Essence How To Forgive Self & Other & Ho’oponopono Webinar Course

Forgiveness will release you from ‘the ties that bind’ – in your being & in the disturbing circumstances & people outside of you. Live life, beyond stories. This is an essential aspect of Essence awakening work.

We can want to forgive, choose to forgive, decide to forgive – but the unconscious must co-operate with this transformation. This course is deep self-healing through deep enquiries, visualisations and energy healing. Your being will also be supported by conscious mind exercises, and gain clarity about boundaries.  Some Hawaiian enlightenment chanting is included and supports the powerful energetic transmission which permeates this course. Forgiveness work is core work. it is at the heart of all that happens in Secret Garden. Ultimately, it invites and makes possible a realisation of the wholeness, the non duality, oneness.

This is an online, fully facilitated, stand-alone course which has been designed to accommodate your specific human concerns, life stories and more, and gently support you in fully resolving them.

I’ve been interested in forgiveness since my teenage years, and have read several books on the subject, but this course is by far the most profound exploration of forgiveness I have ever encountered. It has taken me to a whole new dimension of understanding and practice ~ Stephen Hancock, Buxton

Your course fee includes:

  • 4 pre-recorded webinars via downloadable, lifetime use, recordings
  • a comprehensive 4-module workbook, for your own deep learning and home practice.
  • access to a supportive Facebook group

This is a recorded course and – because life is always bringing new circumstances and themes – you have lifetime access to all these materials! You will receive great benefits from them for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

This Online exploration is an in depth, stand alone, profound course.

You will Let go of all you no longer need, and assimilate life-affirming changes at an unconscious, fully embodied level.

Essence is a profound approach for increased freedom, ease, happiness and creativity, and for the letting go of perceived and conditioned limitations.

Get Your Forgiveness Webinar Course Now and you can join the LIVE BONUS event date tbc (this winter)where you can ask Joy anything or enquire one to one with Joy.

Life-transforming. Live awake. Live Light, embodied.

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You will need an internet connection and computer so that you can download and listen to the recordings of sessions, and download the written course book material. There are 4 weekly modules in total, with the space in between for integration time, review of the materials and suggested home practice. Howvever, you can take the course at a different pace if you prefer. You can listen to the guided meditations and the profound guidance again and again. The downloads are yours to use for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

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