Essence – Dive Deeper into Freedom

Essence is a profound approach for increased freedom, ease, happiness and creativity, and for the letting go of perceived and conditioned limitations.

This enquiry is a dive deep into freedom around whatever issue or limitation you bring to your exploration.

This is a stand alone, profound invitation to wake up beyond learned conditioning or emotional disturbance.

You will let go of anything you no longer need and Live Light.

You need 25 minutes in quiet, private space, to receive full benefit. This is own use only, not to be shared with others for any purpose.

If you wish to experience the whole Essence Awakening Retreat (of which Essence awakeness practices are an essential part, you will then receive a credit for your past purchase of this meditation when you book the next training if offered, with pleasure.


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Once your order is made and payment made for it, you will receive both audio and video versions of this product.  You will need an internet connection and computer so that you can download this recording and use it over and over again throughout your life. The recording is approx 25 minutes in length. Please ensure you are in quiet, private space and will not be disturbed so that you experience maximum benefit. The recording is not suitable for listening to whilst driving or using machinery. This recording is copyright material and for your own use only. Enjoy!