I haven’t felt this kind of joy since being a child—for no reason, it just arises! ~ Dawn Olsen, Brighton

Are You Ready to wake up to your joy in Being?

In my field we talk a lot about “unlocking human potential”. This is such a powerful vision, for if we do so, we can achieve incredible things, realising the fullness of ourselves, bringing energy & healing to communities, and becoming contributors to global change. Being in a role directly impacting this for my national team, I recognised the catalytic importance of ‘unlocking ME’ within this. The starting point of these journeys is deeply personal but ultimately becomes integral and universal. This is where working with Joy is so unique. She intuitively blends working with the intimate self, with techniques that awaken realisation of our ground state of oneness and connection to all that is. Through regular sessions with Joy, she is helping me become personally healed, more attuned and aware, able to sense and co-create with the world around me. Each session has had a profound impact, with significant shifts in several areas, creating more inner peace, stability, confidence and opening me to accessing intuitive sources of wisdom and guidance in my day. Given the subtleties of these layers, this is true testament to nature of Joy and her work. We have moved within sessions through different techniques in a comfortable & dynamic way, responding to what is needed and present. Joy is an exceptional healer, counsellor, guide & mentor, and I highly recommend stepping in and opening yourself to the potential of what working with Joy can bring. ~ Lynne (National High-Performance Coach)

1-1 work with Joy has enabled me to clear up some dynamics that have been operating in my life - resolutely & finally. She has sensitivity & a gorgeously simple, practical approach. I don't know anyone else who does work like this; it's direct, intuitive, effective (& not bogged down in psychoanalysis or any other 'talking' therapy). ~ Ray P., Bristol

Just had to let you know that I am feeling so different today – more energy, clearer in the head, much more free of the torment and obsessive thoughts re (her ex) and, dare I say it, happy for no reason! I haven’t felt like this for months! Such a relief to have a reminder that I CAN enjoy my life after all!
Thank you again SO VERY MUCH for finding me an extra session

~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, near Stroud

(session with young daughter) that was a “master session”… it was just absolutely amazing seeing the evolution of the session and coming to the realization that happened at the end… i don´t know what would happen from now on… i don´t know anything, it´s all unknown…, i only know what i witnessed and the feeling of “awe” that it is running through my body.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~ Susana J England

you are a person of great integrity, who is committed to making a positive difference to others. This you do with wisdom, skill, sensitive insight and creativity. ~ Angela Austin, Oxon

Thank you so much for being there for me this year. The warmth of your love, combined with gentleness & sensitivity & penetrating insights, has meant a lot to me ~ Flow Fenton, Cardiff

I wanted to thank you for the session yesterday...not be the easiest thing to work with tough situations and trauma processing. It was an incredible breakthrough session. Hard, but so revealing. I had never even realised the powerful moment of the 3 of us (family) sat there together in realisation. That image alone has brought immense love and compassion into my heart for my inner family unit and healed a great sense of fracture experienced there.
I went to bed free-er of anxiety than Ive been in weeks.I...slept for the whole night (waking up only briefly a couple of times). First sleep of any note in over a week.
I know the weeks ahead require continued discipline and focus on healing. I know that reducing anxiety, removing fear and being clear on my positive future is critical. But from this breakthrough I know what will heal me now and that I will certainly get there. So thank you. With much love. ~ Lynne M.

I have to laugh at how much is happening - I'm looking for another job & I actually have a boyfriend! I think you could add an extra disclaimer to the training ``Warning- this may seriously change your life! (So be careful what you wish for!) ~ Katie Brown, Stroud

thank you Joy for this morning’s session, where I started entangled and emotional I now have clarity and lightness, more certainty about what is possible and what I want to work towards. I so value your love, simplicity and humanity in responding to whatever I bring to our sessions. I know this will ripple out into many areas of my life. Thank you. ~ Hettie P., Stroud

In Breakthrough sessions (using Essence approaches, especially the embrace & the deep dive), it’s possible to move through intense feelings so quickly. I arrived with deep sadness & moved into overwhelming panic in about 4 minutes. It felt so safe because Joy held me so completely as I dived The questions are like drilling a hole through different layers of sand, earth, rock then diving deep underneath the ocean – I moved through layers of stuff I had somehow not let go of over the years beliefs, emotions, sensations, stories, identities & feel so light now it’s incredible. Life feels so much easier ~ Caroline P., Swindon

Whenever I go on any of Joy's courses or have a one to one session with her, I know that this is where I will find myself. ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

I thank you sincerely for your time, wisdom & support-you came into my life at just the right time & I benefited hugely from your consultations –you enabled me to think more honestly about my life & who I am. I look forward to basking in your glow of wisdom & love soon ~ Kathryn Dawes, Worcs

You are a miracle worker and your constant willingness to share your wisdom, love and guidance for us is so appreciated. So thank you. ~ Scott, UK

I have noticed the dissolving of a subtle cocoon I had wrapped myself in of mostly unconscious protection mechanisms. I am more courageous and freer, I feel safer within myself even in the midst of unpredictability. This simple method of releasing has made a very quick and powerful difference on many levels of my being. I am a writer and in the last month I wrote three new pieces and finished a novel I had struggled with for ages ~ Oscar Levy, London

I had a very profound session with Joy this week and met my inner child in a way I never have before. It's obvious really, but I really saw how the essential thing/most healing thing is to keep in relationship with her (however turbulent or peaceful that relationship!). She is totally, unconditionally there for me. ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Everything has changed. This week I had the great privilege of having a one to one session with Joy, and everything has changed. Such softness, ease, love and heart. Im really with another layer of the value of the Essence work now, a more embodied seeing of how it really is about being at the core, at the essence, where this freedom and love abounds. I’ve been listening to that old Eurythmics song on repeat - there really must be angels playing with my heart, yeah! 🙂 xxxx ~ S.S., London

I just want to say thank you so much for the sessions…. I feel I have come on in leaps & bounds …I have moved miles away from collapsing in on myself. I feel really excited & grateful that I now have my own Business & Life Mentor & a sense that I feel really supported by you. It also makes me realise the gift of the work I do with my own students & clients & helps to value my work & my services more. ~ Kim Rossi, Nottingham

I can't recommend Joy highly enough for wisdom and effective facilitation ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

I still cant believe what happened within the first 10 minutes or so ~ Duncan Husband, Evesham

Our one to one session was a major pivotal moment for me. I have had a continuing exquisite unfolding of love. So much joy, compassion and love are flooding my being, literally – so many happy tears. I can see that the love in ‘another’ is always enough, the love that I am, is enough. I became aware that whenever I was judging myself or ‘another’ or ‘wanting’ more from myself, I was actually telling love it was not enough. I became aware of my one-ness with all and the suffering I was creating by wanting to be more than the love that I am. . It has been a difficult 12 months, lots of fears, lots of ‘wants’ to let go of, lots of grieving for the self that did not exist. Seeing the love in all form has been such a beautiful experience, such a humbling and full-up feeling. I was able to let go fully. With infinite gratitude for the love that you are and the love that you helped unlock. this awakening work can benefit others by increasing the level of consciousness one being at a time, leading the way for others to let go into love, No-one should experience a life without seeing the miracle in it! ~ Teri Allen, Market Harborough

Thank you so much for holding and guiding me ….I feel a lot calmer and more sure in our different roles for our son. I have been left with such a strong sense of needing to, as you said ``drop everything you do that is not love`` - thank you for waking me up again. I am so grateful to have you as my guide and friend ~ Helen

I want to express my profound appreciation & gratitude for your love (whether it be soft & fluffy or hard & steely), presence & holding of our group & everyone in it. What you offer us all is so very precious…thank you for your generosity in service to us all ~ Deborah Maddison, Bristol

Thanks Joy, I really appreciate you taking the time to call me. You are a very special woman & i feel blessed to have you in my life. Your wisdom is a source of support & strength for me ~ Karen C, Stroud

Thank you sooo much for my 1 - 1 with you on Monday. O M G What a Night(s) so so joyful & a fully functional vagina, I feel very blessed & blissful!!.. I gave him a massage, which he had not experienced before but he relaxed into it beautifully (a joy to give) & afterwards we made love for hours, during which time I fully relaxed & enjoyed mulitple's..... (never happened before) my body shook for ages afterwards.it was as if my ability to let go & experience the sensation-al org......, my open & receptive vagina made me feel fully alive, totally open (& vulnerable) & connected me to my open heart. Absolutely wonderful, truly transformational. Thank God for all I've learnt with Secret Garden & Joyful Loving especially ~ Susan

I so value the work you do and thank you for holding me & what I brought when I came to see you - it felt so precious. ~ Kim Rossi, Nottingham

There is a lot of appreciation & excitement in me in relation to the changes I feel in relation to what I have been working on with you - at the moment I feel I am ``coming home``, slowly but surely. It's like I am coming back into myself, having fled in terror years ago - I am really starting to experience what it is like to be IN my body, & the relief... I'm beginning to feel a sense of safety & security within myself that I have never known before. And just to feel safe, & therefore happy & at peace, is enough - & then there is a sense of love that just happens quite naturally out of that. I HAVE NEVER KNOWN THIS BEFORE!... I am so lucky to know you, dear Joy... ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Our time together last Thursday was magical - some of the most beautiful work I have done. Thank you. I feel so wonderfully different - like a balmy afternoon after the storm has passed, aware for the first time of bird song & the delicate beauty of ones secret garden. With love always. ~ Jemma Brett, E.Sussex

My relationship with my son is totally transformed - it is like I am falling in love with him all over again….I am more relaxed and open around him and have started feeling my heart opening…. Am feeling more and more myself, and am able to BE how I feel more, when before I would try and hide. I think that healing those significant emotional events, has enabled me to access deeper feelings of hurt that come from earlier in my childhood so that I am getting to the roots of it all. Emotions are flowing more and more, and I am less judgemental about what I am feeling. I do believe now that I will do better and better and can live ``normally`` given more work and some time. ~ Anon., Wilts

I have you to thank for my pregnancy and beloved daughter. Thankyou ~ Sharon R., Stroud

Joy Hicklin-Bailey is a power for your personal spiritual development.
Her own strength is based on a lifetime's devotion to truth and love. Her vocation is to enhance your happiness, and allow you to develop a personal and sacred domain where you may nurture your life and truest loves ~ John Burgess

Thanks for today Joy. I was blown away at the end! It has given me something really tangible to hold....and real hope that I will start to heal my lifelong conflict.
Thankyou for the perfection of the moment and the acceptance and love you showed. ~ Kate Havord, Chippenham

bumble bee of the spirit, pollinating many hearts with aloha! ~ Katie Lloyd-Nunn, Hawkwood College

I now feel more than accepted but I have a real sense of being wanted in this life. That might not sound earth-shattering but to me it’s amazing. It brings tears to my eyes to write it now. I can't thank you enough for that gift ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

…. the layers and layers of gains that I get… A re-emphasis of the absolute value in the present, because not only is life here, but i'm here!…. I feel lighter…. my chest and neck feel opened up and like there is more air in there…. and i've been walking with my head up, relaxed and open…. I feel like …(I) am more in the world, looking around me not to scared to be open to it anymore…. I loved doing the thing with the stones, the rituals in nature, the walking, the ritualistic/ journeying nature of it all…. Visiting mother earth and feeling the immense energy and incredible aliveness from her which made me catch my breath. I would say this work can benefit people immensely and profoundly in ways that are right for them…. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and a profound way to value your life ~ Susan S, London.

A setting down of old stuff, & moving forward into a different kind of life. I'm beginning to look at our relationship & separation as a joint responsibility rather than simply his 'fault’. Best of all - I don't wake up every morning feeling angry & resentful with him. Clarity re boundaries. I get on with what I need to do, which is a lot, with some equanimity, & it doesn't feel so much like an untenable burden ~ Rachel B., Bristol

thankyou for such a wonderful session with you. I felt held, supported & empowered by your gentle & grounded, loving approach. Thankyou so much ~ Nicky Neckles, Stroud

Thanks for today Joy. I was blown away at the end! It has given me something really tangible to hold....& real hope that I will start to heal my lifelong conflict. Thankyou for the perfection of the moment & the acceptance & love you showed. ~ Kate Havord, Chippenham

Thankyou Joy - I feel so different...positive, open and I'm noticing changes happening quickly and almost effortlessly in line with my goals. I would have willingly paid twice as much ~ Paula King, London

It was fabulous to see you today - I really enjoyed our session & feel very different!!! I have been feeling really great & the session we had really cleared up a lot of things for me - so Thank You!! ~ Jane Seaman, Wilts