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Sometimes the Unconscious is a Trickster

In the recent video, which prompted this written riff on it, I'm responding about a question a woman asked me as we chatted before the circle formally opened. She asked about something that she perceived had happened with her partner 'projecting onto her' and whether I felt she was 'right' to respond as she did. I…

The Glimpse – Live Like a Virgin

The video above is one glimpse of circle, a recording of a tender conversation between Joy and a man who was experiencing grief about his lack of desire and passion for his partner. The particular circumstances might resonate for you. If they don't, there is still so much in this video that is relevant to, and…

Module 6 Being Ongoing Training

All there is, is Being. Life itself is wondrous miracle. Only humans have learned to pretend it is anything else. ‘You’ are light, boundless freedom. Live it.

Essence Coaches Live Retreat

Profound deep dive into awakening and the freedom of Being. Let Go, Live Light! Awaken to your true nature. World-class facilitation to suit your particular needs throughout.

The Most Intimate – A Weekend, and Men’s & Women’s Circles

it may be seen that all there is, is unconditional love, the inexpressible wonder of What Is. This day points to life’s undivided reality & ‘your’ wholeness, respectfully exposing what clouds it…..beyond the dream of apparent reality and stories into freedom, beauty, innocence, the deep relaxation of not knowing, being. Beyond any words.

The Natural Reality is Undivided

Freedom, wholeness, cannot be 'got' or 'owned'. Nothing can ever be done to 'achieve' it. The Most Intimate message can apparently dissolve the trying. 'Me' dissolves because it isn't real. Freedom is the life that infuses all forms and is not changed at all when any or all forms are gone.Glimpses may occur - but…

Essence Coaching Training – Online Webinar

Let Go, Live Light! Profound deep dive into awakening and the freedom of Being. A small, exclusive group which allows you to work very closely with Joy to receive training as an Essence Coach and dismantle the patterns that no longer serve. Open ONLY to all those who have completed Essence Online Webinar Series and…