannot be seen in the contraction of resistance to what is. Joy invites the revelation that tears (or whatever is apparently arising) aren't…