I haven’t felt this kind of joy since being a child—for no reason, it just arises! ~ Dawn Olsen, Brighton

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The freedom it has given me to know, even as I've 'known' before but this time it's different, is that I can be with anything that arises. There is no need to fear anything ... this time I have a key to help me make that my experience over and over again...cool ! But I still have to do it quite intentionally and when it feels too much then I tell my inner child that I am here, holding her and that I love her. The world is feeling like a much less scary place ! ~ Surahbhi McMellahn, UK, currently Germany

I thought I knew quite a bit about forgiveness, but this course has taken me to depths of practice and understanding that I didn't know existed. I can't recommend it highly enough. And once you've downloaded all the resources, you can come back to it again and again. I'm currently going through it for the third time, and seeing and understanding things anew, going ever deeper. Worth its weight in gold.

~ Stephen Hancock, Devon

in case anyone is in any doubt about the amazingness of this work...I saw a cranial therapist today, not having seen her for three months. She said I felt so different. She said there had been huge shifts in terms of me living the essence of who I am (her words, and I had said nothing) - the love, joy, peace in me felt more accessible! Yes there were boulders to shift, dissolve, love, but something profound had happened. I could feel how much more available my body and being were for healing, and how much more willing I was to let the unravelling happen. It was such a pleasure and relief to feel the unravelling to a place of stillness…Of course we all know there is nothing to get, nowhere to go, nothing ever happened...! AND this feels significant for this mere mortal ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton, UK

I cannot begin to explain the gains I have already made from this work.Seeing the apparent polarities arise, diving into my feeling world again after burying it for so long.There is more flow and ease...more clarity. Knowing I am bigger than my body. Letting go and diving deeper and deeper where I seem to learn something new every time and then there is the peace and stillness. ~ Emma Sally, Wilts

It's so great to have found Secret Garden again.There is more flow and ease.I have experienced the polarities that arise and the confusion that sometimes arises around that. The desperation when I try to work it out.The letting go and then more clarity. I am starting to go deeper now...The knowing that I am bigger than my body. ~ Emma Sally, Wilts

Please let me know if you intend to do a webinar series in the future. It was so lovely to participate in it, to connect with you and hear your healing, peaceful voice ~ Mira Kubala, Hebden Bridge

it really felt like a circle which allowed me to relax into deep feeling. Thank you so much. It felt very powerful 💜 ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

It's so powerful and magical how the Forgiveness work shifts things ... ~ Surahbhi McMellahn, UK & Germany

We just finished a 11/2 hr Essence support session... this session has been quite challenging with one of us feeling stuck in a very difficult situation...i just wanted to tell you that you have been sooooo present during the session... we were referring to you, to your work, your exercises, how you worked with people... everything.. and in the end, what helped the other person was the unconditional love that we have seen in you giving us...i want you to know how much your work is alive... it is continuously happening, even in many different places in the world as with us in Spain, Portugal and the UK. thank you for the work you do, for the way you do it, for who you are... massive, huge thank you Joy. Thank you for the light that you bring to this world. ~ Susana, Leics

Thank you Joy - it was life changing ~ Cindy May Cooper, Devon

my mother, who was acting out very strangely lately - for months - I did the forgiveness ritual and our encounter was so beautiful warm and heartfelt. Magic!! ... how powerful forgiveness is
Forgiveness is the biggest gift to human race, and human kind would act differently if we would all learn forgiveness from small on, in school, with our parents! endless gratitude ~ Sabina Rademacher, Embercombe and Barcelona

'Wow! What an evening! Your teachings are amazing! …..I always feel slightly awkward about being too ecstatic about something, but in this case I think it's both real and justified! I am amazed at what you have created in this webinar series. The depth and insight that we are getting into our behaviours and attitudes, or a least I am getting, sorry, is really something! I am really blown away by the amount of time, and thinking, and writing, you have put in to creating this program. such a delight and as ever your material is so well thought through and so comprehensive and I love the fact that it also includes what to do when you are stuck ~ Philip Batchelor, Stroud, UK

I'm excited & scared, because this work takes me completely out of my comfort zone. I embrace the fear & Ii find my courage to continue.....more patience and understanding of (my husband’s) different tempo...I'm not trying to control him and that's very impressive for me...I'm proud of myself! ~ Susana Jimenez Montalvo

there's a gentle, spontaneous quality I am noticing. The joy of being in nature last night with the gentleness in me is bringing me to my awareness of gratitude. I nurture the feelings more slowly when I recognise its from this far back and my inner voice is softer.... I am going with this warmer softer approach & not pushing it away more .. it comes more frequently, the softness of my breathing through it is such an enormous gift to me.... In my slowing down being with (feelings) I am choosing to look after how I organise my day much more and ensure there is enough time for what I want to do fully. I can feel my care of me so much clearer through it. I have never seen and felt it like this before in my life about me and that it's ok to value me like this. It feels powerful, so pure! THANK YOU, DEEPLY, JOY. ~ Melanie Sara-Barugh, Ipswich, UK

I did your ho’o'pono’pono meditation with all the wedding guests (for my daughter's wedding) beforehand and had the most beautiful day! ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

I can honestly say that i have moved on describing myself as a person with low self-steem... I cannot longer identify with that description about myself... it's no longer me... Now I see the beauty in me, the beauty that other people could see in me before & I sadly couldn't... There is strength and courage in me, i feel resourced, and it's a very warm feeling that moves me forward..... the webinars are incredibly powerful ~ Susana, Lincs

I'it is really helping me so much to let go of past stuff I no longer need' ~ Flow Fenton, Cardiff

Joy’s Essence Online webinar courses have been a life-changing opportunity to live every day of my life at home and work experincing the same high vibration and inspiration as when I take private awakening sessions (these are essential to me for seeing beyond blindspots!). Her beautiful voice brings uplift to my soul. Most important, my life is changing in small and also significant ways. I am happier and free-er. Joy is a Master Teacher, yet feels like a friend ~ Rowan Fleming

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Mel Sara-Barugh

Mike Robinson, Nottingham

how much I enjoyed last night – gorgeous, Joy. And so generous... ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton, UK

It's magic. That I become a role model to others, living in this ESSENCE energy field. I feel like becoming a magnet. If each of us are (or becoming) Beaming ESSENCE ENERGY lights, we will create ripple effects around the world!! THANK YOU SO MUCH JOY, for all Essence sessions. I feel so much more in love with all, open to receive love from everywhere. Thank you ever so much for your beautiful work! ~ Sabina Rademacher, Barcelona, Spain

I spend far far less of my time engaged in analysing my feeling states now I have the choice to notice the and then become willing to let them go. ~ Sam Burkey, Bristol

I loved (module 1). I didn’t realise I would, but I am so happy we have so much structure with it. I really look forward to using the workbook & the way this course allows me to structure this work into my life in a way that feels very achievable i.e. pages to fill in, 6-week time period...I can see this 6-week training will help me develop the more structured practice I want in my life. Im so happy I signed up. Although i’ve learnt this with you a few times before im also already getting the benefit of learning it again, understanding it in different ways & anew.... (at) the beginning when you were talking about ‘how to dive underneath conditioning’, and how one of the outcomes of diving underneath can be moving into 'more interdependency and trust'. This really struck me as a mode of being that has never occured to me as being one that I would/ should/ could aspire to before. & Module 2 was brilliant! taking time to do lots of work in & around Joys beautiful guidance. More & more I've felt compelled to breathe in it & sensually experience its different layers as a part of this body in this moment, the energy vibrating this being now. It feels intimate &...powerful. I suspect receiving it this much is actually allowing more letting go ... i’m often finding energy starts flowing up my spine. X Love to you light-filled friend! ~ S.S., London

thank you for the magnificent meditation last night. WOW!!!!! I felt, truly significant shifts in my beingness with let go’s!!!! felt the nurturing, the clear and gentle guidance. it was very clear the feelings in my body, dramatic shifts, releasing, was fascinating, just how much my body let go. Then came tears and a real sense of the 'me'. I felt into into the tears a small frightened child. It was so very clear and I truly held on to the wanting embraced and for the VERY FIRST TIME did my best to love this dear little child…this very small part of me...felt such a sweet tenderness, a peacefulness…..a heartfelt place of understanding and love and not rejection/pity or shame. I look forward to hearing the sweet salvation of the meditation again. What wonder and what a gift! you are truly an amazing human being, I love you so much. ~ Melanie Sara-Barugh., Suffolk

it feels so lovely to feel your presence and so wonderful to share this (forum) space with everyone. I had the most wonderful letting go last night. When Joy invited us towards the end to let go of roles that we play, I chose ‘the anxious woman’ and I literally felt her melt away. It was marvellous and there was so much love there. And then this morning as I was about to post, something came in around ‘not quite trusting’ that she had melted away and I let go of that too and I welcome this. And the more love and softness I bring in, the more my body relaxes and the more I go underneath and peel back all the layers, looking at the things I don’t always want to look at, it opens me up to this vastness and pure potentiality. It’s just simple and magical. I love it. It helps people to let go of all the layers to reveal their true self underneath which was there all the time. Thank you Joy with so much love xxx ~ Kim Rossi, Nottinghamshire, UK

The Essence Online modules have helped me get a sense of where I have more 'cleaning up' to do in my life, whilst at the same time getting me in touch with the deeper truth that there is nowhere to get to. I feel more resourced, I am more aware of when I hold onto something, and in this I am more aware that it is a choice and I can let it go. I really enjoyed the process of printing off the module sheets, preparing my notebook and generally creating the space/intention for it. This webinar series will help people get in touch with the aliveness below the surface, help them get in touch with a freedom beneath choices, of what-isness. There is something about this course which feels like a huge generosity- thank you!! Too many benefits and potential benefits to mention! ~ Katie B., Stroud

I found that I was able to tune into the group field, and the transmission, on a daily basis, I felt the downloads coming in, I felt myself being affected in positive ways, and the audios I did listen to supported what I was aware of subtly and not so subtly changing simultaneously. I noticed I was finding ways of releasing a lot of stuff. I found the guided meditations very powerful, and often needed to just allow that to percolate deeply, which made concentrating on the more informative content challenging. The bonus audio .. was very complete, and a wonderful recapping of the training. Im also feeling a deep need to prepare myself very thoroughly for the ho-oponono sessions. I really do feel I am receiving so much from your teaching from your transmissions, that the online sessions are like icing on the top, which cant be completely covered, until all the mud is out of the pie! ~ H M, Bristol

BIG FAT SUCCULENT GAINS..... IN COMMITMENT TO MYSELF....SELF-CARE...HAPPY AWAKENING......BEING TRUE TO MYSELF....BEING AUTHENTIC....BEING FREE....how soo soft-hearted I am....how feminine I am....how....sexy...I am...how passionate I am....that I am a WOMAN!!! OOO!! Aah...I've played the tough-girl for so long,,,then the tough good lady...but I aint no lady I'm a FULL BLOODED DIVINE WOMAN!!!....DIVINTY BEING WOMAN....BEING MAN...BEING CHILD.....BEING BODY.....BEING SOUL.......BEING WORLD...BEING UNIVERSE.....BEING THE ESSENCE OF ALL.....ESSENCE IS BEING...BEING IS ESSENCE....THERE IS ONLY ONE ESSENCE....LOVE...... TRUSTING IN THE PROCESS.....IT WORKS!!!..... ~ Sharn B., Coventry

Last night’s Essence Forgiveness was GREAT – felt all mellow afterwards, just what was needed! ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Essence Online gives a deeper understanding of the need to ‘gently allow with love whatever arises'; It helps people to let go of all the layers to reveal their true self underneath which was there all the time. ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

‘This is too good to keep it secret. :-)’ ~ Susana M., Notts

Bringing some of the power of being in Secret Garden into my own home has felt magical. It is encouraging me to stay with the daily homeplay you encourage during trainings. I really enjoy the inspiration from you and others at many levels. Feeling the connection of the circle through this simple technology helps me to stay connected with my largest intentions and feel supported. ~ K.S., Bristol

I made the commitment during our last online Essence module to allow space to let go of all emotional thoughts and today,I woke up, very unsettled and emotional not knowing ``what to do and go`` with my new love. I felt scared. I 'did the practice', it softened and softened and then I was able to let go.Afterwards I felt so much ease and love. ~ Sabina Rademacher, Barcelona

Everything has changed. This week I had the great privilege of having a one to one session with Joy, and everything has changed. Such softness, ease, love and heart.
Im really with another layer of the value of the Essence work now, a more embodied seeing of how it really is about being at the core, at the essence, where this freedom and love abounds.
I’ve been listening to that old Eurythmics song on repeat - there really must be angels playing with my heart, yeah! 🙂 xxxx ~ S.S., London

The meditation sessions proved very useful and helpful…very insightful comments made by you…..the Q&A session was also useful. ~ Steve D. Isle of Man

Oh what a beautiful call the other night - thank-you. So simple, easy to drop into and a great way to stay connected. LOVED it! Beautiful way to be together and hear familiar voices. 'Resting in stillness' was perfect medicin ... it was a very simple yet profound time together and would love to do more. Feels quite exciting to see where you'll take this......... Thank-you for sharing more gems! ~ Jemma B., Scotland

it feels so good to share this space and in such a short amount of time, I feel I have received deep learnings in my being through the Essence letting go and through listening and sharing with you. And as much as being in a live circle is so powerful, I feel as if I am in that live circle through the teleconferencing sessions. I feel really excited by this. I have been practising Essence for quite a while but I now feel a new depth and a greater sensitivity to what is happening in the moment. For me, I have noticed that I can catch myself in a fraction of a second going into Separation that I hadn't even realised before. And noticing things that may be too painful to feel and the no content that we explored in Module 2. I did an exploration today around fears that something bad is going to happen to me or others who are close to me. I've not wanted to look at it fully before. So I welcomed that fear and allowed myself to feel the horror of it and loved myself totally in it, then noticed how I dipped in and out of wanting to feel and wanting to run away and not look at it. In a session I had with Joy recently, we talked about growing the heart and allowing myself to feel the pain and give it space. ~ Kim Rossi, Nottingham

I was thinking that the technology wouldn’t be great but my experience of attending the webinar was as good as going to a live group. All I would normally gain from that...Joy’s superb facilitation, support from other participants who felt so close, despite some of us being in different countries – UK, France and USA), support for my daily practice, an expansion of contextual understanding…I received from this. I love that we can meet every week! (Teleclasses) ~ I.P., Therapist and Artist, Suffolk

I am fascinated by and loving my gentle exploration of Essence There is always resistance, at least initially! But I am feeling much kinder towards this Rachel who has resistance. I notice the hard stand I take energetically, feels like ungiving metal, and it's a wonder how my energy changes as I explore the embracing, the impossibility of letting go of the wanting, then exploring THAT, discovering something else underneath, finding another way of coming to the original issue so that I CAN let go, or discovering it was about something totally different….A friend hugged me the other day & commented, ``gosh, what's happened - you feel so light somehow?!....I feel I am coming home to myself in a way I have not experienced quite like this before. I uncovered layers of pain to do with what a hard time I give myself – especially around how much resistance I have, to EVERYTHING. Feeling frustrated with the Rachel who resists. Then I felt into how frustrated I get with myself, how I punish, disapprove, hound myself, and feel so impatient with myself. And then I felt the pain of this cruelty towards myself. I really embraced it all. It felt quite shocking.
Then I was with how I only ever do my best, and that I am always absolutely good enough. I felt the child in me starting to relax, as some love and compassion came through. then I was just in being. I was lying on my front, the grass in the field at eye level. I was mesmerised by thousands of blades of grass dancing in the breeze. I experienced each blade of grass as a living being, just growing there, miraculously. There was nothing else but me and the trembling grasses and the breeze, and the distant song of a thrush. ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Gloucestershire, UK

After 25 years of searching, I had given up thinking this taste of truth was possible for me. Even though aspects of my story go on, it makes me laugh now! ~ Suzanne Bond, Bristol

Carole Clements, Bathford

Philip Batchelor, Stroud

massively feeling the benefit of the transmissions and group field...this encouragement to feel my feelings, without going anywhere else, is shifting my inner world & outer relationships. I managed to really show up, in a way that was mutually healing, after a difficult moment with a family member.... Today, after more Essence work, I felt safe enough to let her see what was moving in me, because I had felt it to the core, I knew I could trust myself, that it was being owned, and she was able to respond lovingly. ... I had passed through a hundred different thoughts of how I could change or control, and witnessed many layers of old emotion lifting, one by one, and just breathed and moved them through my body, until all that was there, was a desire to show up. It's also helping me to slow things down around my son, where I can get triggered. It's also allowing me space to feel into how others might be feeling too. Really feeling my feelings is helping my inner world to trust me more. I am having to attend the weekly events on the catch up, which is a real shame, because I was able to attend the first one, and the break out was really good, and insightful.I will be able to attend the last two weeks live, so look forward to being with everyone again then, ~ H.M. Bristol

Essence Online work is an exploration . . . not a rigid tool or method. it gently moves you from thoughts and feelings into the body and the sensations I didnt want to consciously feel. With a partner on the course or with Joy it is an opening in intimacy, lovingly being with what is arising in the moment. The desire for predefined answers has dissolved, along with so many judgements. Essence is so rich and surprising. I feel I have been taught a beautiful way to live! ~ S., Oxford

… it was like I had been emptied, in a good way. I was smiling at the magnificence of it all, delivered in such a humble, ordinary way! ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

I have been using the Essence approach regularly since & it really works ~ Cindy Wansbury, Oxford

Simple methodology, practical, something that I will use regularly… (I have) a greater understanding of my desire to control…(this course can benefit others) in dealing with the tough issues/challenges at work – getting work/life balance right ~ Matthew Joint

the call was very valuable. For me, having that contact in between live modules keeps the flow going. I always love the meditations and Essence letting go work - it's priceless ~ Kim Rossi, Nottingham

I was impressed with the structured way we were shown how to do this and how much we all learned. The workpages we were given are really helpful too. Joy genuinely cares about what she does and was extremely approachable. And I've stopped smoking! ~ Steve, Woking

all very profound ~ Michael Gilling, Somerset

it's amazing! I really see how this awakening work can help clear me up/clean me out - ``a crowd of sorrows violently sweeping my house empty of its furniture...`` Things are coming to the surface that I didn't even know were there …. I (can now) just let it be. A friend hugged me the other day and commented, ``gosh, what's happened - you feel so light somehow?!`` ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Gloucestershire, UK

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the Essence live webinar you conducted last Sunday. I enjoyed the session. It felt intimate like a circle. I also like the way you helped individuals with their issues. Not with vague general platitudes, but with genuine strong insight and care. You have this amazing ability to see underneath the surface 'issue' and describe and help to treat the root cause of the person's 'problem'. And then direct them regarding further actions...(inner, outer). This is one of your core key skills. It must be very difficult to do this in the area of aliveness, consciousness and 'beingness'.'' Love and aloha ~ Steve Dyer, Isle of Man, UK