I loved the pace of this, as well as the way the group came together so that deep issues could be explored while still being able to laugh ~ anon.

Joyful Loving Ongoing Testimonials – what if your own awakening is the gift?

thank you thank you thank you.....you are a beacon in the dark...and I see how you take the negativity of our projections in compassion...this sounds grand but I really can see this is your loving being ~ Surahbhi McMellahn, Ashburton

Thank you so much for our last module. When you introduced what felt like new territory, to me, I felt the woman of my depths come forward in me and say ‘Yes!' Thank you so much for our last module. When you introduced what felt like new territory, to me, I felt the woman of my depths come forward in me and say ‘Yes!' ~ Susan S., London

Absolutely amazing, you are such a delight & I am in awe of your ability to facilitate all that! Clearly I can’t stop now. The thought of living my life with that sort of sparkle & pleasure is something I did not imagine was possible at my age!!!! Well I had not actually given up all hope, but was beginning to doubt. And then this. You. I have ongoing work to do with this lifetime habit of ‘contraction’(in) the holding you provide. ~ Philip Batchelor, Stroud

I know now what it means to ‘make love’ ~ Elspeth Hurst, Lincoln

I have been reviewing my time with the secret garden journey of intimacy, sensitivity & tenderness. It struck a deep chord in me, what I had been searching for most of my life. I have been unearthing volumes of hidden stuff I have been storing for years, slowly I am diving & sorting, giving time & allowing feelings to just be ,letting them be what they are.. feelings, not something that HAS to be done with them, this is new. In this growing I find I am feeling more real, & in my relationship with the woman I am in love with, I am just being with it rather than something HAS to be done about it, this feels closer, truthful & intimate ~ Gordon S, Pembrokeshire

Surahbhi McMellahn, Ashburton – uniqueness & impeccability of Joy Hicklin-Bailey’s ongoing work, its quality of holding  & life changing potential

Karen Scott, Narberth – the benefits of working with Joy Hicklin-Bailey in Secret Garden

The love, support, honesty & intimacy that has developed between the group has been amazing & I feel has deepened with every module. Just knowing that there are people out there that will not judge me but support me in my pain or my ecstasy, my dark & my light, my vulnerability & my strength, in intimacy & in fear. The ongoing group gives me the time & space to be totally natural, totally alive, Totally honest & totally intimate with myself & others. It has been an amazing, invaluable experience. It has changed me. ~ Stephanie Lister, London

Awesome facilitation! How good it feels to communicate in the moment so it's innocent Becoming aware of my own wounding so it doesn't need to run/ruin my life Learning to speak up. Learning to say no.This work invites your fundamental core beliefs, projections, judgements & woundings into the light. World class facilitation will help you release trauma, receive the gold buried in your shadow & celebrate you, just as you are. To be received & loved when you cannot even bear to look at yourself is profoundly healing. If you are in any way attracted to this work, just do it. Joy's extraordinary facilitation &the innate wisdom of such potent shamanic work will carry your gentle being when you feel you do not have the capacity to put one foot in front of the other ~ Jemma Brett, Sussex

You are a gorgeously juicy couple & your willingness to risk all to share your love & joy with us is profoundly inspiring. I’m living more of who I am…on my knees full of gratitude & love to you both. Challenging myself to be fully a man in the presence of a true woman ~ Robert Taylor, Australia

Thank you sooo much joy. O M G What a Night(s) so so joyful & a fully functional vagina, I feel very blessed & blissful!! I gave him a massage, which he hadnt experienced before but he relaxed into it beautifully (a joy to give) & afterwards we made love for hours, during which time I fully relaxed & enjoyed mulitple o's..... (never happened before) my body shook for ages afterwards. it was as if my ability to let go & experience the sensation-al org...my open & receptive vagina made me feel fully alive, totally open (& vulnerable) & connected me to my open heart. Absolutely wonderful, truly transformational. Thank God for all I've learnt with Secret Garden & Joyful Loving especially ~ Susan

Thank you for an extraordinary module once again.I want to say how touched I am still am from witnessing your love for each other, your deep connection, your vulnerability and complete surrender. Alongside the ordinary, practical every day sorting things out. Thank you.
I so appreciate how much you offer us all. ~ Hettie, Stroud

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Sometimes there is a growth in not having something offered on a plate but having the space to reach out for it oneself - I see you give us each that space as I also see you reach out so tenderly to each of us when we really need it. I can see how far I have come in my journey. I feel that I am so much more able to be with myself now. What I have learnt & experienced on Secret Garden has helped me immensely with my new relationship. I'm recognising my womanhood more, that I begin to really feel that I have some attractiveness, some impact, some presence. I feel as if I am only just beginning to absorb this with my body. It all makes me feel more adult, more grounded, more open to what is & what might be & more trusting. It gives me more perspective. It feels like the beginning of me finding my No & choosing what feels right for me, not only what is right for the other. I know that I need to find more of my anger, my roar. I need to take the risk of that possible rejection. I am getting closer to this & taking small risks all the time. Thank you for all you have given me ~ May, Bristol

It was an amazing few days, in many many ways. I am at home & smiling in my heart as well as on my face. The trust, openness & belonging felt amazing. I feel I have managed to let go more of X, & I'm ready to move to new phases in my life ~ Richard Cottee, Essex

your gift is precious & shining, like a gem. If I was able to paint how my mind sees, I would have painted you as a human goddess joyfully sacrificing to alchemically wake up the SPIRIT of LOVE in this physical dimension. ~ Sho Moskowitz, Totnes

Thank you for facilitating our session which has really helped bring to the surface some of the challenges in our relating as man & woman. We both felt into what had been aired & as expected resulted in some pretty heavy truths coming out.... the cauldron had certainly been shaken up. We did make love before bed & that was amazing. Next morning I felt incredibly close to Kim. ~ Mike Robinson Nottingham

I was waiting for this Secret Garden work all my adult life. We know how to love each other since committing to the series of workshops with you. And Joyful Loving brought beauty & ecstasy back to our connection. It was an initiation into all the depths of being a woman for me, & for John an initiation in to fully being a man ~ Gabrielle S. Kings Lynn

Ashley Roberts, near Bristol

Carole Clements, Bath

amazing how you present the most esoteric information & approaches simply & in a grounded way. Sex will never be the same again for me ~ John Hitchin, Chichester

I associated sexual intimacy with guilt, but now feel that my “woman” has been healed & unleashed!
The great love you have for us, the knowledge & experiences you share are a rare, beautiful & incredible gift. The gratitude I have for you both comes from the bottom of my heart, you are a VERY special couple. ~ Susan Coyne, Lancs

I loved Joy’s ability to facilitate & hold a sacred space for areas of relating & personal development that is rarely, if ever, offered elsewhere. The feeling of safety & being held by the circle; the sense of wholeness felt by relating in a way, & with a depth, that is rarely possible in the usual course of living. The deep feeling of mutual trust, & the formation of close bonds within the group. Offering the encouragement to step outside normal boundaries, thus facilitating change that might not otherwise have happened. ~ Graham V., Bath

A very simple & effective way of gaining deep insights, in such a short space of time. And resolution of conflicts that havent been sorted in the outside world. The result being the creation of clarity, space, stillness. ~ Emma D., Wiltshire

I appreciated the Joyful Loving, (& the lomi week). .. nothing like anything I have ever done before. It was a very challenging time & I was very impressed with the group, lovely people. ~ John G, Aberdeen

I have to laugh at how much is happening at the moment- I actually have a boyfriend! I think you could add a disclaimer to the Joyful Loving training - Warning- this may seriously change your life! (So be careful what you wish for!) ~ Katie Brown, Gloucester

Benefits are Learning to make love & to communicate my needs in a loving & direct way. Reconnecting to my sexual energy Powerful, challenging, deep & magical rituals . This group saved our marriage ~ Anon training participant

I know that the love I am able to feel for Ashley right now, is thanks to you, because we wouldn’t have stood a chance without your support & facilitation. The number of times I have THOUGHT I was being vulnerable or THOUGHT I was being conscious when I wasn’t at all, and you have helped me see the truth, & see my way through the mire of man/woman relating. I say again, I don’t know how you do it, just because I am in awe of what you do & humbled by your service to life ~ Deborah Maddison, Bristol

Your trainings are amazing, deep & fulfilling experiences within your protected loving embrace. ~ Robert Taylor, Dubai

our last phase of intense sexual connection was extremely amazing...I feel very supported by all my brothers and sisters at JL. If there is more to do then I'm willing to do it. I want to live as true and in flow with life as I can and I feel that joining JL is where I dread and what I love. ~ Scott, Bristol

Darling Joy, thank you so much for the divine work you did at Joyful Loving…the effect of that work spreads to the whole world. amazing! ~ Stephanie Lister, London

I love the safe intimacy & the honesty…. . I am also beginning to feel safer & that feels huge… maybe I will gain courage in intimacy which I want but feel so scared of…. I was more in touch with my stronger yes & also my no…. It is worth the risk & the step into the unknown - and it has a rare beauty ~ May, Bristol

I would like to say I have been deeply moved by the 4 days. Since the module ended I have spent a lot of time listening to my heart & as soon as I feel hurt I say to myself 'let go of the fight, surrender, stop fighting, love the pain'. I've had 15 years of working with my Kundalini & I now realise I've been very male about it & forgotten the female. Thank you too to Tim whose contribution I greatly appreciated, I feel as a man he brought a lot to the group & I'm grateful to him ~ David, Stroud

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I feel like a goddess, at one with nature, women, men, life, this should be taught to everyone ~ Sarah Allen, Cambridge

I humbly feel, so grateful when Joy or Tim write to us all in the blue letter e-mails which to me mean ``High Priority, TAKE NOTICE`` and often I read their words and my mind says to me I do not quite understand this but another part of me says ``YES, It's there, it's on the tip of my tongue, I know this,............. but I can't quite live it yet. Thank you both so much for that which is priceless, absolutely priceless Gold! ~ Ashley Roberts, Clutton

You are so so vigilant about constantly taking away from us our goals & ideals of becoming perfect or good & therefore deserving & loveable person we long to be (but already are!). I realised that I don’t expect perfection from myself anymore & therefore not from others & so I don’t get disappointed or offended easily which means I also don’t feel ‘tangled up in others’ in that exhausting way ~ Surahbhi McMellahn Ashburton

Words can’t express the experiences I’ve had through you & the awakening that’s happened….my experience of life is so totally different from 18 months ago I feel reborn, a different person. I’m more grateful than I can express ….. After the blissful experience of the final structure, “I” was a swirling cloud of energy in a peaceful harmonious sea of perfection. (Yes I can’t find words to describe it!) Now I’m feeling very peaceful about everything ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

2 things I loved this module - Joy speaking of humility..& the way I seemed to absorb through my skin without knowing it was happening until I come back to my life … Deepening union with my lover ~ Surahbhi McMellahn Ashburton

moments of happy deep connection with others…JL could transform the human race An enormous thank you for all you gave me personally & those that I have grown to love…I’d go through the experience of the module a hundred times again for that moment of contact at the end. Much love, its impossible to get the words right so just thanks, thanks & thanks again ~ Neal Thornton, London

I have learned to let my Woman come to life again. She has been suppressed for many years, old wounds neglected, new wounds added, & during the course the life blood has once again started to flow in her veins. I now have a greater understanding of what she wants & how to give it to her. I cannot recommend this work highly enough. It is perhaps amongst the most important work for positive change on the planet. Go! ~ Zoe Martlew, London

Joy creates a strong supportive environment to explore & accept the full spectrum of being human ~ Carole Clements, Bath

I love the Joyful Loving meetings. It is such a safe place to state your wants & needs, & to say no, without any judgement. You can be be adventurous in many ways. It's unconditional ~ Anthony, Bucks

Exquisitely beautiful, we are so in love after so much struggle, deeper & deeper every day ~ Maggi Stevens, Norwich

If only I could permanently live in a community based on such Love & acceptance. Thank you so much for creating such magic & an amazingly beautiful space. ~ Richard C., Essex

It works! Benefits are Learning to make love & to communicate my needs in a loving & direct way. Re-awakening my sexual energy More joy….Better health. Powerful, challenging, deep & magical rituals . This group saved our marriage ~ Anon.

Deborah Maddison, near Bristol

Deborah Maddison, near Bristol