Doing it (transcribing) has been so relevant to what’s going on between me and …….(her partner). It really helped me move through something so I could approach it differently’’ ~ Mel, Suffolk

The Riches of Transcribing Circle Recordings  – What Men & Women Like You Say

What a gift this was, to do a transcription. I feel so lucky to have had another immersive SG experience. It’s as if I was there again re-living. But this time, observing, I was able to take even more in. The most impact I experienced was to hear again many voices of Secret Garden & these fellow souls in passionate quest of the deeper truth of what it is to be fully human. What an honour it is to be with you. This had never hit home in such an impactful way before. I feel so humbled to be part of this. This truly is a special (yet ordinary) tribe we belong to. ~ SH, Bristol

What an absolute TREAT… and what a wonderful Awakeness Is evening you had. My being felt deeply nourished as I listened and typed. And especially supportive for me this week. THANK YOU, Joy xxxx
~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

For me transcribing is like a chance to be in the circle again and I often feel that I am very much involved energetically. I frequently find myself softening and emotions flowing. It always surprises me that Joy’s words feel so fresh when I hear them again and often I don’t even recall having heard them the first time round, so it feels like a good refresher. All in all it feels that in transcribing I am receiving something precious ~ Deborah Maddison, Nr Bath

Secret Garden work can seem so 'ordinary' and that is the last thing it is. It is the rarest, profound and of utter integrity.Joy has an intuitive and completely natural sense of what lies beyond what most of us see, feel and experience. Her circle work is transcendent. She has a sure fire energetic 'knowing' that is of heart, not mind, about how the limits of any personality veil the wonder, and in her presence, men and women regain wonder and inspiration while becoming more grounded, honest and true. Then they (and me, too) live that more in their lives. I have seen this over several years. I also receive all of this -and more-when I transcribe, because I can re-read and really digest ~ K., Gloucestershire.

doing a transcript recently has really helped me’’ ~ H., Stroud

Actually it clarified some things for me - listening so carefully…. Respect is due to your careful phrasing!
For the transcription, I noticed that you speak in unusually well formulated sentences which is particularly hard when you're using quite difficult constructions like the passive which you were doing because you were talking about stuff happening without any subject doing the action if you know what I mean.
Joy Yes - a good way to describe what happens. We are very used to subject verb object sentences where something is doing something to something else. That’s all dream.
Indeed - obviously symbolic of the whole separation issue anyway!
Joy - The words simply emerge that way, they are not the indescribable ‘it’ but the clarity with words is essential as one aspect (mainly it’s the energetic) of cutting through the web of self. I’m intrigued knowing your experience linguistically and haven’t thought of it before, so thank you ~ Rachel B., Bristol

Oh my goodness yes – transcribing just makes the world’s nonsense – and my OWN nonsense feel more and more excruciating .... I feel I come home listening to this. Such balm. ~ Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Nr Stroud

really helpful stuff in the transcript I did last week.... ~ anon

I hear things more fully, they really ‘go in’ when I listen to the recordings Mike sends. It’s such an opportunity, Joy, thank you ~ M.

It has been so HELPFUL to do this over the past couple of days, as I struggle with the unbearableness of being me! ~ Rachel, Minchinhampton

Doing it (transcribing) has been so relevant to what’s going on between me and …….(her partner). It really helped me move through something so I could approach it differently ~ Mel, Suffolk

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