Your joy in being arises from the most intimate.
All that you desire in relating & life
blossoms in silent stillness


Thank you Joy – it was life changing’ Cindy May Cooper, Devon

Essence – Live Deep Dive Awakening Retreat

This Essence Awakening Retreat is radical – it goes direct to the root, the Essence-ial nature, that which is beyond story, thought and feeling. Natural reality, Being, is revealed when the stories, pretences and defences of the separate self are dismantled.

This Awakening Retreat is for you if you  wish to dissolve the presenting ‘problems’ and unwanted emotional responses of your life – which you will easily do in this training. It is for you if you wish to live in full aliveness – creative, open and at ease. It is for you if you are also drawn to what cannot be spoken of – and want to stabilisie that realisation in embodiment. You deeply welcome life’s wholeness, and the wonder and radiance becomes apparent.

Join us. You will learn how to be totally present with, and have the space to focus and concentrate on, your small and large goals in all areas of your life. You will learn to to be to totally present with what’s here now – thoughts, feelings, circumstances and more, and with the infinite natural reality that allows all that is experienced.

This deep dive training will benefit anyone who would like to experience all aspects of the highly effective Essence approaches simply for themselves and who is drawn to freedom, love and truth. Who will be with you? People from all walks of life – artists, writers, business owners, couples wishing to relate with consciousness, love and truth, entrepreneurs. This training is suitable for you if you have been a long term explorer of your inner life, or for you if you are drawn into this work through a current life challenge or even if you are just curiosus. The energetic field gives everyone just what they need. This is a process-led, highly experiential ongoing group. Your life and work, whatever it is, will blossom as a result of participating.

This ongoing awakening work is also ideal for you if you work with other people and would like to help others achieve even more effective breakthroughs – in any realm of life. This includes coaches, trainers, parents, body workers, careworkers, facilitators, counsellors, doctors, and those working with teams.

This training will allow you to facilitate the embodiment of Essence, the liberation of natural beingness, in one-to-one and couple sessions, and in group or circle work, with confidence and skill.

This is a beautiful yet rigorous deep dive into whatever is happening – whether stormy weather or sunshine – in your embodied human-ness & in your journey of unfolding flowering. This will support you in your daily ‘coming home’.

Are you ready for true & direct contact with yourself, & then what truly is, beyond the personal?

Essence Awakening ongoing trainees combine Essence – Unleash Your Joy & Freedom in Being which comprises downloadable recordings and a pdf workbook, and the live online Essence How to Forgive Self and Other & Ho’oponopono webinar series with the Live Retreat.

Enrich and energise your own life beyond imagining. If you choose to go further with essence work, you can after completion of this module and the Online courses, choose to train as an Essence Coach (the highly structured training is part Online and part Live Retreat). This will deepen your coaching or people practice, and build skills to help friends and family, at the same time! You will, if you desire, be able to increase profitability in your people or coaching practice while reducing stress and effort. The Essence Coach training shows your clients that you have a unique combination of excellent practical coaching skills and an energetic, holisitic awareness which can take them so much further than any other coach. You will show them how every single challenge is a true opportunity for further freedom. Nearly everyone now wants to reach their potential and perform better at whatever they do. Your life and your work will be deeply enhanced by becoming the Essence coach they want to work with.

Using the Essence approach in depth with partners and small circles in Live retreats is the most powerful ways to benefit from Essence enquiry. As you help others to let go of limitation, you are doing so too, on a very deep level, without your conscious mind or any attachment to a result involved. That is one of the reasons you will use the Essence approach with partners a lot during all Live retreats —it is always very powerful and effective for both giver and receiver.

Your explorations in the Live retreats settings will focus on you learning how to help another dissolve material that doesn’t serve them, while letting go of your own core holdbacks and freeing yourself to rest in Being – thus helping you achieve even your most ambitious goals, whatever they are. You do not even need to reveal any content if you do not wish to. The Live retreats will also allow you to benefit from participating in, and actively practising, facilitation of aspects that involve small circles or the whole circle, such as Ancestral lineage energetic healing.

And it is absolutely true that the most powerful way to unlock these new potentials, is to do it in community and with excellent guidance. This training gives you both. You will come together in a year-long committed community, which is important both for the kinship with those who value what you love, and also for support and love when you are challenged. The witnessing and the edge in the risk of becoming transparent to others accelerates how quickly you become the greatest possible version of YOU.

As you move deep into the realm of spiritual exploration & conscious living, increasing awareness of thoughts & feelings, longing for ultimate freedom & grace, self-judgement and self-resistance may increase. The attempts to control how you think and feel may increase, rather than allowing yourself to acknowledge the perfection or freedom that is always here now -before, during, & after every thought & every feeling. This course allows you to cut through all of that. Discover how to transform all suffering into fulfilment and peace.

It is entirely possible during these retreats to experience a profound experience of what truly is. And you will also be able to ask the questions you have (and the ins and outs of awakening bring many questions), so you can take away the understanding you need to be able to stabilise this natural reality of what is.

If there is anything in the way of you living the life you would choose now, any circumstance, inner pattern, dilemma, fear, relationship issue, anything that has an overall real cost to the quality of your life now, just consider whether it might be of value to let go of these limitations through focused inner work, in an intimate group, with an expert awakener and their transmission.

What would you like to energise & achieve in your inner & outer worlds if you could feel free of limits and patterns & move forward in your life now?

This is the most simple & profound self-enquiry approach that really works! And most importantly this does not increase or reinforce the ego sense of identity and control – which is the problem with the ‘spiritual marketplace’ and most new age healings and teachings. In order to live your true nature as being, a letting go and dismantling is necessary, rather than a building up. It is counter-intuitive that this allows the river of ‘your’ life to flow clean, healthy and abundant.

If there is a core Secret Garden ‘approach’ Joy might bring to ease suffering or mis-perception of who you really are, then this is exploration of awakening to the love and freedom of life’s Essence is and always has been a crucial part of it.

 Essence – Unleash Your Joy & Freedom in Being  and the Essence How to Forgive Self and Other & Ho’oponopono which precedes these profound Live retreats, are carefully structured courses to show you new aspects and to remind you how to apply self-enquiry and self-healing in several different ways. The Live retreats take this much deeper than we have ever gone with the Essence work in Secret Garden. Illuminating your highest potentials and becoming the greatest version of yourself is a very real possibility.

Engaging in your unique process of self-actualization plays a direct role in how the world can change, and there is scientific evidence to show this.

Discover the infinite power & creativity that is, when you let go into life, here, now. And learn how to guide others into this opening. You don’t have to know how to coach others yet – you will learn that experientially. You don’t have to have had an awakening yet – that will be your most sublime gift, amongst so many others, from this training.

Ultimately Form, or being, & formlessness are revealed as one – all ineffable love. No-thing is every-thing.

Essence…the true source of your joy and blossoming.

If you are ready for extended retreats of extraordinary free-ing work, please join us on this powerful Live retreat training.

I really enjoyed being able to have 'hot seat' experiences with Joy 1 to 1, where I got a deep dive into my specific challenges, (now dissolved) and a very valuable opportunity for profound home practice tips. Major life insights came each day & everything is richer now -including my bank account, which I had not expected! ~ S.

‘Essence facilitates self-realisation because it can directly lead to awakening, by dismantling the limits which make ‘you’ think that you are not already awake to the wordless wonder of being'. ~ Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Philip Batchelor, Stroud

Sabina Rademacher, Barcelona

These are the Benefits you will receive

  • There will be very strong energetic transmission throughout for all those participating in the Retreat.
  • You will learn the Subtle Skills and principles of Essence work, and those aspects of awakening described below, and apply them in your own life and, if you work with clients, your own practice will go deeper. Training in applying specific Essence techniques and practices will follow for those who wish it.
  • The Live Retreat is wholly experiential so that all the learning, exploring and facilitation of others is pointing you to your true nature
  • You will learn the two things that can sabotage the opening to the bliss that is always here
  • You will be able to rediscover your own power, energy and fulfilment within a moment
  • Your full, natural presence will be inherently able to create the perfect creative solutions and next actions for you, and you will know how to facilitate this for others
  • You may stop seeking spiritual liberation as a future prize and come to a profound yes to the empty fullness of this moment exactly as it is. Every thought, feeling and experience may be welcomed deeply as the invitation it is, to open to the shimmering love – which is all there is.
  • Joy shares some of her own ‘journey’, the spontaneous awakenings of childhood and teenage years, the darkness of difficult circumstances, the unbounded freedom of liberated Being, and her insights as a healer and awakener. This will illuminate your own journey and practice.
  • You will notice real, measurable benefits in all of the areas described below and you will see manifest positive change in every area of your life that you are choosing to work with during this highly experiential course.
  • You receive a workbook and access to a facilitated private members forum. You get lots of time working in pairs and, if you wish, with Joy, doing deep drilling down to create freedom and ease with regard to your issues and goals.
  • You learn approaches which are supremely aligned with any spiritual practice or personal development approach.
  • You learn how mental health issues can be healed from a transpersonal perspective
  • Experience deep soul work for your self-healing &, if wished, you will be able to learn how to facilitate this for clients, friends or family
  • When the Essence of life is embodied, you also become physically stronger, more supple, alive and flexible, and have great mental clarity.
  • Though the mind is tranquil, there is a focus and collectedness which doesn’t become distracted. Energy and intelligence are downloaded directly. The right actions arise, the best decisions are apparently made.
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance.
  • This training is valid for CPD points and a receipt can be provided for tax purposes if your financial advisor supports your professional training as tax-deductible.
  • You will, if you are interested to do so, (and pass your final assessment), have an opportunity to work in future – with your own independent practice and business – as a Secret Garden Essence coach as part of your client practice.
  • This is a highly experiential course. It is therefore relevant to all people workers and all who wish to go deeper into their own freedom but work in other arenas. Your inner work is on those areas you wish to work on, specifically relevant to your own life and/or practice.
  • If you are looking for ultimate spiritual surrender, this approach allows the deepest Self-Inquiry to be a graceful journey into Being- and perhaps beyond – rather than an unsupported and frightening glimpse into abyss, aloneness and meaninglessness. This is an immensely practical, safe approach to bringing spiritual focus into everyday life. Continued application of the principles and approaches will give you access to states of peace, bliss, calm and love which are usually considered to be available only to Eastern mystics.
  • You will discover what works…and what DOESN’T work to create ease, happiness, success and fulfilment in your own life, and how to apply this learning for others’ benefit when you are with your clients and groups
  • Clarity : how to recognise projection, limitation and trance. How to dissolve these so that truth is revealed. How to understand and integrate the changes that are happening in your own journey of awakening, and how to speak with authority from an awakened place about awakening, with your clients.
  • The Power of Forgiveness: going deep into the hidden aspects of self-hatred and self-rejection. How to guide others in this sometimes challenging work. Building on your learnings from the Essence How to Forgive Self & Other and Ho’oponopono modules in this training
  • The Power of Presence: how to step out of your own way, and how to show up in your own life and with your clients free of all internal and external distraction.
  • Essence of Awakening: how to guide your own being – and anyone else – out of the mind and into awakened presence, in a few minutes ( several “portals” are taught).
  • Ancestral Lineage Healing: Every participant will, if they wish, be able to be a participant in and-on another occasion – a facilitator of-the profound Hawaiian practice of ancestral lineage work, which allows a new flow in the energetic field, away from disharmony and stuckness, caused by old trauma, into love.
  • Dissolving Limitation and shadow energies: Your inner freedom and recognition of what limits ease, flow and happiness in any situation relates in direct proportion to your outer circumstances. Become a master of the profoundly simple Essence approach to dissolving fear, limiting beliefs, judgement, anger, sadness, anxiety and so much more.
  • You will also learn through experiential exercises how to guide clients to experience and release energetic charges which are the basis of emotional reactivity, and which inhibit our ability to respond to opportunity, and this can be formalised with professional training at a later stage.
  • Essence Embodiment : Your own unique programme for homeplay in between classes and how to find exactly the right tailor-made regular home practices for a client, to support them in living awakening consciousness in every aspect of personal and professional life.
  • Birthing your Unique Expression: Releasing stuckness about allowing your own unique offerings to emerge. How to support a client to recognize and then to bring to the world their unique gifts, in such a way that makes the maximum contribution to other people, as well as creating financial flow.
  • Effortless Manifestation What is your best life? How to support yourself in your own life and facilitate your clients to create frequencies or vibrations of happiness, success or creativity out of the natural state of expansive consciousness.
  • The course shows you how effortless both goal creation & achievement can be, & opens you to the real possibility that anything is possible (if appropriate for the body mind soul you are) – once you set your intention, dissolve the limiting beliefs and roles in its way, & easily get into action. As you participate in the experiential manifestation exercises, resistance to manifesting your goals will dissolve, so that you effortlessly draw the people, places, & things you desire into your experience. You will discover how you can use envisioning with far greater power to vastly accelerate your progress in achieving simple inner happiness & the power and peace of being.
  • You will learn to focus on your goals,  what’s actually here now, and on the ultimate reality that underlies all that is experienced.
  • A deeper level of acceptance of what is allows you effortless creation, and a being happy anyway as you enjoy the river of life.
  • You will also learn and work on the inner with the secrets to creating a profitable coaching – or any – business that is sustainable long-term.
  • You will explore the biggest saboteur of coaching and people practices (this is relevant to and can be applied to all life endeavours). This could be the single biggest reason that you feel overwhelmed and stuck in your business and /or life. You will dissolve the whole pattern or potential pattern
  • Naturally attract the ideal clients you are right for, whatever your area of interest in coaching. As you probably know (and may have experienced yourself directly) it’s one thing to talk about creating a successful life and coaching practice or any business, it’s quite another to actually get your ideal clients. Yet, it’s easier than you think. Let Joy Hicklin-Bailey walk you through the simple steps
  • This awakening ongoing group is also very supportive of allowing you to bring presence & love and clarity into your relating with lovers, spouses, children, parents. You will learn a way of being with others so that the you and the other feels safer, heard, appreciated and understood. New levels of openness and intimacy become available to you. This is a wonderful tool for any couple who wish to resolve conflict or go deep in their connection in attending together. You can attend together ideally (and benefit from the couple discount) or take the gifts home.
  • The awesome power of authentic, conscious community. its gifts of accountability, support and nourishment.
  • The rare gift of a group gathering with the intention of their own and others’ freedom, and the sweet awakeness being one making the circle the perfect gathering for all.
  • Joy will share her own experiences of self-healing through and after intense crisis (several, all of a different nature) successfully, so that you can benefit from the learnings she gleaned from them
  • Energetic transmission will be particularly strong – throughout all Online Modules and the Live retreats – for those who choose to participate in the whole training.
  • Lots of interaction with other students, opportunity for dialogue, Q & A, with Joy Hicklin-Bailey and other coaches.

…..And much, much more.

Essence is an approach for enhancing emotional and mental freedom. This is an all-new, highly one -pointed intensive in very powerful personal & spiritual awakening approaches you will be able to use for the rest of your life – every day, if you wish, as you go about your daily activities, whenever limitation or disturbance arises, moment to moment. You will learn how to tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought or feeling in the moment. The Live retreats are a wonderful opportunity to focus for an extended time on dissolving your limits & conditioning.

A profound approach for increased freedom, ease, happiness and creativity, and for the letting go of perceived and conditioned limitations. You and your clients and loved ones will Let go, Live Light, embodied

Wake up, surrender to the joy of being. SIMPLY. EASILY.

Joy Hicklin-Bailey facilitates or co-facilitates at all the Essence Online webinars and live gatherings, ensuring that students are supported and trained to the highest standards of certification and that they touch the deepest of their own potential in human awakening.

The premise is that you are all already whole, complete & perfect, just as you are, in Beingness. The only thing that prevents you from recognizing & living as if this were true is the suppressed thoughts & feelings that you give more energy & attention to (perhaps unconsciously) than the wholeness that is actually always shining. Rather than trying either to control or to be free of thoughts and feelings, it is much more practical & life enhancing to be free & friendly with your thoughts & feelings. Join us and find the quietness & presence, ease, sensitivity, clarity and happiness you might wish to bring into your daily, ordinary, extraordinary, life.

What You Say

This is an all-new deep dive Retreat with a focus on your awakening. And if you are drawn to be a Secret Garden coach it is essential preparation. The Essence work has been offered in other contexts, here is some unsolicited feedback from participants who have benefited. And here is recent feedback from those who are completing, or have completed, the first stage of this training feedback from participants in Essence – Unleash Your Joy and Freedom in being.

Your Questions Answered by Joy

Have a look at Joy Hicklin-Bailey’s detailed responses to real questions people have asked face to face or via email. This should answer a lot of your concerns and get you clear about whether the training is right for you. It is important to us too that you make the right decision about whether to join us.

Pre-requisites of Your Essence Certification and attending the Live retreats

Essence – Unleash Your Joy & Freedom in Being Webinar Course  is a mandatory component of this training. Just complete it before the Live Retreat. You can access this downloaded video training and the course workbooks material for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Free Bonus LIVE sessions with Joy, only for those who book before the early deadline.

Essence How To Forgive Self & Other & Ho’oponopono Webinar Course is a mandatory component of this training. Just complete it before the Live Retreat. You can access this downloaded video training and the course workbooks material for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Free Bonus LIVE sessions with Joy, only for those who book before the early deadline.

The training has 3 components

For Online Essence Course – dates to suit you. Complete before the first Live Retreat 6 90 minute modules. This course is potentially life changing! includes live free Bonus events with Joy 

For online  Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness Ho’oponopono course – Online. 4 90 minute modules. A profound reclaiming of wholeness and power, with live free Bonus online event with Joy 

For the Live Retreat – see Events. Places strictly limited. The webinars are available for instant download NOW.

You can then train to become an Essence Coach if you wish.

Suggested Practice

At least once a week (between your explorations of the Online webinars and the Live retreat) commit to your own quiet inner Essence enquiry practice for 30 minutes, or shorter sessions, more frequently. If Joy has suggested an assignment specifically for you as a result of a question or issue you brought, you might choose to focus on that.

At least once a week Aliveness Moving, Stillness Listening Meditation


The Online courses can be taken in the comfort of your own home, or whilst travelling, by listening to the recordings at your convenience (for the live webinars you simply need an internet connection, recordings and workbooks are accessible anywhere once you have downloaded them, which takes under a minute). The Live Retreat will be held in a peaceful environment which supports deep inner process and a delightful learning experience. Nature, beauty and harmony will make their contribution. The face-to-face retreat will be in Gloucestershire with b & b for those who wish it, or you can return home each evening. Occasionally, the retreat is offered as a deep dive Online (see Events)

There can sometimes be a strong 'seeking' energy in me - yes, I would love to be fully free. Yet, mainly now, I can simply enjoy the ride! (this is major benefit!) All of life is so much better. I liked being able to experience what others were struggling with, & learn from how Joy so skilfully empowered them. I am a much better therapist (and wife) now. ~ H.

Your Investment

Tuition Fees

There are 2 different fees – just select the appropriate option at the drop down box on the booking page. The Full Retreat package fee INCLUDES the Essence Online Course and the Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness Ho’oponopono Online course.  You only need to book once – go to Book Your Place and you can immediately download both webinar courses and are registered for the Live Retreat, at significant discounts on all, before the deadline. Simple.

The Retreat Only package is for those who have already graduated from, or are currently working with, Essence webinar courses and, for some, the previous Live Retreats. And, because Joy wishes to encourage you to go for the spiralling deep dive and benefit from the profound awakening opportunity of this Live Retreat, there is an early booking discount but you must book your place before the early deadline to receive that.  This Retreat is a highly experiential, always all-new, training.

There is also a discount whenever you book for introducing a friend new to Secret Garden who books this training. There is a couple discount if you participate with your partner.


If You Want To…

  • Remember and realise (make real in your life) that there is no separation
  • Get out of your own way
  • Dance the edge between being and becoming, higher vision and inspired action
  • Energise your life purpose, and natural gifts in any arena, engage actively with what is and create the life you choose
  • Enjoy a rich, intimate relationship life
  • Dive underneath persistent patterning and dissolve it for good
  • Ease transition to new phases of life
  • Dissolve veils over direct experience of life, of being
  • Learn a wonderful decision making process
  • Achieve goals which are truly appropriate for you and your soul growth
  • Increase the power of your client work
  • Are considering becoming an Essence awakening coach
  • Realise your love, presence, openness, sensitivity, clarity, happiness and peace, the power of just ‘being,’ celebrating this man or woman that you are………………

…this Retreat is for You – book one of the limited places now!