What You Say about Lomi Lomi Retreats

One of the best retreats that I have ever attended. The venue & food were great. There was a lot of good bonding (during the b & b at your home). Very good atmosphere. I found myself going very deep in both the giving and receiving which was amazing. I felt liberated and free. ~ Anthony B., Surrey

Thank you so much for the Lomi course. I loved the intimacy and the warm glow of the ``family`` atmosphere. I keep giggling about the final massage from B. and H. M., and it has left me stronger somehow. I asked to have more Tiger spirit, and think I have gained some. ~ Richard Cottee, Essex

When I came back from the Lomi Retreat, I felt like a different person. It was as if I had been washed clean, nourished so I felt more embodied & alive. It truly feels like a gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whenever I go on any of Joy's courses or have a one to one session with her, I know that this is where I will find myself. ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

the best thing about this group….the huge love which you gave to each one of us and which we gave to each other. It felt like love inspired love and that brought more love so that it grew and grew…allowing myself to be in my vulnerability, trusting people, feeling more. ~ May, Bristol

Heart opening & surprisingly challenging, re ignited a need in me for truth. Thank you very much. I would love to do further work with you both. There was a rawness to how I experienced myself this weekend, something to do with feeling safe to reveal myself. ~ Sam Wheadon, Bristol, now New Zealand

Thank-you for holding the most beautiful Lomi circle. It was heavenly to be with you and everybody…. Thank-you so much for welcoming the dark …. so that you allow others to do the same. I am so privileged to have met you and wish to one day hold circles and pass on the gifts you have given me.’ ~ Jemma Brett, Scotland

beautiful... thank you much for the gift of Lomi you have given me... ~ Dave Stork, Forest of Dean

I am still in an afterglow with the warmth and joy of my experience. I felt more relaxed during the retreat than I have been for a very long time. The Lomi Lomi sessions that we experienced took me to a new level and I felt quietly elated while both giving and receiving. The world and my fellow partners were all beautiful and I felt at one with them. I got to a place in myself that I have never been before. And I felt wanted, needed, and a natural part of the group. .... amazement and delight. Wonderful experience. And so so far (6 weeks) it has lasted. Obviously the day to day of real life has taken over but nonetheless I have a quiet satisfaction of being able to recall the warmth and glow quietly in myself....the group was particularly warm, supporting, and accepting. And Lomi Lomi is fantastic. I do hope that you will hold another Lomi Lomi soon !! ~ Anthony B., Stamford

Luscious Lomi

The Interconnectedness of Life, Benefits of Lomi Matthew Hart, Bristol

For 3 nights I've dreamt i'm receiving lomi and woken up feeling wonderful. when I woke I could feel love energy stretching out through my body. feel like the lomi got in to my bones and in to the cells of my body. Thank you Joy. Love XXXXX ~ Susan S., London

life seems so simple. I feel a millstone has been lifted from around my neck. I’ve been released. To every question I ask now, Love is always the answer. Very powerful. My dreams are sending me deep into the past. I loved the simplicity in sharing love, peace and harmony ~ James Elsmore, Forest of Dean

A major breakthrough for me ~ Susan Coyne, Lancs

Gaining confidence in my ability to see – quieting the mind so the life within me can do the work it needs to. To become a vessel for spirit and witness how clearly two souls can communicate when we get out the way is magical. Just do it! ~ Jemma, Dorset, now Scotland

Becoming more integrated and in touch with my feelings… people expressed their feelings and were heard and supported…. Try one of Joy’s courses, expand your horizons, you will gain far more than you thought possible! Exquisitely beautiful… .Thank you so much….threefold ~ John.G, Scotland

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Be held, received, so you can open, heal, envision

Deborah Maddison talks about the benefits of Secret Garden

A big mahalo for the wonderful Lomi Lomi Workshop. Your facilitation and gentle approach made me feel very safe, and held in what was altogether a very nurturing space. Thanks you so much. I felt a real cleansing and shedding of emotions -Loved it and want lots more!! Would like a longer course next time cos Im wanting to learn more! ~ Anna Donaldson, Edinburgh

You are a true shaman awakener…. I fully appreciate the astonishing strength & depth of your love & passion… I did absolutely love your very feminine approach ~ Andrew Collier, Bath

great, I learned loads. I feel like I did a lot of inner free-ing work…beauty and safety ~ Tanya Smart, Somerset

a real opportunity to practise being present with out trying to get anywhere.. no where to go, nothing to get. It was if I was given permission to be.... ~ Dave Stork, Forest of Dean

This LomiLomi Retreat will leave you finding a million answers to a million questions. You stand at the door of a world that holds no boundaries for spiritual growth and well being. Above all sharing the natural instinct for expressing love, to a person you've never met ~ James Elsmore, Forest of Dean

If you are inspired by this taste of the riches others have received, book your place now on the next Retreat

Thank you for the wonderful Sacred Circle Joy. I did not contribute much outwardly but so much was going on inside & I could not verbalise what was happening... I believe through your groups I am beginning to integrate again very slowly the work begun, that which has been numb & cut off in disassociation is becoming accessible, & if I can stay with it I know the joy of living aliveness will be immense! It is a journey but I am on it. ~ Sophie M, Cirencester.

wonderful and deeply moving, I feel fantastic, very alive I f eel very grateful and privileged to have been involved and would certainly love to work with you again ~ Alaina Halford, Strenshaw

Thanks again for the opportunities to feel what has been shut down, to open to love & life, to let it all in. It’s great to learn from being in the circle, good to have you as a ’role model’ of love in action ~ Sharon Roberts, Stroud

Lomi Course was brill-like you ~ Andrew Collier, Bath

clearing, amazing, powerful ~ Laura Campbell, Swindon

Really worked well for us, quite intense ~ Ela Plesner, Bath

been so happy to be part of this lovely group ~ Pauline Dalley, Cheltenham

powerful ..with many insights and tools I know will enrich my life. Thank you ~ Richard Mellor, Bristol

hands on and practical ~ Patti Holden, Derbyshire

I really love the acceptance and generosity I experience in this (ongoing lomi) group, and that we create a safe place to fall apart and be held and loved in that, or celebrated, or whatever is happening. I am feeling quite isolated and questioning right now, and it helps to know you are all there - in spirit anyway. ~ Carole Clements, Bathford

Thanks so much for creating such a loving space in the world ~ Kate Holden, Bristol

I want to express my profound appreciation & gratitude for your love (whether it be soft & fluffy or hard & steely), presence & holding of our group & everyone in it. What you offer us all is so very precious…thank you for your generosity in service to us all ~ Deborah Maddison, Bristol

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