Amazing, exhilarating, challenging and joyous! I never thought it was possible to feel so happy and free from the control of my head. The unconditional love and safe, protected environment is like nothing I've ever experienced. This should be made mandatory for every woman to set herself free! ~ Karen Scott, Narberth

Women’s Retreat, Sacred Ground What You Say – are you ready to live the radiance that you are?

I feel I am learning in your circles that I can own the woman I am, all her moods & passions & sensitivities. I experienced great wisdom, beauty, authenticity. I found Joy’s facilitation extraordinarily responsive and her reflections have really helped me see where I can find more freedom – and that is happening every day now. I know I am so much more than my woman conditioning & personality, and they don’t run me in the old ways. I found Joy and also many of the women in the circle to be inspiring role models. That gave me a way of sensing what was possible for me as I move into the next phase of my life ~ Paula King, London

Thank you for an amazing weekend. Each time I attend one of your trainings, I feel like I am peeling back an extra layer – I feel so blessed:-)…. Absolute must for all conscious women x ~ Kim Rossi Notts

I don’t yet feel able to express the treasure that was the women’s weekend. So so precious and so deeply and totally valuable and rare. My deepest thanks to you Joy and to all of the magnificent and beautiful women who shared the weekend with me. I love you all ~ Karen Scott, Narberth

I’ve realized that other women can be my friends, that I can lean on them and trust them and show them more of me than I ever imagined. My trust has deepened in my own being and my own sex, and my friendships are richer for that, as is my relationship with my mother ~ Susannah James, Cambridge

the best thing about this group? The trust and maturity. I can receive! I am glad that I am recognised as lovable ~ R. B., Bristol

great to flourish more fully. flow between receptive and active. I can love with awareness, I can ask for help, I can be with myself and embrace and comfort my victim parts. loved the quality of the individuals commitment to be present ~ Victoria Whelan (Joyaa), Devon

This is an opportunity to see yourself face on, take responsibility for how you relate to others & yourself & see how you sabotage your own dreams & integrity by staying small. As within the circle, so outside the circle. Suddenly none of the excuses we use in ‘normal’ life carry any weight’ & it becomes clear how we manifest these situations to perpetuate our perception of reality & can then continue blaming others for x, y & z. An invitation is presented to go inside ourselves… Bringing consciousness to that which is unconscious allows life to blossom ~ Jemma B., Scotland

Thank you so much for everything Mark is constantly blown away by my honesty and openness!!! I have you to thank for all of that…we are smiling, laughing, intimate, talking more, finding fun in our life, we go out as a family more, I am more open to him, we are playful and overall just wonderful ~ Samantha Watkins, now New Zealand

Wonderful – I’m back in touch with softness, tenderness, compassion, peace, acceptance, connection. I had been bracing myself to cope with life for so long, & I was able to let go and surrender – and fall back into myself. Thank you for providing such a nurturing, supportive and beautiful space to enable me to do that ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Amazing, exhilarating, challenging and joyous! I never thought it was possible to feel so happy and free from the control of my head. The unconditional love and safe, protected environment is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. This should be made mandatory for every woman to set herself free! ~ Karen Scott, Chippenham

a huge thank you again for a beautiful weekend with so much learning. .. I feel blessed and empowered ~ Sabina Rademacher, Portugal

You & the beautiful circle and weekend we shared are often in my thoughts. It was a real treat. I would hope to join the ongoing circle. If there had been any way of me being there this weekend I would be there! I would love to be able to join the circles again & dive in. I am very much taken with the amazing work you do Joy ~ Floss M., Glastonbury

I really enjoyed being in the circle . I found Joy’s workshop gentle, honest and loving and I feel I gained a lot from attending and will be going back for more ~ Kate Tovey, Ebbw Vale

very welcoming, warm and supportive. feel with others with empathy and compassion and open the door to my own feelings ~ S. M, Cirencester

You know how to say the right kind and loving words. you are so real and human.. I love your woman’s warm wisdom. You have a gift to make the other, to feel heard. that is a blessing. I ‘feel’ between the lines that you know what I try to share and where my words might fail you read with your heart. Thank you. You have been a very a healing, reassuring and calming influence on me ~ Heidi Ovarassi, Findhorn

It’s like finding the holy grail within ~ Annette Geddes, Somerset

I feel juicy & in my woman power ~ Rashnu, Edinburgh

Massively beneficial if (you’re) willing… it! ~ R.B. Bristol

I learned how I hold myself back from being who I truly am, I realised how others are just as vulnerable as me, I had the opportunity to express myself without being judged…priceless ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

Thank you so much for an incredible life changing experience on the retreat. It has really opened me up to so many more possibilities, I feel that I am much more thinking outside of the box & far more open to the life I want to be living, in all its fullness & beauty . I felt strongly that i was not opening up to both joys & sadness & this felt unfulfilled. I also felt that I wanted to open up to more levels of intimacy & I had glimpses of beautiful intimacy & pleasure & the tenderness shared. It made me see more truth in my life about my own limiting beliefs. The women’s circle was beautiful with the sharing & the holding of the space by Joy. This work changes people’s lives. It is so powerful – Just book it if you are drawn to it as it can open you up to so many possibilities in your life for increased amounts of joy, love & intimacy with yourself & others ~ C.T., Bristol

I have learned to let my Woman come to life again. She has been suppressed for many years, old wounds neglected, new wounds added, & during the course the life blood has once again started to flow in her veins. I now have a greater understanding of what she wants & how to give it to her. I cannot recommend this work highly enough. It is perhaps amongst the most important work for positive change on the planet. Go! ~ Zoe Martlew, London

Thank you so very much for 3 very special days. I feel happy, loved, seen, appreciated, embraced by life & full of gratitude. ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Words cannot express how much appreciation I feel right now…. I feel deeply that I (will) prioritise this work in my life right now and continue exploring within Secret Garden ~ Katie Brown, Stroud

(the weekend) was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I feel a lot is changing in my life right now in a truly brilliant way. The most powerful bits for me were being in the circle, speaking with other people there & hearing other people talk openly, working with b. & seeing our patterns of communication and since being able to notice and change this. I trust completely that I will pursue more work with Secret Garden in the future & for the rest of my life ~ K.T. Bristol

I liked the mix of ages, genders & experience. It was easy to talk to anybody & to trust everybody-very accepting. Joy is a brilliant facilitator/leader. I now have the feeling that there is a whole new life in front of me & I don’t need to accept being written-off by society as a middle-aged single woman. I loved giving massage–this was quite unexpected. Powerful ..Being accepted for my true self & being with others who were being their true selves. We all need never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to & that the group is held very strongly by Joy so that trust develops & takes root ~ N.S., Wilts

thank you for the women’s weekend. You were right, it met something in me that was very special and I didn’t need to be so scared. I have felt very still inside since then without many words. Thank you for your holding, your wisdom and your generous giving out and love to all of us. I find it so beautiful watching you show love to the others. I can’t explain it but I feel safer because you give to us all ~ May, Bristol

I love your teachings and style, …….I meant to write and say how amazing I found the women’s workshop recently. It had a profoundly healing effect on me and took me into realms I never thought I’d go! I certainly now realise I’m not all dried up, as I had perhaps been believing!! God bless you ❤ ~ Oriana Wood

Intimacy is a main focus of the work; it is never about performance but about presence, integrity, truth & honouring (self, especially). Having said that I have learned a lot of practical information & skills ~ Carole Clements, Bathford

Joy creates a strong supportive environment to explore & accept the full spectrum of being human ~ Carole Clements, Bath
It is very humbling to see how much you give. I am amazed how much we processed in just a few days. The weekend was very transformational for me & for my relationship. I have opened to a new level of intimacy & my life energy has begun to flow, future is unknown again & full of possibility. I cant thank you enough for your part in that ~ Cindy Wansbury, USA

You are such an inspiration.The workshop was empowering & challenging both at the same time for me. I am committed to more mindfulness, more light, more connection, more love, more knowledge, more being in the being ~ Penny Garland, Wales

I always want to bring my friends to your work because I want others to experience the wealth that I have received ~ May, Bristol

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