'Wow what an experience that (New Year) retreat was.... my life came back..... and I now know that 'I' was not lost but was hiding for its own protection and awaiting to be reborn ... the incubation process will continue. You started the process and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that' ~ Terry Hyde, I. of W.

New Year Gathering What You Say – are you ready to embody & love all that you are? And celebrate the gift of aliveness?

Alaistair Howard-Dobson, Ipswich

Melanie Sara-Barugh, Ipswich

I'm still enjoying the aftermath of my lovely New Year with you and definitely feeling like something lifted as we went into the New Year. Hope this year will be as positive as it feels right now. I loved meeting so many wonderful people. Very affirming in many ways ~ Anna Tolson, Frome

What an amazing weekend. I keep remembering you saying about keeping an open heart despite it all and being open to it breaking. This makes a bit more sense to me than it ever could before the weekend! Yeay! .....t has changed the landscape within me a& I will never be the old shape again. I love the glimmers and the subtle changes... ~ Katie, Glos

I decided to come as I wanted to escape the 'new year hype' & wanted to be in the circle with like minded people. Best thing was the safe support. Intimate touch a challenge...even though the structures were there. Even in my vulnerablity (weakness previously self assessed), I had the courage & power to express. this is so powerful. So important for me to find that woman is respected by man (maybe me respecting me). I have witnessed/experienced aggression that has disturbed my soul to the point of being in deep shock. My response was the shock still held in my body. When one woman held me I recognised the stuck-ness of the cells....and how I reach out to others in fear...hopefully, there has been some resolution & empowerment. It was so deep, What's important to me in workshop is sacred sharing... I love how it unfolds naturally & the time given for discussion/expression. I enjoy always, the opportunity and invitation for expression. This workshop helps to create/form who we truly are...love....the communication with the release of past patterning & group sharing gives the safe space for change. My observing of the couples in the group is amazing ... Very special. Trust the process and guidance - I have actually recommended this to certain friends. ~ D., woman, Lancs

absolutely brilliant for me ~ James Hunt, Cheltenham

Kim Rossi, Notts

Philip Batchelor, Stroud

Words cannot express how much appreciation I feel right now.... I feel deeply that I (will) prioritise this work in my life right now and continue exploring within secret garden ~ Katie B., Stroud

it was a wonderful experience to feel just how much love and wisdom and safety can arise in a large circle of many 'strangers' ~ Karen Scott, Narberth

Living on my own, I am always aware that it is too easy to stay within my comfort zone, living a life which is somewhat insular, & which lacks meaningful contacts with others.This seemed to be a wonderful opportunity to reach out to others and feel part of a group….loved the way that trust was built up over the 2 days together,in a group where I knew nobody prior to the course; a special & magical thing,and it always surprises me that it happens as it does.And New Years Eve was fabulous !! In years to come I know that I will think of the New Year weekend as future years come to an end, & remember being there....sharing hopes and dreams ~ Graham Vincent, Bath

The New Year retreat was precious and valuable, nourishing and stimulating, and no doubt more than I am even aware of right now’ ~ Carole Clements, Bathford

Helen Hodder, Bristol

Mike Robinson, Nottingham

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