Discover the Joy & Freedom of Awakened Relating

This Free Awakening E-Book & 'Love What Is' Video series is for you if...

  • You sense the potency of awakened masculine & feminine
  • You know your relating life has more potential than you are currently living
  • You wish for more touch & sensuality & to dissolve how you sabotage that
  • You wish for clarity about your yes & no in any situation
  • You wish to be with others emotionally & physically in freedom, joy, pleasure & ease – ‘You are me’
  • You wish to develop your capacity for authentic, real, direct communication
  • You wish to expand into what is simple, ordinary & natural 
  •  You long to fully embody beingness & live its joy & wonder
  • You wish to grow your heart big enough to love all that is in others, yourself & life

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You can discover the benefits of Live Immersion & World-Class Facilitation with Joy Hicklin-Bailey.... Imagine...

…being in an ongoing circle over 20 months that serves the highest potential of your humanity – the joy & wonder of being. Your relating shows you exactly where you limit your life. Enquiry & exploration in this arena is the quickest, surest way for you to heal into wholeness & freedom. With support from committed fellow travellers, move beyond resistance, stories & concepts about relating and aliveness. Discover the infinite power, delight & creativity that is, in your embodied awakeness. Join us – early booking ends soon, limited places!

Awesome…How good it feels to communicate innocently. Becoming aware of my own wounding so it didn’t need to run/ruin my life ….Learning to speak up. Learning to say no. This work invites your fundamental core beliefs, projections, judgements & woundings into the light.
Extraordinary facilitation helps you release trauma, receive the gold buried in your shadow & celebrate you, just as you are. To be received & loved when you cannot even bear to look at yourself is profoundly healing.
If you are in any way attracted to this, just do it. Joy’s extraordinary facilitation & the innate intelligence of this potent work will carry your gentle being even when you feel you do not have the capacity to put one foot in front of the other ~ ~ Jemma Brett, Scotland

Joyful Loving Ongoing group is nothing to do with self-improvement or fixing anyone. Enjoy a dynamic, vitalising exploration involving your whole being. Profound opening to all that is, difficult or easy, beautiful or ugly, is key. Then Nature flowers in your humanity, free-er & free-er of conditioning & your limiting stories.

Realisation that ‘you’ are Life itself, there is no separation, & that Love is the only ‘solution,’ must then be stabilised in embodiment of awakeness. Relating in this spaciousness transforms every dilemma, stuckness, conflict & disappointment.

If you have the courage, inspiration & love to let go of ideology & conditioning about relating, the ‘other’, sexuality, the body & more, take this rare opportunity to open to the natural wonder, of being, in love. Join the gathering circle now.

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