I haven’t felt this kind of joy since being a child—for no reason, it just arises! ~ Dawn Olsen, Brighton

How People Like You Rate Joy Hicklin-Bailey’s Essence work – Rediscover the Joy in Being

Thank you so much for this weekend, truly extraordinary, I never cease to be amazed at how much can be done, how deep it is possible to go, I think it is extraordinary because of the simplicity and gentleness with which you lead, facilitate and love us all.
So much thanks. (Feel free to quote me :)) Please also send my deep gratitude to Tim, it was both great fun and very moving to work in
a pair with him. Tim - your holding and facilitation was gentle, strong and impeccable. Supported me through so much. Many many thanks. ~ Hettie P., Stroud

a lovely retreat. The biggest overall gain I felt (and which occurs each time Secret Garden meets) is an increase in my desire and determination to release the ego's limits, my sense that it is attainable, and my courage to take another scary step on my path towards it. The support which I receive through Joy's energy as well as the loving attention of all the participants is what I need most. Courage. Immersion in a sea of Knowing that freedom is available, it is safe, and more and more it is becoming my world.
Also of huge benefit to me from Secret Garden group gatherings is the connection with other people wishing to go deeper in relating. With the people I've met in SG, it feels safe to practice new open, vulnerable connection that I've never known before, and that level of honesty and openness is thrilling. ~ Amy, Stroud

An opportunity to acknowledge pattern of holding back sharing or participating in new groups and challenging myself to interrupt that pattern….. raised my clarity and awareness of when I hold back in general, allowing myself to keep choosing differently. Essence and also ‘Blame’ process very valuable. ~ Mary, Suffolk

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I gained from the weekend, and how much I appreciated your facilitation. Very lovely group of people with inspiring stories and lots of experience. Hope to meet again soon ~ Nick Clements (Honorary Professor at Staffordshire University), Stroud

Secret Garden work is amazing. It can seem so 'ordinary' and that is the last thing it is. It is the rarest, profound and of utter integrity.Joy has an intuitive and completely natural sense of what lies beyond what most of us see, feel and experience. Her circle work is transcendent. She has a sure fire energetic 'knowing' that is of heart, not mind, about how the limits of any personality veil the wonder, and in her presence, men and women regain wonder and inspiration while becoming more grounded, honest and true. Then they (and me, too) live that more in their lives. I have seen this over several years. ~ J., Gloucestershire.

The retreat & Essence webinars brought increased clarity regarding my relationships with others. Less anxiety and stress in my relating with myself and others. Less depression in my life and more joy. a natural consequence of this work is more love which tends to extend outwards. That has many benefits in how we treat each other and the planet. Community and connection. Deepening insights. You are both amazing. Secret Garden reminds me of the children's book by the same name. Finding the secret garden was the key to transformation for the little boy, his father & the orphan girl. It is hidden but there is a way in, & once you are in there life can never be the same again. ~ Emma Sally, Wiltshire

I love how Joy works with the lineage and energy but she also manages to be real and natural and grounded at the same time.
I always feel safe and held when I am working with her. I find it amazing. Being online is ‘easier to manage my environment’ with less logistics to organise. Essence flushes out all the blocked/unmet feelings/thoughts crucial for the uncertain times we
are living in....simplicity of pure presence ~ Kim Rossi, Notts.

a major pivotal work for me. I have had a continuing exquisite unfolding of love. So much joy, compassion and love are flooding my being, literally – so many happy tears. I can see that the love in ‘another’ is always enough, the love that I am, is enough. I became aware that whenever I was judging myself or ‘another’ or ‘wanting’ more from myself, I was actually telling love it was not enough. I became aware of my one-ness with all and the suffering I was creating by wanting to be more than the love that I am. . It has been a difficult 12 months, lots of fears, lots of ‘wants’ to let go of, lots of grieving for the self that did not exist. Seeing the love in all form has been such a beautiful experience, such a humbling and full-up feeling. I was able to let go fully. With infinite gratitude for the love that you are and the love that you helped unlock. this awakening work can benefit others by increasing the level of consciousness one being at a time, leading the way for others to let go into love, No-one should experience a life without seeing the miracle in it! ~ Teri Allen, Market Harborough

appreciation for this loving circle and Joy and Tim, what they are providing is unique and priceless ~ Hari Ma, Bristol

Bless you for your beautiful heart felt words...We send you much love and heart blessing for all that you hold. May your hearth fires burn bright and warm your souls, in a year of abundant peace and harmony filled with gentleness and beauty ~ Andy Andrews and Anthony, Cornwall

Last night (we) spoke and I really told the truth as much as I understand it now. This was not an anaemic superficial truth beholden to the limitations of my mind but the real deep seat of my loins truth. This felt like a truth I have been avoiding all my life.... It starts with my acknowledging my own deep longing for love and my bereft self feeling this loss. This has been reflected in many relationships throughout my life. I have blamed (mainly my wife) and squirmed as I have gotten closer to this truth.
I have realised that my life has been a series of replicating these primary relationships and then coming to terms with loss. The “something” I have been withholding has been something I have been keeping for myself, something that cannot be taken away from me. Something that is pure, ……. Last night I gave this long held possession of mine to (my wife) by telling her the truth of what it feels like to be me underneath the bravado, distractions, intellectual understanding and well intended BS. It felt that at last I showed myself and she was willing to see.
I have spent years now working with Joy, Secret Garden, Circles, (my wife and child), family and friends, knowing that I could perhaps move towards freedom by removing these outer layers I have created. Through this experience, I have finally seen my arrogance in judging that I might know anything about another when I don’t know the first thing about myself. This has felt so freeing as I now observe how I move in and out of well established patterns with an ever thinner disguise on.
I used to say that this circle work saved my life but I now see it is my life.
Thank you for being with me. ~ S.H., Bristol

I so much enjoyed that five-day retreat, this Essence work is like gold dust, and slowly I think the penny is beginning to drop! In the last couple of years I have realised that my personal therapy is on a bit of a loop. The soul-searching I have done has given me a valuable understanding of my early childhood issues but I realise that I have been stuck with a lot of repetitive anxious thoughts. Reworking the same issues gives short-term relief but nothing more. Then I discovered Joy’s webinars on Letting go and Forgiveness. Eureka! This stuff is truly brilliant, almost too mindbogglingly simple to be believed! Finally I got to see that my resistance was what was keeping me stuck! If this rings a bell for you then get in touch with her. What she has put together is totally brilliant, the best material I have come across. And she is the best communicator ever! ~ Philip

I had a knowing of the peace and presence that I am. This knowing gives ‘me’ much more relaxation and acceptance. Everything is arising and it's great! Nothing needs to change! I have so much gratitude for this opening ~ Julia West, Cirencester

happiness can be inside me when I accept life as it is, and myself as I am. I have been able to experience how much resistance I can hold when not accepting my feelings, thoughts, beliefs, & how exhausted i can be when resisting. Realizing how big has been resistance in my life…makes me decide to commit myself to the acceptance of the reality just as it is. joy's tenderness and presence helps you to explore your vulnerability with love and benefit from relief (of) resistance and pain and…dismantling illusions. ~ Alicia Ortiz, Andorra

We both are realising still what you gave us ... The more we read & explore the more we are finding that your work underpins! Thank you so much again so deeply from both of us ~ Lin Munro, New Zealand

Wow, what an amazing 5 days, sending so much love and appreciation to you Joy, Tim, and everyone in this amazing group, so blessed,and moved by everyone, feeling very different, fresher, much more optimistic about whats possible, a WHOLE load of stuff put behind me, by the last day, I got it, I really can move on, and I did. Cant even begin to describe how many areas of my life I touched in on and transformed, incredible, thank you so much Joy, for this infinitely powerful process. ~ Hari Ma, Bristol

I was broken and wounded– now I have wings and a soul and my feet firmly on the ground again. I took a chance when I booked and the magic has blown me away. Thank you for the safe space to be free and be me again ~ Andrew Mercer, Truro

life changing I feel - More in touch with myself and giving the power to move on & be happy ~ Valeria Almira (Centrica)

In reflecting on those people who have had a significant impact in my life, I want to communicate how very much I have received from you, through your being and your teaching. Thank you for your commitment to this work (and play) of learning how to come back to the essence of being human and relating from there. With much love and appreciation, ~ Carole Clements, Bathford

Joy is always profoundly true, endlessly and tender, sometimes wild or raw ~ Will, Bristol

extraordinary five days, I felt cocooned in this warm loving glow & it is just simply amazing, something I have not felt much of before a wonderful sense of connection, this feeling of love and being loved the quality of what Joy has created here is just extraordinary and we are deeply privileged to be able to enjoy all this relatively close by! ~ Philip Batchelor, Stroud

starting to let go of my over-riding need for approval & my attempts to gain this through control..your work with roles was very important..I really appreciate your awareness & understanding & your ability to focus in on what really matters..very happy with the work..excellent value. ~ Ralph, London

the changes have been subtle but significant… have felt myself feeling different in certain situations which I attribute to the effects of practicing the (Essence) techniques. I have had one or two experiences, such as during interviews, where I felt much more at ease & confident than I would normally expect, more able to be myself. I think I am more relaxed generally, more calm in dealing with people & have become more circumspect where formally I might have become agitated or angry. I found working with you an excellent experience. I had a great deal of confidence in you not only concerning the learning/theory of the techniques but also ipractical lapplying the approaches. I felt the real benefit of Essence with you leading me through in sessions and with the group. I also felt that I was able to discuss matters openly with you in an atmosphere of trust. I was extremely happy to recommend you to my sister. One area which I have been thinking about recently is that of goal setting. I think the visualization process combined with Essence was very powerful & the images I created during that session still have significant energy, and motivate me to actions that are reaping real results. ~ Graeme, London

I enjoyed the retreat with you and the others as well. And well done, Joy. I thought you facilitated the weekend very well indeed. ~ Steve Dyer, Isle of Man

Ashley Roberts, nr Bristol

Kim Rossi, Nottinghamshire

No longer can I turn to stone around a shattered heart ...in this humble surrender I know compassion...This is the space I am grateful for all that I am able to offer...This is the space where I can love another as they are, and I see only the beauty and devotion in their eyes..Thanking your from the meagre depths that I can reach. xxx ~ Teri Allen, Market Harborough

After 25 years of searching, I had given up thinking this taste of truth was possible for me. Even though aspects of my story go on, it makes me laugh now! ~ Suzanne Bond, Bristol

The Huna had a profound and instantaneous healing effect on me despite having done much healing and personal development work before. It was certainly the most effective I've experienced in a group setting. It was simple and extremely effective ~ Rob Gray, Director of the Feng Shui Academy, Buxton, now Brazil

The whole experience lives and moves through my life ~ Jamie George, Glastonbury

all the yearning, striving, pressure and sorrow releasing into knowing I AM ~ Jane Bell, Northumberland

Joy is the clearest light worker I have ever met. This awakening work is the purest I have come across. Just give it to yourself. ~ Lee, Sussex

I haven’t felt this kind of joy since being a child—for no reason, it just arises! ~ Dawn Olsen, Brighton

I have noticed the dissolving of a subtle cocoon I had wrapped myself in of mostly unconscious protection mechanisms. I am more courageous & freer, I feel safer within myself even in the midst of unpredictability. This simple Essence method of dismantling old stories and identity has made a very quick & powerful difference on many levels of my being. I am a writer & in the last month I wrote three new pieces & finished a novel I had struggled with for ages ~ Oscar Levy, London

Alaistair Howard-Dobson, Suffolk

Sabina Rademacher, Barcelona and Portugal

I loved the pair exercises. Lots of realisations about the way I deal with & feel about my life. It made me, & will help others, feel more peaceful with themselves. ~ Karen Harris, Oxford

… it was like I had been emptied, in a good way. I was smiling at the magnificence of it all, delivered in such a humble, ordinary way! ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

A very good weekend. With your essence work, I feel that i am learning a powerful life long way of beingl ~ Dave Loveridge , Sutton Coldfield

Joy is a loving and inspirational teacher and a powerful healer ~ Janet Colney, Sussex

I have found working with Joy to be an exciting, deep and extremely valuable experience. I can honestly say that my life has expanded monumentally after spending time at her excellent and inspiring workshops.I can highly recommend attending Joys workshops if you have any interest in finding out who you truly are and being present with yourself and others. ~ Saskia Marjoram, Gloucester, Director at Saskia’s Flower Essences

John Cox, Devon

Surahbhi McMellahn, Ashburton

Joy was very patient, very calm, unhurried delivery – Thank you…. this course can benefit others so much ... It will help you to realise/understand and let go of self-limiting beliefs ~ Michelle Mannard (Centrica Training Days)

These courses open your eyes to infinite possibility. Thank you for your on going wisdom. that which has been numb and cut off in disassociation is becoming accessible! ... experiencing the fullness of life in a its flow of vibrant beauty and feel unconditionally accepted..I feel I am slowly opening like a flower.... ~ S.M., Cirencester

I feel easier in myself, more able to speak my truth...an opportunity to open, a safe space, a challenge held gently. ~ David Barker, Kent

With all my heart, a big, big thank you for the weekend. I am amazed at the intensity and the impact it has had on me. I have no fears, loads of confidence and for the first time ever in my life I am feeling so calm and relaxed, empowered and liberated ~ Jo Godin, Bristol

(Since doing this work I feel) much calmer, much more at peace, greatly improved sense of self-worth. Think often with gratitude for the weekend of the teaching that you did.Have been using the embracing and dismantling process on many evenings. Now ... if (when !!) there is a misunderstanding (particularly good practise ground is with 'X' !!) more often than not I can go easily go through it then & there. If not I go sit with one of the worksheets, either then, or at the end of the day ... & go through till it's cleared. ~ Keith Dunbar

I feel less cluttered mentally and clear about strategic actions we must take ~ Jessa (Centrica Training Days)

Found it extremely enlightening…good practical exercises to help you in all aspects of your life which can be practiced daily…felt at ease throughout…immediately made me view some difficult situations differently & helped me to make much needed decisions ~ Sandra Booth (Centrica Training Days)

Simple methodology, practical, something that I will use regularly… (I have) a greater understanding of my desire to control…(this course can benefit others) in dealing with the tough issues/challenges at work – getting work/life balance right ~ Matthew Joint (Centrica Training Days)

I am still embracing all the gorgeousness of the 4 days. Amongst many benefits, communications with my sons and others feels very different....from an even more peaceful, loving and accepting space. So thank you again dear Joy for 'All' that you do. ~ Corrie McCracken, Ireland

Your joy radiated to us all. I have been in such stillness since the weekend, and my heart has been open for many days. ~ L.M., Surrey

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I have spent 15 years learning and reading about spiritual awakening, in these few days the truth of it unfolded for the first time. And life is so much better now! Thank you is inadequate. ~ Sally Meadows, Guildford

Thanks again for the opportunities to feel what has been shut down, to open to love & life, to let it all in. It’s great to learn from being in the circle, good to have you as a ’role model’ of love in action ~ Sharon Roberts, Stroud

Thank you so very much for a cracking course. You put a lot into it & I know the rest of the crowd got a lot out of it too. I personally feel wonderful just now….energised, centred, balanced!! Marvellous. Thank you so very much for a truly transformational day. The Ho'oponopono had a profound & instantaneous healing effect on me despite having done much healing & transformational work before. It was certainly the most effective I've experienced. It was simple & extremely effective. (I have learnt) the ability to defuse/control/distance/halt the high levels of tension & anxiety which beset us all - & certainly me. I am able to see much more clearly the real issues & the real options, so I have a much greater chance of acting in an intelligent & reasoning manner. (The best thing about the session was) at the level of pure pleasure - the discovery of simple & usable approaches of immense influence - like wearing a blindfold all your life & then removing it. Practically, one of my inner enquiries was for an increase in the number of clients. I had hardly a viable practice. This morning I have taken not one, but TWO bookings in an hour. This is absolutely unprecedented. The realisation of the immense future impact of this course on my life is immense. Thank you so much ~ Richard Lawson, Buxton

I still cant believe what happened within the first 10 minutes or so ~ Duncan Husband, Evesham

Mel Sara Barugh, Suffolk

Deborah Maddison, Clutton

…. the layers and layers of gains that I get… A re-emphasis of the absolute value in the present, because not only is life here, but i'm here!…. I feel lighter…. my chest and neck feel opened up and like there is more air in there…. and i've been walking with my head up, relaxed and open…. I feel like …(I) am more in the world, looking around me not to scared to be open to it anymore…. I loved doing the thing with the stones, the rituals in nature, the walking, the ritualistic/ journeying nature of it all…. Visiting mother earth and feeling the immense energy and incredible aliveness from her which made me catch my breath. I would say this work can benefit people immensely and profoundly in ways that are right for them…. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and a profound way to value your life ~ Susan S., London.

I want to express my profound appreciation & gratitude for your love (whether it be soft & fluffy or hard & steely), presence & holding of our group & everyone in it. What you offer us all is so very precious…thank you for your generosity in service to us all ~ Deborah Maddison, Bristol

Your technique is very powerful and uncomplicated ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

It was a wonderful experience to feel just how much love and wisdom and safety can arise in a large circle of many 'strangers' ~ Karen Scott, now Narberth