Gains during the Essence Coaching training: I learned that my own fear of love from others deserves my compassion and to do things that will increase confidence in myself • Grounding and maturity • Experiences of being exposed, out of my comfort zone & succeeding • the relevance of looking at my reluctance & to be willing to feel my reluctance as it is • Wisdom about people: how do they work, how do they feel, process stuff, behaviours when feeling hurt, defence mechanisms • Working closely with Joy Hicklin-Bailey • Sense of achievement and success ~ Susana Jimenez Montalvo, Leics

How People Like You Rate Joy Hicklin-Bailey’s Essence Coaching Training – Embody and Pass On the Joy in Being

My energy has been unblocked and I’m showing up more in my psychotherapist work. For more than two years I’ve been thinking and working in creating a psychological support group for women in fertility treatments, and now, I’m ready and I’m promoting it and I hope I will have a group soon. I’m also involved in writing some papers and showing some of my work at a psychotherapy congress in April. And of course my psychotherapist certification next year. Showing up with internal safety is the massive gain !!
It’s also important that I’m experiencing my private work with clients in a respectful way towards me and towards them. After our latest retreat together I really take care of my energy, I have a commitment with myself of not attending more than three clients in a row. My commitment with myself is the gain. I’m so grateful for all of this! All my appreciation to you, to your work, to our work together, and to jose !! My relationship with Jose is also getting better and better. I feel my body open to love, open to him, and open to myself. When in intimacy with him, my mind is, at least, 80% of the time in the present time, I’m in my body, so I’m not now using fantasy to be with him and to arouse myself. That is a huge gain!! We are together in exploring our intimacy, our sexuality. There are also moments where I don’t want to be close in intimacy with jose, and I can tell him without blaming myself or blaming him. Another huge gain! ~ Alicia Ortiz, Spain

My greatest gain is a deeper connection, love, humility, honouring and amazement at the work of Secret Garden. I feel humble, privileged and with all my heart and soul can take my learnings out into the world.
I feel an emerging which is still unfolding and there are no other words needed right now. ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

My gains from the Essence coaching training Live Retreat: – Clarity about innate gifts and recognition of what mine are – Increased clarity about what I value most right now – Gained insight about possible coaching niches and target clients I would like to work with and developed excellent marketing material that would be relevant to them – Identification of unhelpful behaviours which do not support me in my business goals, such as body language and communication habits – Further practice and deepened awareness and confidence relating to facilitating the Moving Aliveness meditation – Considering the ‘why’ of my offers and understanding why this is important in presentations – Consolidation and celebration of distance travelled as Essence Coach ~ Katie B., Stroud

One of the proudest achievements of my life is qualifying to be an Essence Coach with Joy Hicklin-Bailey of Secret Garden – she is one of the elite in World Class Facilitation. I’ve learned so much about myself during this training which has been transformative, deep, thorough and committed. This compliments and enhances all the work I have been doing in the last 15 years of working with clients and groups and I’m now entering a new stage in my journey and look forward to a bright shining time helping others to grow and evolve. Thank you, Joy 💜 ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

•I felt a different quality within me, I felt very focused and at ease. I realised I didn’t feel the need of asserting myself against authority •I felt in awe with the amount of wisdom and experience that it was being shared with us with such generosity and unconditional love. For me it’s a gain to experience within me that particular quality of appreciation. It’s difficult to explain. It's very unique. •I saw the difference between Joy and I in terms of Joy hasn’t got a hidden agenda of a particular result happening for the other person, whereas within me there is often a big wanting to change the other, even when I think it’s not there. I feel it’s a very important gain for me to see how key it is for me to let go of that for a successful coaching practise and relationship with others •I keep in my heart the experiences I had during the course between calling for my masculine energy to complete the tasks in hand and then, when needed, calling into my feminine energy and being there in less than a nanosecond. Wow! I thought to go from one to the other I would have to do some prior work (ie. Maybe a breathing exercise, or to focus inside…) but at the moment of truth it wasn’t necessary at all, within the drop of a hat I shifted from feeling very task orientated to feel fully my feminine energy of embracing, receiving and serving the group from my depths…•I am clear I’d like to do some work with teenagers
•I achieved the outcomes that I set. I’m particularly proud of having found so easily my coaching style and my niche •After going back home and to work, I feel I have a different quality of living… again it’s difficult to explain with words. There is awareness, sensitivity, appreciation for the simplest moments of my normal day…•At home with my husband and daughter, there is a sense of harmony, peace and fun which is extremely sweet and tender for me ~ Susana Jimenez Montalvo, Leics.

It was a huge step into the unknown for me. I learned such a lot and I felt challenged but in a good way. I was pleased that I felt okay even when I made mistakes which is really big for me. ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

- ‘Getting over’ the fear of being witnessed in action and just doing it - Witnessing fellow trainees step it up, and how it is possible
- Shared experience/Supervision with other trainees - Increased confidence as an Essence coach - Experiencing team cohesion - I now feel ready to move forwards in my offer ~ Katie B., Stroud

I felt very comfortable, very trusting and conditioning was slipping away. I was quite nervous yet I felt very satisfied after the presentation, beautiful feeling. I’m willing to explore stop believing the judgements about myself and others. I feel contracted and tense when I do that, and I’m withholding love from others and myself. I see now that judgements are a defence mechanism I've used.
I felt connected to the rest of the ongoing group, more softening in myself ~ Susan Jimenez Montalvo, Leics.

I feel honoured to be doing this work and excited by its potential. This training invited me to have the courage to take full responsibility for myself. I can allow any fear, anxiety and vulnerability and I don't have to run away from it. I am deeply grateful for all of my learnings and deeply appreciative of my life and of Secret Garden. I actually feel like a different person than I did a week ago! ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

I’ve just started listening again to the Supervision webinar and wanted to say - I feel so supported by working with you & the guidance I received is already helping my business evolve & growing my confidence with clients. It was wonderful to work organically in the session. I also learned a lot by being with the other coaches and learning from their challenges too. The other important benefit for me is that I also had an opportunity to work with whatever arose in me so by the end of the session, I felt more free and alive. It’s such great stuff. More of this kind of work would be great.

Thank you ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

happiness can be inside me when I accept life as it is, and myself as I am. I have been able to experience how much resistance I can hold when not accepting my feelings, thoughts, beliefs, & how exhausted i can be when resisting. Realizing how big has been resistance in my life…makes me decide to commit myself to the acceptance of the reality just as it is. joy's tenderness and presence helps you to explore your vulnerability with love and benefit from relief (of) resistance and pain and…dismantling illusions. ~ Alicia Ortiz, Andorra

Joy loves her people, it radiates out and helps them make improvements to their lives in line with their chosen intentions almost immediately.Her sessions leave me feeling great, transformed, ready to move mountains.
Every training is loaded with immediately useful content, it’s tangible, it's actionable.She moves people into immediate action, powered with heart. ~ Sam, Bristol

A supportive team, learning and evolving together Supervision advice to fellow trainees, as well as myself Clarity about what the next steps are, how things are moving forwards, what is expected. I realised there is a link between being invisible/being free and being seen/being captured or restricted in some way.Deeper understandings and digestion of the Online webinars over time. Having a sense of what might be possible as an Essence Coach, what it might feel like (through client sessions, pair structures etc) The opportunity to practise with fellow trainees to gain confidence A knowing of what the energetics feel like in myself, and getting to know how to recognise them in clients ~ Katie Brown, Stroud

I’ve just started listening again to the group supervision webinar and wanted to feedback. I feel so supported by working with you. The guidance I received is helping my business evolve & growing my confidence in working with clients. It was wonderful to work organically in the session and I also learned a lot by being with the other coaches and learning from their challenges too. The other important benefit for me is that I also had an opportunity to work with whatever arose in me so by the end of the session, I felt more free and alive. It’s such great stuff. So more of this kind of work would be great. Thank you xxx
~ Kim Rossi, Notts

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A few comments from participants about benefits of the Essence work and how your own clients can benefit, are below

Thank you…. this course can benefit others so much ... It will help you to realise/understand and let go of self-limiting beliefs ~ Michelle Mannard (Centrica Training Days)

I feel easier in myself, more able to speak my opportunity to open, a safe space, a challenge held gently. ~ David Barker, Kent

With all my heart, a big, big thank you for the weekend. I am amazed at the intensity and the impact it has had on me. I have no fears, loads of confidence and for the first time ever in my life I am feeling so calm and relaxed, empowered and liberated ~ Jo Godin, Bristol

(Since doing this work I feel) much calmer, much more at peace, greatly improved sense of self-worth. Think often with gratitude for the weekend of the teaching that you did.Have been using the embracing and dismantling process on many evenings. Now ... if (when !!) there is a misunderstanding (particularly good practise ground is with 'X' !!) more often than not I can go easily go through it then & there. If not I go sit with one of the worksheets, either then, or at the end of the day ... & go through till it's cleared. ~ Keith Dunbar

I had a knowing of the peace and presence that I am. This knowing gives ‘me’ much more relaxation and acceptance. Everything is arising and it's great! Nothing needs to change! I have so much gratitude for this opening (Essence Weekend Retreat) ~ Julia West, Cirencester

I feel less cluttered mentally and clear about strategic actions we must take ~ Jessa (Centrica Training Days)

Found it extremely enlightening…good practical exercises to help you in all aspects of your life which can be practiced daily…felt at ease throughout…immediately made me view some difficult situations differently & helped me to make much needed decisions ~ Sandra Booth (Centrica Training Days)

Simple methodology, practical, something that I will use regularly… (I have) a greater understanding of my sabotaging tendencies…this course can benefit others)in dealing with the tough issues/challenges at work – getting work/life balance right ~ Matthew Joint (Centrica Training Days)

Amongst many benefits, communications with my sons and others feels very different....from an even more peaceful, loving and accepting space. ~ Corrie McCracken, Ireland

I have been in such stillness ....and my heart has been open for many days. ~ L.M., Surrey

…. the layers and layers of gains that I get… A re-emphasis of the absolute value in the present, because not only is life here, but i'm here!…. I feel lighter…. my chest and neck feel opened up and like there is more air in there…. and i've been walking with my head up, relaxed and open…. I feel like …(I) am more in the world, looking around me not to scared to be open to it anymore…. I loved doing the thing with the stones, the rituals in nature, the walking, the ritualistic/ journeying nature of it all…. Visiting mother earth and feeling the immense energy and incredible aliveness from her which made me catch my breath. I would say this work can benefit people immensely and profoundly in ways that are right for them…. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and a profound way to value your life ~ Susan S., London.

I want to express my profound appreciation & gratitude for your love (whether it be soft & fluffy or hard & steely), presence & holding of our group & everyone in it. What you offer us all is so very precious…thank you for your generosity in service to us all ~ Deborah Maddison, Bristol

very powerful and uncomplicated ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

It was a wonderful experience to feel just how much love and wisdom and safety can arise in a large circle of many 'strangers' ~ Karen Scott, now Narberth