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Being ongoing group is for you if you wish to invest in living happily & enhancing your freedom.


…..being in an Ongoing circle that serves the highest potential of your humanity. Realise the joy and wonder of being in this profound enquiry into archetypal energy, male-female polarity & your naturalness, beyond conditioning. With support from committed fellow travellers, move beyond resistance, stories and concepts of yourself and life, and embody the limitless potency, love & space that you are.

I really appreciated the depth of connection & warmth…I have not experienced, not heard of work that covers such a unique combination of territory, so rooted in the body & yet so connected to spirit. And holding & allowing that space for people to see & work through their triggers & patterns – wonderful. beautiful, nourishing & enlightening. Since then, whilst I have been gathering the insights into the map in my psyche, how it impacts on my behaviour & relating, I have felt calmer, more grounded, more centred, more sensitive & open. More enjoyment of life in all its different, & sometimes difficult, colours ~  Hettie, Stroud


…your rich immersion into self-love, & love of life’s simple, ordinary miraculousness. Meetings with fundamental archetypal energies. An invitation to embrace everything, & find the joy in it. A glorious adventure. Simple, natural enquiry. This is a world-class, leading edge, six module experiential training in living your wholly integrated beingness & its fundamental archetypal energies, & exploring how you do you in your meetings with others. A dismantling of false veils of trance, apparent separation & old myths you no longer need. Boundlessness is, always, anyway.

Enjoy a fusion of beauty, intimacy, innocence, realness, healing, love, enquiry, sensuality, authentic and nourishing community, depth, nature, and celebration of Life, as it is.


You discover deep friendship with and acceptance of all that you and others are, and all that is, in existence. You learn to live so that every hurt, every shadow, stuckness, judgement, fear, disappointment, loss, grief, fully received, brings you gifts as it dissolves. 

You transmute the lead of your conditioning into the gold of simple naturalness. You live in full openness to all life, which catalyses the natural evolutionary unfolding built into your physical and energetic body.

Spiralling freedom totally transforms you, the way you experience life, gender & relating.

Your life & relating become more real, honest & supportive of who you naturally are. You grow clarity about your own & others’ true needs. You communicate with beautiful, courageous vulnerability. Loneliness cracks open into connection. Victimhood & ‘your fault’ becomes empowerment. Patterns of being betrayer or betrayed are untangled & dissolve.


If you are called to real transformation and you want to go ‘further’ than most can ever lead you, if you’re wondering whether to grab this rare, unique opportunity, see if these possibilities resonate….

Your life is already great, yet you sense there is more aliveness for you with the right support, high quality reflection, dialogue, inspiration and deep explorations in committed community, which integrate body and soul.

You long to break through the isolation, judgement and fear that is inevitable for the separate self and, instead, to live the deep intelligence and seeing of the heart.

You lose your own truths & energetic integrity in relating

You wish to be free of the fear of abandonment, which leads to muddy compromise or inability to commit.

This ongoing work ensures time & space allocated for what really matters, and connecting with man/woman, as well as a deep connection with my being. Joy’s unique offering is her wisdom, intuition & insight. Tim’s is his heart and human-ness ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

Awesome…How good it feels to communicate innocently. Becoming aware of my own wounding so it didn’t need to run/ruin my life ….Learning to speak up.  Learning to say no. This work invites your fundamental core beliefs, projections, judgements and woundings into the light. Extraordinary facilitation will help you release trauma, receive the gold buried in your shadow and celebrate you, just as you are.  To be received and loved when you cannot even bear to look at yourself is profoundly healing.  If you are in any way attracted to this, just do it. Joy’s extraordinary facilitation and the innate intelligence of this potent work will carry your gentle being even when you feel you do not have the capacity to put one foot in front of the other  ~  Jemma Brett, Scotland

Thank you both so much for that which is priceless, absolutely priceless Gold! ~ Ashley Roberts, nr Bristol.

The freedom dance of Being

Beyond experiences, beyond what is apparently happening, beyond emotions & judgements, is space, no-thing, vastness, endlessly expressing what is. Love is the unconditional receiver of all the stories. Love allows everything to be exactly as it is, and dissolves all problems. ‘You’ are that boundless freedom.

The problem with…

…most satsang and non-duality teachings is that they are confused and misleading. They promise relief from the pain of ‘me’ yet bring an endless imperative for seeking a subtly promised ‘enlightenment’. Their premise is that there is one, then tell you (dual) how (two) to become (more dualism) one again. For the apparent individual, the worst trap of these teachings is refusal of the true journey of awakening. This journey is one of facing and dismantling the illusion and projection of separate self. It requires the discernment of consciousness, and getting life straight, not building a new, ‘spiritual’ identity.

Here’s what you can do…

Being ongoing group is nothing to do with self-improvement or fixing anyone. Profound opening to all that is, difficult or easy, beautiful or ugly, is key. Then Nature flowers in the human body, free of conditioning. The realisation that ‘you’ are Life itself, that there is no separation and that Love is the only ‘solution,’ must then be stabilised through the embodiment of awakeness. Separately, you can only ‘make yourself available’ for the freedom that is. As all that was believed in or felt collapses, a new possibility may – or may not – emerge, of unification, of liberation into being. The mind cannot conceive that the human journey of waking up and freedom – What Is, already – are not connected in anyway. Freedom is impersonal and cannot be ‘got’ by a person. Secret Garden makes a clear distinction between these in this – in all – circles.

Join us for your profound, natural journey of awakening

…What will you experience?

Being Ongoing is for you if you wish to invest in your long term happiness and freedom.

What happens

The Being ongoing group consists of 6 4-day retreats, twenty four days in all. This amount of time gives you the depth, accountability and commitment necessary for deeply realised insights, profound transformation, and integrated awakenings. Depth, intimacy, playfulness, transparency, powerful intentionality and naturalness develop naturally. Your waking up is dramatically accelerated when beingness is repeatedly activated by being with one who has realised liberation. Expanded consciousness can stabilise so that you remain open and free always – even in the midst of unpleasant or challenging circumstances, and in a world of increasing polarity.

On the way, you will explore the archetypal foundations of your unique being, encounters with king, queen, birth, death, in utero healing, the lover, the fool, the magician and much more. You will visit the embryonic stage of your unfolding, babyhood, childhood, puberty and adolescence, stages in maturing, and old age. There will be life changing alchemical initiations in some of the modules. These initiations catalyse the priming of mental, emotional and physical awakening, and celebrate your unique being. They are gateways to freedom and naturalness.

In this life-affirming, profoundly rejuvenating alchemical work, there will be a constant transmission of the awakeness you already are , as you are guided surely through –

profound shamanic ritual,


powerful meditations,

guided structures,

communication skills,

bringing heart and soul into voice and creativity

a coming home to breath and body,

potent emotional and physical healing through the energetic centres of the body,

shadow work,


transpersonal and depth psychology,

leading edge evolutionary work for awakened man and woman.

It is acknowledged that the separate, conditioned self appears in the dream, and suffering and longing appear real. Compassionate holding and world-class facilitation bring revelation of sabotaging patterns and trances, and deep opening in love to all aspects of your own being, and to others. You discover the limitless potential you are. Creative possibilities and actions for ‘your’ life, aligned with life’s intellligence, emerge naturally.

No Meeting Point

There is no meeting point between ‘healing the story’ (or being more accepting or conscious) – and the wonder of absolute freedom. There can be great confusion in the ‘spiritual marketplace’ about this, and in Secret Garden these delusions are gently dissolved. Any sense of a separate self being able to do anything to achieve the end of self, which is an unpredictable mystery, using prescriptive approaches, is cleanly absent. That there is nowhere to get to is powerfully freeing for the separate self.

Sharing and touch

There will be sitting in silence, explorations in nature, spontaneous happenings, feedback structures, clarifying and energizing of your small and large intentions.

There will be intimate sharing in occasional gentle touch or massage or gentle tantric structures (your boundaries always clarified and then communicated, first), pairs and small groups, to explore, mark and acknowledge, so that there is a deeper and deeper acceptance and love for the life that flows in you and for the choices you make. The insights and openings happen the more you realise a willingness to engage with what is, now.

Every thing in life, every circumstance, every feeling, the natural rhythms of expansion and contraction, in life, is the perfect invitation to reclaim soul and heart and to take you deeper, to become more alive. The purpose of every step of this Being journey is to open you beyond the needy personality which sabotages your life – sometimes through surprise or new-ness in structures – into boundless heart-and-soul intelligence, into the consciousness of presence to all of life happening endlessly now. It is only when your whole being opens to sensation-al life, that the intimacy of not knowing – the presence of absence – arises and ‘you’ fully receive the deep mysteries of waking up. There can be embodiment of the love and space at the heart of all that is, the aloha that runs through all creation. Revelation of the boundless intelligence of Life itself – the jewel of being – may occur.

The Power of Circles

The circle provides the safety in which extraordinary personal breakthroughs and undreamed of freedom becomes possible. The freedom that Joy is empowers realisations beyond the small, conditioned personal self, because there is no agenda. The ‘approach’ is dynamic and responsive; the exact content is determined according to the needs and energy of the group in the moment.

Open sharing in our large circle also opens your heart to the vulnerable humanity of self and others, and shows what is in the way of that heart opening, allowing deepening trust, confidence and sensitivity.

Sitting together in the circle, we open to the mystery – beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend – of all that happens among us. We open to life’s intelligence that creates the deep insights and wondrous awakenings to the truth of who ‘you’ really are.

In the deeper Essence circle work, which may include dream work, ancestral (family lineage) healing, deep forgiveness work (self and others), you are challenged to release fixed attitudes and beliefs, for you. If you are a parent, your wounds and limits are not passed onto your children. Your body, your feelings, your energy and your nature as man or woman are gradually freed of being run by the rejecting judgements, wounds, anxieties, assumptions and dilemmas you may have accumulated from your culture, parents, peers, partners and life’s challenges. Living lighter the subtlety of direct experience of life’s empty fullness is not missed.


This circle supports conscious relating for couples if you choose to participate together and are committed to deepening your connection. You will be facilitated, as individuals and as a couple, through all those obstacles, stories and limits which can habitually, often unwittingly, thwart your highest potential for self-realisation and mutual shared happiness. Old survival patterns which can lead to pain and difficulty in relationship, and sabotage intimacy, dissolve when you know how to fully embrace experience as your own, communicate in a real and connected way, enhance energy and dive into presence.

Men’s and Women’s Circles

Men and women, you will spend some precious time separately with your own gender circle, sharing, and exploring gender-specific themes best explored in this safe space, which is so affirming of manhood and womanhood.

A powerful ongoing circle is gathering already, in which deep nourishment and spiritual support can be found and where the beauty and miracle of your nature are mirrored back to you over and over again. Melt into this stillness and silence.


There will also be time to let go and relax, space to enjoy community and friendship, good food and music, celebrations, nature, dancing, and the hot tub and time to enjoy the beautiful venues and countryside. There will be lots of humour and laughter!

Give yourself the rare gift of a group gathering with the intention of their own and others’ freedom…Book now as places are strictly limited.

Unconditional love in its highest expression, I never saw anything like it in my entire life…. This is too good to keep it secret.  This work takes me completely out of my comfort zone. I embrace the fear & find my courage to continue…..more patience and understanding …I’m not trying to control (my husband) and that’s very impressive for me…I’m proud of myself! ~ Susana Jimenez Montalvo, Leicestershire

Dear friend,

I’m honoured that you’re considering joining me for the Being ongoing group. If that which cannot be spoken of, beyond the confusion of your conceptual mind, and if diving deep into being, is something you value highly and wish to give some time and energy to, I invite you to take your place in this very special circle for a profound and tender shared journey over 20 months.

When I first began my own awakening ‘journey’, I was just 7 years old and never could have imagined where that and many more magnificent explosions into wonder would take me. In the final waking up phase of this story, I had the extraordinary privilege of receiving from two free beings and being apprenticed for 10 years to one of them. Pioneering work in the realm of consciousness and ancient wisdoms, while transmitting unconditional wholeness, has been my passion ever since. Sharing this Secret Garden, which is radical because it points direct to the root, to essence-ial nature – the core beyond story, thought and feeling, with anyone who feels called to receive it – is an endless gift.

Some will not take this opportunity – which is counter to every assumption of mainstream culture and the status quo of the mind – and will miss the joy, love and freedom beyond the personal that is…Such is life! Yet it is clear; the evolutionary imperative for waking up out of the self-absorbed shell of the personality has never been so urgent; it is no longer a work for the few who leave the world to live in a monastery in the company of a spiritual master. For most, the re-activation of awakeness needs to occur repeatedly over several years, likely decades, to achieve stabilisation. Once fear and resistance are put aside, it becomes the one thing above all others in Life.

Since I began sharing these realisations with fellow lovers of truth and Life, I have been humbled and inspired to encounter generous human beings, so deeply dedicated to their own awakening.

This ongoing group is offered to you in case you have the courage, the inspiration, the love and care to be able to let go of your personality preferences and open to being, the vast nothing and everything. There can be a subtle & refined embodiment of essence, through which we humans are lived as the extraordinariness of the ordinary, the vulnerability that is our greatness, the mystery where nothing is known or certain and yet life is infinitely creative and rich.

As dismantling happens, you can receive the uplifting, deeply nourishing company and awesome power of our community of men and women – yoga instructors, business owners, caregivers, artists, healers, lovers, teachers, writers, mums, dads, explorers of life’s truths – and its gifts of authenticity, deep trust, accountability, presence, intimacy, support and transparency.

The course content is all–new and cutting edge, so this group is highly appropriate for anyone who has attended ongoing groups – the core of Secret Garden’s offering – before (the depth of awakeness just gets better and better), as well as for those drawn for the first time. It gives you the spine of spiritual community to support ongoing spiralling into conscious awake living. The ongoing circle is beautiful, full of healing, love, truth, intimacy and celebration of the one life we have been given to enjoy. Creating this new course has been a tremendous labour of love, and will continue to be throughout its unfolding. I’m excited that I’ll soon be sharing this life-changing work with committed people like you. I hope you choose to be part of it.

It is richly rewarding to be with those where the level of shared trust is so deep that the breakthroughs and openings can be far reaching, and a privilege to see what happens for people on a ground way beyond where they can go with most social and professional contacts, when they are willing to trust the intelligence of the depths, without agenda. Being with those who come to prioritise the integral unity of body and spirit, who respect the circle’s profoundly healing call for balance between individual needs and journeys unfolding, who love the surrender to male and female aliveness, love nature, clarity, the rhythms of simple pleasure, lots of belly laughter, deep exploration, silence, stillness, is, simply, joy.

If you decide to join me on this adventure, I so look forward to sharing this deep immersion with you. Join us and experience the repeated re-activation that you need to live a life of freedom, joy and illumination

With Love,

Joy Hicklin-Bailey

Our Western culture’s emphasis on independent individualism often leads to a forgetting or rejection of the fact that mastery exists, that transmission is the surest way to waking up and that you have the potential to be forever positively influenced by another human being. Joy’s deep pleasure is to work with those who truly value ‘the ordinary mystic’s work’ of awakening, integration and embodied realisation.

‘There is only wholly unconditional Love….Under what is, every thought, every feeling, every circumstance, however challenging, there is Love. Is–ness is Love – no-thing, everything – unfolding’

If you join this circle now, you can catch the early booking discount & 4 bonuses

How will you Benefit?

Liberation and being cannot be ‘taught’

A powerful transmission of it is received in this group, no matter what appears to be happening.

Being is every-thing…and no-thing

Talking about benefits for a group like this is a total paradox (it all is of course)

This group will bring sustained, consistent access to transmission of freedom during and between modules, so ‘you’ can take your embodied realisation of awakeness to a whole new level. Joy is an awakener. The contraction and separation of the separate self can lose its tight grip, on a cellular level. Love, the essence of life, the oneness, its wonder and beauty, can be simply ever apparent. An opening to the vastness of being, beyond and in all appearance, can be yours.

So the Being Training is about everything – there is literally no aspect of your conscious and unconscious spiritual, intellectual, emotional or physical life that it cannot affect, since Being underpins all. Having said this, the changes below are all possible for you.

  • If you take your place in this Being ongoing group you will realise a profound affirmation and expanded celebration of your human nature. Grow consciousness, compassion, integrity, strength. Enjoy tenderness, innocence and joy.

Release Your Limiting Patterns

  • See yours clearly and release them. Neediness, withdrawal, and wanting to punish all dissolve. Self-sacrifice, numbness, and rescuing dissipate. Find creative ways to return to ease, happiness and unconditionality
  • Judgements are replaced by gratitude, guilt is transformed into inspiration and possibility; fear becomes excitement; pride becomes humility; impatience becomes kindly allowing; ugliness or disgust becomes grace, wounds become resources; struggle and depression is a wake up call; longing is replaced by presence; cynicism and cruelty become care and respect; denial becomes honesty; repression transmutes into power; alienation becomes connection; frustration becomes playfulness; projection becomes compassion; control melts into heart opening
  • Understand and integrate the recognisable stages of change that are happening in your own being human, as you burn through any confusion about spiritual life, and awakenings happen. Access bliss, freedom and love usually considered to be available only to Eastern mystics.

Developing skills for the art of living you

  • Strengthen the character qualities of humility, generosity, and patience that make life ‘work’. Crucially, this work does not increase or reinforce the ego’s sense of identity, pride and control which is a major problem with the ‘spiritual marketplace’ & new age healings & teachings. To live your true nature as being, a letting go of limits & dismantling of conditioned illusion is necessary, rather than a building up. It is counter intuitive that it is this that allows the river of life to flow clean, healthy & abundant.
  • You restore organic connection with your nature, child spirit & heart.
  • You have a sense of response-ability for your life, a clear overview of your life as a whole now, the clean instinctual gifts of each phase of life, a knowing of life’s preciousness and an en-joy-ment of your nature as man or woman.
  • You will notice real, measurable benefits in all of the areas that matter to you, such as health, relating, family, conscious parenting, creativity, work, social skills, inner ease and spiritual realisation.
  • Find out how to avoid the big mistakes that, like most people, you can make with your feeling life & life force that can cause unseen, chronic harm to your health, your relationships & even your finances
  • Because this training affects your whole energy field, you will empower your natural gifts and gain a massive boost in creativity or in motivation & success at work. Your financial abundance, professional service and contribution will improve. Responsibilities become fuel for your awakening. Mysteriously, you will find that you become more & more effective in being whoever you choose in life
  • If you are a professional who is already working as a therapist, teacher, healer, or seminar leader, or if you are starting to look for your avenue of contribution, this training deepens your offering to those you serve, clarifies your purpose, potential and gifts. You will learn much about holding a strong clear safe space for transformation. It supports would-be practitioners of this extraordinary work.

Healing your past

  • Discover how to co-operate with the enormous potential for healing, rejuvenation & evolutionary opportunity, built into the intelligence of the subtle energy body & the chakras
  • Find support for, mark & celebrate a transition in your life. Create harmonious balance in a life of purpose and belonging. Experience deep surrender to circumstances, people and places, to what is.
  • Experience profound healing of parental and ancestral wounding, and be comfortable in your own skin. Stories you have lived of ‘not good enough’, recent life sorrows, losses and frustrations that might be part of your being human, & the life you are wishing to co-create now, are embraced with gratitude.
  • Deep revitalisation comes. You rediscover the magic, the aliveness, the delight of your being

Live in your body

  • Transmute daily stress into life force, resilience & vitality.
  • Enjoy your primal animal aliveness and power & sensual pleasure. Reclaim the life force which is your birthright and let it be rocket fuel for finer energies of expanded consciousness

Live beyond separation and time

  • In opening to the mystery of full human beingness, the not knowing of presence arises. Profound intuitive wisdom emerges. Beyond your personality limitations is the freedom & love that is & always has been, beyond the small you
  • Separation dissolves & a profound healing of limited perspectives happens; you can touch the deepest mysteries of existence, beyond life’s normal boundaries. A spirit of dynamic enquiry becomes natural.
  • Release resistances, stories and hurts. Presence replaces separation patterns, longings and striving.
  • You learn you are not a problem to solve, you have no problems, that the past is only as real as you demand it to be, you do not have to be run by your wounding and that Love heals the past, unwanted emotional responses, ‘issues’ and problems, and you get less entangled in new ones that arise.

Transform Your Intimate Relationships 

  • Experience the healing potential of the alchemical dance between man and woman outside of you, & the blossoming marriage of masculine & feminine inside of you. Freefall into the lived truth of the oneness beyond these polarities
  • In the men’s & womens’s circles, create a deep friendship with your own sex & be nourished by their support & celebration of the man you are, the woman you are
  • See your partner with new eyes in every interaction. Rekindle passion & respect in your close relating. Suffering & conflict in relating with all others, & between inner masculine & feminine, is replaced by mutual respect, harmony & joy
  • Acknowledge and enjoy your desire for connection and conscious touch. Live your energy with care, stay true to what is, at your deepest level.
  • Find fluidity of emotional flow in all you feel, natural sensitivity, power & innocence, your authentic voice, so your body, feelings & being are an instrument for life to play
  • With increased sensuality, depth of feeling and open hearted acceptance of how life touches you now, you are more available for those you partner, befriend, parent or offer service to.
  • You learn respectful, effective communication, the free-ing power of vulnerable honesty and expressing your heart’s truth without blame or reactivity. You let go of making another responsible for your fears, commitment phobia or self-judgements. Heal co-dependency. Learn evolutionary partnership.

Relate without losing you

  • Gain clarity and care about who you are & what you need and choose in relation to others. Learn how to stay with your own simple beingness, as well as staying open & available to other, seeing & befriending all that gets in the way of that. Embrace the risks of intimacy.
  • See through & dissolve blindspots & unhelpful habitual behaviours—and love others in their own wounds and blind spots.
  • Grow a capacity to stay centred when your wounds are triggered, learn how to respectfully navigate unmet needs and conflict, and disentangle the far past from the present in your relating
  • Realise deeply the freedom & consciousness to say no when you mean no, and yes when you mean yes, with love and to make, keep and renegotiate clear agreements that nourish all involved

Unconditional Love

  • Find unconditional friendship with all the colours of aliveness in the circle, in self and with ‘the other’. Find or re-discover your natural capacity to give and receive love
  • Awaken to limitless, unconditional Heart consciousness. It has no agenda. No demand. It is endlessly fulfilled. Human beings know they can live this way with each other – here is a rare opportunity to find the edges & resistances, love anyway, melt, surrender
  • Wake up to beauty, connection and love; expect miracles, aliveness, wholeness
  • You will move back into ordinary life awake, grounded, nourished and reconnected with soul.

truly brilliant, almost too mindbogglingly simple to be believed! the best work I have come across. And Joy is the best communicator ever! …Clearly I can’t stop now…. living my life with that sort of sparkle and pleasure is something I did not imagine was possible… was beginning to doubt. And then this ~ Philip Batchelor, Stroud

This group is for you if…

….if you value love, truth, silent awareness that embraces all, freedom, intimacy, the joy in being…if you value the rare accountability, vibrancy and depth and the tenderness of authentic, awake, committed community – this group is for you – join us! How to Book

If you love to live your wild soul, be broken open by another’s vulnerability, play, love to say what you may never have dared, enjoy good company, love to be surprised, to find your edge, to celebrate being you.

If you are living less than the full passion and aliveness that you could be because of the roles you play, the routines, conventions and habits that restrict, if you spend too much time lost in your head and in virtual realities, save your one precious life!

Secret Garden is at the leading edge of our evolving humanity, for you if you are wishing for nourishment, for connection, for your power. Maybe you choose tender space to heal your heart, for support in transition or to enquire about a question about life, relating or spiritual awakening.

If …

  • You wish to grow your heart big enough to love all that is in others, yourself & life
  • Beingness is what really matters to you & you wish for powerful transmission to dismantle what is in the way
  • You sense the potency of awakened masculine & feminine, its creative, dynamic aliveness, beauty, purpose, passion & joy
  • You wish to be with others in freedom, joy, pleasure & the ease of ‘You are me’
  • You are enquiring into the core questions of being human
  • You wish to never stop learning and expanding into what is simple, ordinary and natural
  • You have had glimpses beyond the veil of the joy and wonder and long to fully embody beingness

If you are struggling at times…

  • You feel disconnected, know you could communicate more effectively and miss the inspiration you used to have or that you long to have
  • Your relationship with your own body is less than kind or you feel unattractive sometimes
  • Your past family or love relationships have left you feeling burned or disappointed. You feel a need to protect your heart & are slow to trust
  • You feel emotionally blocked or stuck, or inadequate or play small out of fear of others’ judgements
  • You are quick to judge others and also yourself
  • You regret past choices or actions
  • You’ve never felt really fulfilled and long for more clarity, pleasure and joy in life
  • You know you resist life’s inevitable intensity & weigh yourself down trying not to rock the boat.
  • You intend to live co-empowerment rather than co-dependency
  • You know you are not the body, your feelings, your own ‘map of the world’, yet don’t know how to break through the isolation and fear that is inevitable for the separate self
  • You sense fear & old patterns holding you back from taking action, and wish for freedom of choice instead

If you are single or in relationship

  • You are single & drawn to high quality transformational work
  • You are with a partner & plan to attend together to enhance your individual and shared happiness
  • You are in a committed partnership and wish to be in your own transformational space for a while

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve completed many trainings or whether you are just getting started in Secret Garden– you’ll learn how to take your embodied realisation of freedom and your life skills and wisdom deeper….. and to live who you are even more effectively and on a grander scale!

Participants of past ongoing groups have experienced openings, healings, breakthroughs they had no idea were possible and had never touched in other spiritual and transformational groups.

  • How free are you of limiting projections about life and others?
  • How open, vulnerable, not knowing & tender are you able to be?
  • How clearly do you communicate your needs, what is of value to you?
  • How present and vibrant are you in your body?
  • Have you touched the essence of who you are and wish to live that in all ways?
  • How fully do you live the strong, clear, purposeful man you are or the radiant, powerful woman you are?
  • Are you in friendship with your energy in all its colours? How freely does your life force flow?

Are you ready, are you willing, to embrace all that is in life?

What if you come to see that every limit to love, every struggle or unmet longing you ever have in life is your invitation into life’s wholeness?

What if you come to embody the realisation that all you long for, all you seek in life and others, is yours already?

All you have to know about yourself is that you are willing to keep being here for the entire journey, that you are willing to be total about opening and befriending all that you are.

An extraordinary adventure in self-realization. Life becomes a natural unfolding and ideology about how it should be falls away. If any of this resonates, book your place here

liberating, transforming, rejuvenating, beautiful and revelatory for me. …. so relevant and transformative on many levels in your everyday life and in your perception of your experience and existence….Words can’t do it! I hope that you feel the gratitude, amazement and love I feel for you  ~  Susan S., London

 Death… Birth…and Life’s gifts

The natural reality….

…..beyond the mind is not of past or future. There is only unconditional freedom, always. Yet, to live embodied natural beingness, there must be a willingness to see the lies, the false identity that has driven ‘your’ life. How do you betray your nature? Trickiness loses its hold when clearly seen in an illumined field. The accountability and care of circle helps you come to love the one who wants to evade, escape this. Clear seeing, witnessing and letting go of what is ready to die, leads to an embodying of more love. This is how ‘you’ take full responsibility for your life and learn to celebrate. As you live lighter, the subtle direct experience of life’s empty fullness is enabled. This enriches every aspect of life.

Deeper than the personality are archetypal energies – king, queen, lover, warrior, magician, fool, and more. These must be clearly recognised too. This journey will vividly facilitate this crucial Jungian work, and allow all sabotaging unconscious identification with them, which distorts natural balance and relating happiness, to be released. Vital life force can increase easily then.


…is a wonderful teacher and wake up call. Embracing your mortality and life’s impermanence is the ultimate enquiry and very deep healing, and we begin here. When you truly realise that this body will be your vehicle only for a finite time, and that your human loves and hopes ultimately must end, there is a real imperative to discover who you truly are…you are not your emotions, not your thoughts, your feelings, beliefs and ideas, so what are you?

Birth is yours, in the full allowing of death. Resurrection and redemption are yours. This being is the miracle. First, we must all birth into dualism and go through a period of conditioning into apparently limited, less than fully fulfilled humanity, to a greater or lesser degree. All experiences in later life that you might consider traumatic are always, also, a re-stimulation of earlier traumas. Unless you resolve these earlier events you cannot truly heal the later events. In this training, you will access unconscious material from such early experiences in a safely held way to enable deep healing work – around conception, time in the womb, birth and very early infancy – to take place. Any unfinished business and apparent obstacle arising out of this can be resolved so that you may live free of any limiting effects and enjoy a rich maturation appropriate to your current life phase.

The miracle of the body

Sensitivity to sensation-al life is invited. Conscious co-operation with kundalini, the surging life force which brings limits to the surface of awareness safely so they can be cleared, develops. True creativity is unleashed. Male-female polarity is a delight, not a problem. Ultimately, the inner marriage of masculine and feminine is possible.


Deepen connection. There is so much more power in union, conscious community and synthesis than in individuality. Grow your transparency in heart truth, learn how loving ‘the other’ is a vital key to self-love. Acknowledge and fully embrace both your aloneness and your need to belong. Evolutionary partnership. Be enriched by the intimacy of spiritual friendship. Enjoy your boundaries. Share nourishing enlivenment in conscious touch.

Vulnerable, undefended being allows the possibility of direct experience of what is. The simple, easily missed or forgotten secret!

What if every single thought or feeling or experience or story were simply an invitation to love? Beyond judgement, opinion or resistance….what if there can be a choice whether to accept that invitation or not..a conscious no or yes…until there is no choice, and love is all, all is love.

What You Say

After 25 years of searching, I had given up thinking this taste of truth was possible. Even though aspects of my story go on, it makes me laugh now!  ~  Suzanne Bond, Bristol

I have spent years now working with Joy, Secret Garden, Circles, (my wife and child), family and friends, knowing that I could perhaps move towards freedom by removing the outer layers I have created. Through this experience, I have finally seen my arrogance in judging that I might know anything about another when I don’t know the first thing about myself. This has felt so freeing, I now observe how I move in and out of well established patterns with an ever thinner disguise on. I used to say that this circle work saved my life but I now see it is my life. If there is more to do then I’m willing to do it. I want to live as true and in flow with life as I can and I feel that joining the circle is where I dread and what I love ~ Scott, Bristol

As so often before you know how to say right kind & loving words. You are so real & human…I love your woman’s warm wisdom. You have a gift to make the other, me, to feel heard, that is a blessing. I ‘feel’ that you know what I try to share & where my words might fail you read with your heart. You have healing, reassuring & calming influence on me. I feel you have much going on & you still gave me time, your soft feminine warm heart that you are  ~  Heidi Ovarassi, London

An ability to facilitate and hold a sacred space for areas of intimate relating and deep personal development that is rarely, if ever, offered elsewhere. Loved the feeling of safety and being held by the circle; the sense of wholeness felt by relating in a way, and with a depth, that is rarely possible in the usual course of living. A deep feeling of mutual trust, and the formation of close bonds within the circle. Offering the encouragement to step outside normal boundaries, thus facilitating change that might not otherwise have happened  Graham V., Bath

Secret Garden work is essential in my life as an ongoing thing…such quality I haven’t found anywhere else….You are so, so vigilant about constantly taking away from us our goals & ideals of becoming perfect or good & therefore deserving & loveable person we long to be (& already are!). I realised that I don’t expect perfection from myself anymore & therefore not from others, so now I don’t get disappointed or offended easily so I also don’t feel ‘tangled up in others’ in that exhausting way  ~  Surahbhi McMellahn, Ashburton

 I feel that I have gained so much through you and Secret Garden work. I am eternally grateful for what you have shared with us; it is incredible to see where I was and where I am now. I will definitely continue on this journey and build on the wonderful learnings  ~ Tom Lowery, Stroud

Precious jewels…I was smiling at the magnificence of it all, delivered in such a humble, ordinary way!  ~  Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

Joy’s tenderness and presence helps you to explore your vulnerability with love and benefit from relief (of) resistance and pain and…dismantling illusions ~ Alicia Ortiz, Andorra

Joy speaks with such depth and wisdom. I cannot recommend this highly enough 😃 ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

If you are drawn, trust the call of your soul. Book your place in this circle here

If you have real questions, get answers here Your Questions Answered by Joy

We recognise that you will have your own unique enquiry about this group & how it might relate to your life. We encourage you to reach out & allow us to support you in finding clarity about whether or not this is right for you. Call 01452 813241 or email if you have other questions.

You will receive these Benefits from participating

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If you like the whole story go to this Introduction and Is it for You?

Limited Time Bonuses You receive if you book by the early booking deadline

Who will journey with you?

Those drawn to this Secret Garden work have maturity and self-responsibility, and rich life experience.

You will meet men and women from every walk of life, businessmen and women, musicians, health workers, artists, coaches and trainers, doctors, actors, body workers, lawyers, parents, writers, careworkers, facilitators, counsellors, and much more, and often from several countries.

Most, young or older, will have already looked deeply into life and meditative practice. You are courageous explorers stepping out beyond what is known.

It is a wonderful gift, taking time out to hang out with people who love depth and authenticity and the freedom of being. The support, nourishment and confidence of being loved in all you are is priceless. Any doubt or uncertainty about valuing what your heart knows dissolves.

How do you participate?

How you participate is totally up to you as long as you are respectful of all.

Being brings you a series of carefully guided encounters with inevitable phases of life, archetypal energies, and the free flow of your feelings, longings and sensitivities.

A safely held exploration, this is a tender & nurturing environment in which your vulnerability, privacy & confidentiality are protected at all times. (Photography and video is only used with those who have consented).

You are supported throughout in being in the structures & experiences in the way that feels true to you. All chosen boundaries in any presenting situation are honoured & respected. No physical contact is necessary unless chosen. You are safe & free to explore & find your freedom to be you, in love.

This ongoing circle gives you…

There is nothing as potent for your life as the magic of a Secret Garden ongoing group… it enables, if the invitations are taken, unprecedented levels of intimacy, trust and life-changing insights. Courage and friendship evolve when you know you are together over time; the incredible adventures are irreplaceable. Because we can work at the depth where life transforming change can happen, and because there is the safety of close bonding over a sustained period, you can open and resolve your deepest, core issues. Deep personal awakenings, insights, opening, healing and life-transformation are optimized for every participant, and you are always secure in your belonging and value, whatever is happening.

There is a constant bridge with your everyday life, because the modules are well spread out, allowing integration, yet there is ongoing contact, if desired, with the online forum. We create a sangha, spiritual community, free of ideology about how life should be.  ‘You’ are simply a natural unfolding process. This is an all-new experiment in conscious evolution of your being. You are asked to respect others’ boundaries, so that the energetic container is safe holding for all.

As each module includes a weekend, time taken off work is limited to what is practical, allowing this journey to fit in easily with other commitments. There is ongoing support available via private sessions in addition to the online forum, to thoroughly integrate the learnings and awakenings, after each module, into your ordinary life. The structure will be intensive enough to generate the input and energy you need, subtle enough to convey the depths of awakening, and yet also accommodating the realities of your busy lives.

Create a regular retreat where you root in transmission of natural reality and are inspired to wake up from the dream of conditioned mind, cutting through layers of what isn’t true or essential, into who or what you are in the moment. Directly experience your true nature. Resolution of all dualities and suffering is possible.

Places are available for those who can commit to the whole journey and are strictly limited.

This is truly rare, it is always new, and it ROCKS!

Join us now if you seek self-realisation or simply natural happiness.

 Being – Your Questions & Joy’s Responses

 What do you need to know to get clear if this course is right for you? If you’re on the fence, wondering whether to jump into this gorgeous circle (& yes! there are many riches on the other side) here’s Joy’s responses to questions she’s been asked most, to help you decide & book your place.

I’m keen but I’m really busy. How much time do I need for this?

It’s high value in Secret Garden that awakening work is integrated into your ordinary life. 12 of the training days are at weekends & 3 more are Bank holidays, so that’s only 9 weekdays needed over 2 years. It’s recommended you do at least 15 minutes home practice each week – but you can always take a break & start up again when you have the time. The energy of the circle holds you in your life, whatever is going on.

Is it worth the investment?

The financial investment may initially seem high, but the facilitation costs are deliberately kept on the low side, there is an instalment option, & catering costs and any desired accommodation can be paid for later, in 2 stages. I’ve seen crazy prices for courses not as good as this-only 1 module costing £9000+ with a less experienced, less able facilitator. This makes Being look excellent value especially with discounts &/or bonuses. This gives you full on support for two years.

And what is the price of your life not working well? Financially & in terms of potentially broken families, holdbacks in career etc?

What is the cost to you in lost fulfilment, unrealised intelligence, poor choices & yes a less expanded life & income – of your playing a smaller game in your life than you could?

I did a calculation that amazed me. When I am with a group you have pretty much total access to me. I don’t hide behind a stage or hordes of assistants. A module is around 37 hours. 6 modules mean that’s 222 hours of group time. For a private one to one session I charge £79 per hour. So if you join this group you receive direct access to me that would 1 to 1 cost £17,538! Expertise always speeds up effective results and investing in your transformation is the best you can make. No one can take your gains away, they can’t be lost. And this ongoing work reaps rich, practical rewards in your outer life too.

Does this approach really ‘work’?

YES! -many men & women have experienced this. Even I have been surprised by the total passion & moving transformational stories in the feedback I receive. Awakening work is not suitable for you if you feel or believe for whatever good reason you must stay in your present circumstances and mindset. Or if you feel and believe that inner transformation does not work –then it won’t.The impact of this work does, of course, depend on your willingness to follow the programme with totality & commit to taking actions aligned with new insights gathered & the openings you experience during the training – in your everyday, ordinary life. I share testimonials to reassure you that this is REAL, authentic & groundbreaking, cutting edge exploration, that WILL BENEFIT YOU, in your ordinary life

I feel really nervous, resistant & afraid of doing this course. Does that mean I shouldn’t do it?

Fear is the most common feeling – along with excitement – around real, ongoing transformational work. We’ve had so many negative messages around living awake and being large, living an expanded life. Healing into wholeness, peeling away trance and denial and repression, is essential rocket fuel for happiness & for your evolutionary transformational process. It’s all about baby steps… incremental progress with safe holding and clear reflection adds up to extraordinary, life-changing gain. When I’m facilitating groups around the world about ‘your’ evolutionary awakening, it’s often assumed that there is one glamorous answer or event in life that solves everything. There isn’t. Your belief in that will keep you stuck. You simply need high quality, ongoing reflection, self-honesty, loving, awake community so you get loved just as you are & safe space – which you get in Secret Garden ongoing groups – so you can risk going beyond your comfort zone.

My life is already great, what can this course do for me?

Embodied awakening work and spiritual practice is like yoga: the more you do it, the deeper and lighter you go. Some benefits are better health, awakening fluid energetic flow in the chakra energetics and creating an abundance of creative life opportunities.

How much of your Most Intimate message is in this course?

This is a profound transmission. It is not The Most Intimate, though it contains some discrete sessions of that, because Being is a course which necessarily addresses the (only apparent) claimed, separate identity and invites an opening beyond that. Its hidden context, its ground, is always The Most Intimate.

In the story, awakenings to and realisation of essence happen to people. Being ongoing facilitates and speeds that. The Most Intimate is something different!

Being ongoing group is a comprehensive, synthesised way to give you the awakening tools and archetypal depth to free the body and being of old conditioning & create insights and openings that are essential to a vibrant, healthy, happy life. It will make any spiritual practice much deeper & more immediate. I’m an AWAKENER & have worked in grounded liberation in the realm of deep transformation and life’s invitation to freedom, for over 20 years. I’m passionate about giving you the wake up calls, the love, the tools & the deep openings to create the life you know somewhere is possible, the life you long for. To pretend you are not longing for your ultimate freedom or can put other things first does you a disservice. So this course goes very deep into that arena, but Secret Garden exploration is grounded in ordinariness. It isn’t about a hyped up ‘experience’ just in the workshop.

What about Couples?

You may have a partner who doesn’t share your passion for truth but supports your own lone exploration, because it increases the love you share; you may be a couple who know you need to connect deeply in held space in order to break through habitual ways of seeing, conflicts & struggles, together. Or maybe you are a couple keen to serve each other deeply into spiritual awakening. It’s all welcome, including dynamics between you – the field looks after every outcome you bring. This group is focused on your OWN AWAKENING & how that relates to the dream you create outside of you. You becoming more alive, while experiencing more self-worth & love will help your relationship so much. We intend to dive deep into everything you need to let go of & learn in order to be able to live together with absolute pristine consciousness. Sweet surrender!

I’m single – will this course work for me?

Yes! The entire course is designed to work for you man or woman, either alone or with a partner, or for those who are in relationship but attend alone. And if you want a partner, you are far more likely to attract the right one for you during or after this training! It’s likely you are looking to deepen your realisation of beingness, above all – and there, there are no relationships!

Shouldn’t I just wait until next time? Or try to meditate more at home?

Secret Garden gives you ongoing conscious community, as well as profound inner journeying. Healing is more powerful when experienced in a group. Wounds more often appear to be ’caused’ by others. So it is through others that we deeply heal mis-trust, separation, conflict. It is much safer to seem ‘sorted’, ‘together’ and to know who one is at a personality level, but that is all made up! When light & love increase, old pain can surface or strong emotions about unresolved current situations WILL come up yet easily dissolve if you are ready. As you move towards freedom & joy, it is INEVITABLE that in intimate relating such as in the circle, you will contact any unresolved shame, emptiness, hatred & not good enough-ness. Even though the stories of our pain are different, pain itself is collective & requires others’ mirroring, sometimes witnessing if you choose, and, above all, love to allow us to dissolve past fully. This is easier than you may think but requires great compassion from friends, the spiritual community you create in the circles, and great authenticity and self-honesty. Then, you have to integrate the learnings & TAKE ACTION, take small risks, be self-honest in ordinary life.

I don’t know how to do this-I always get it wrong & things don’t change

You are a human being. Evolution is natural & inbuilt. Please know that more than the negative messages you have been told or the limits you’ve taken on. I will guide you, answer your questions, above all love you, every step. The mind will never acknowledge gains and wishes to preserve the status quo, even if it’s your smallness. It will diminish the significance of breakthroughs in order to maintain its conditioned grip, because it feels ‘safer’. Co-operate with nature’s impulses & your suffering will decrease, ease & happiness will increase, Let others love you until self-love grows, sweetly & organically, self-love is the primary way we heal & align with life so that all else just gets so easy. Past patterning always get reflected back in your life precisely, until you find a guide to help you do the work of unpicking your limited map of reality. The mind plays many tricks along the way of the awakening journey and this training helps you see them, love them and let them go for good. I can’t help you if you refuse the help that is available; reach for the support for your freedom.

Why would I want to listen to others or relate to a whole group?

Being in the circle with totality is a meditation. Everything shared touches you in some way. Everything is your own invitation to dive deeper & be in love with existence, with life as it is. Let the life of the circle grow your heart wide open.

And in turn you receive the power of the holding of a circle of committed fellow travellers. We need to be witnessed in our human beingness in order for pain to dissolve into the joy that always is, always was & ever shall be.

The best way to find out what’s in the way of love and awakeness is to look inside with total self-honesty. The apparent others outside of you reliably point to what asks for love and attention. The circle is your perfect mirror. it becomes your perfect lover.

Perhaps it will hurt too much or rock the boat to start looking deeper & facing myself? Can’t cope with the intensity.

It hurts a lot more not to! Others sense your pain even if you think you keep everything ‘together’. And unresolvednes & resistance will get mirrored back to you in your life in all sorts of unpredicted ways. Life is intense! especially if you dont have conscious support & some education about what helps you surf the waves. Resistance to life & living it totally weighs your life & being down.

I’ve never felt really fulfilled in love before – can this course help?

Yes, even though this is not specifically a course about relating, the theme will no doubt be brought to our circle by participants, and there will be one half of two of the modules that specifically focus on relating. Simply through the level of trust and friendship that develops between all participants, old patterns of separation dissolve.

I want to do this course, but I feel I may or will have to share with you something that I think is too strange or difficult to be heard

Nothing is too strange or difficult, if your ultimate intention is integration & love. Holding onto something all by yourself is lonely, stressful & unnecessary, you are welcome into the circle & to share whatever you need to share so that you can embrace this journey. Your honesty is others’ opportunity – to open their hearts wide! And know that how you participate is up to you, always.

How much intimacy work is in this course?

The structured explorations, led by me & Tim, are intended to invite exploration at archetypal depths, foundational, essence-ial to a an awakened, true life for you as man or woman. This course does not give you the Daoist and Tantric lovemaking practice available in Joyful Loving, though we are a couple who have a joint 40+ years of living that. This is, rather, a profound transmission of liberation and unconditional Love. Nevertheless, conscious relating and sexuality will be brought as a theme at times…..and, whatever your lifestyle choices, relating is something that touches you, all of us, through friends, family, colleagues and is welcome material in the circle. Any sexual orientation is welcome.

How will this course compare with other trainings?

Most ‘transformational’ work and teachings in the new age and spiritual marketplace are superficial & give people a ‘high’ experience which is then not grounded. Much so-called healing and ‘awakening’ work, including mis-named non duality teaching that is available, is also very misguided, playing to people’s hope and pride and building up and reinforcing the identity rather than assisting in dismantling it. Nor does it assist people in the ruthless dismantling & integration required for true healing & wholeness. This is not a course that will appeal to ‘new-age seekers’. I’m passionate about working with those who are sincerely committed to awakeness and consciousness.

Am I too old / young to do this course?

No. Participants’ ages range from early twenties to seventies enrolled at the moment – awakeness and aliveness can arise at any age & whatever your age, nationality, walk of life, your uniqueness is warmly welcome.

I hope this helps you decide whether the course is right for you! We wish for you to make the right decision. Please email or call me if you aren’t sure about whether to join us.

Words can’t express the learnings I’ve had through you & the awakening that’s happened….the experience of life is so totally different from 18 months ago. I feel reborn, a different person. I’m more grateful than I can express ….. blissful … “I” was a swirling cloud of energy in a peaceful harmonious sea of perfection. (Yes I can’t find words to describe it!) Now I’m very peaceful about everything ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

Trust your pull to what cannot be spoken of

Limited Time Bonuses

Your Freedom in Being

Your Guide to Awakening

Essential keys to provide context for the challenges

E – book

Free Bonus Value £9

*All Bonuses Given Only For Early booking by the deadline


The profound energetic healing of Ho’oponopono brings increased freedom, happiness and creativity and boosts your calm and vitality. Live life now, beyond stories.

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Free Bonus Value £19

essence yellow lily

Essence – Manifest Your Hearts Desire

a deep meditation which enables you to experience more choice around whatever desire or life goal you bring to this exploration. You will let go of anything you no longer need and move into action if appropriate.

MP3 Download

Free Bonus Value £29

10% off other fees!

Save 10% on your course fees

for any evening, day workshop, retreat or online webinar series while the training is in progress. This is a significant saving which supports your rounded opening

When you book, you receive

* 24 intensive full days, over 20 months. This ensures full integration of extremely high quality reflection, facilitation of deep and core process, initiations and structures, feedback on gifts and strengths from Joy if desired. Group size is strictly limited for your benefit.

* A facilitated online forum you can participate in actively if you wish, when you wish, for between module integration, interaction, learning and support. The forum brings you ongoing en-couragement and remembering of what this ongoing circle stands for in your life, anchoring your ordinary life in the light this work brings

* If you have already worked in an ongoing training group with Joy – all course content on this one will be completely new, an endless spiral of aliveness unfolding, ever more rewarding!

* There will be opportunities in between modules, if you choose, for in depth one to one or couple work with Joy, whether psychotherapeutic or shamanic, on the issues and challenges the group faces you with. Ongoing group participants are prioritised for private sessions.

* Receipts for your tax advisor and/or a course completion certificate can be provided for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credits if you work in a field which includes coaching, healing and transformation.

* You receive 4 Special Bonuses and have an instalment option if you book within the specified period. You can receive couple/friend discounts too. Click below.

Join us…..This surrender to the empty fullness of Being, through feelings, sensuality & child spirit in organic unison, enables the nectar of beauty, joy & soul in ‘your’ life

Will You Join Us?

This is your only chance to book at early booking prices! We encourage you to jump and take advantage of this great window of opportunity before all course fees must rise.

Comparable trainings of this quality are often offered at three times the price, with massive travel expenses.  So your time and financial investment for this high quality life changing course is small & excellent value relative to the massive benefits of this world-class facilitation.

Seize this opportunity, it will never come again, this way, or at this unique point in your life!

How much is exquisite expertise worth to you? How much is a loving, trustworthy guide – who has dedicated their whole life from childhood, to truth and love – worth to you?

How much is a clear mirror and mastery worth? How much is authentic, ongoing community, dedicated to intentional enquiry and consciousness, worth to you?

Please be aware that places are limited. A powerful, mature circle is gathering so don’t miss your chance to catch the early booking price– there won’t be another Being Training for several years (if offered again)

We aim to give you exceptional gifts now & also profound results which last for your lifetime.

This is a beautiful present for your loved one or yourself!

This group will fill fast so book now. Enrol & bring world-class facilitation & support into your life.

If you’re feeling a YES, trust that soul call – you can.

Aloha. All love (Whichever side of the fence you end up on..;)),

Joy Hicklin-Bailey

P.S Time to step up but you have to act now. This is your time. Join me now – I would love to be your awakening guide, to serve you to be the love you are so you can live an expanded life of beauty and joy.

You can do this – live the love you are. Book your place here

Practical details you need to know – dates, times, venues

Module 1 Details

Venue: Central Stroud

Dates: Saturday, October 28-Tuesday, October 31

Times: Start at 10 30am Sat Close 3 30pm Tues

Accommodation: Non-residential Catering to incl 2 lunches 2 suppers & refreshments. Lovely Bed & Breakfast (double, twin, single, camping) available if desired

Module 2 Details

Venue: Central Stroud

Dates: Between early to end Feb or mid to end March, 2018

Times: Start at 11 am Sat dep 3 30pm Tues

Accommodation: Non-residential Catering to incl 2 lunches 2 suppers & refreshments. Lovely Bed & Breakfast (double, twin, single, camping) available if desired

Module 3 Details

Venue: Central Stroud

Dates: May bank holiday tbc, 2018

Times: Start at 11 am Sat dep 3 30pm Tues

Accommodation: Non-residential Catering to incl 2 lunches 2 suppers & refreshments. Lovely Bed & Breakfast (double, twin, single, camping) available if desired

Module 4 Details

Venue: Central Stroud

Dates: Late September or early October, 2018

Times: Start at 11 am Sat dep 3 30pm Tues

Accommodation: Non-residential Catering to incl 2 lunches 2 suppers & refreshments. Lovely Bed & Breakfast (double, twin, single, camping) available if desired

Module 5 Details

Venue: Near Stroud

Dates: December 2018-New Year, 2019

Times: TBC

Accommodation: Residential Fully Catered (fee due late autumn 2018). It is truly special to know that this circle will be sharing New Year 2018-19 together at a very beautiful residential venue, with delicious food, beautiful gardens and walks..all our needs looked after.

Module 6 Details

Venue: Central Stroud

Dates: Spring, likely Easter, 2019

Times: Start at 11am Sat dep 3 30pm Tues

Accommodation: Non-residential Catering to incl 2 lunches 2 suppers & refreshments. Lovely Bed & Breakfast (double, twin, single, camping) available if desired

The ongoing group comprises 6 x 4 day modules spread over about 20 months. Each module comprises 2 weekdays and a weekend so you only need 2 weekdays for each module away from work, or one at the bank holiday modules. In total you will use just 9 weekdays, yet receive all the in-depth transformation that only an ongoing course can give.

Exact dates for modules 2-6 will be confirmed later in 2017, once the group has gathered. Please email any already absolutely unmoveable dates to Joy’s office and these will be avoided if at all possible. Please diary the date windows given above and keep them clear once you have booked your place. This ensures you and all delegates can attend.

If future date information is essential info for you now-please ask by phone or email. Full commitment is important from a transformational, healing and growth perspective. If one day has to be missed unavoidably, then that is understood. This group will fill quickly, there are limited numbers and there has been a lot of interest through word of mouth already.

I have spent 15 years learning and reading about spiritual awakening, in these few days the truth of it unfolded for the first time. And life is so much better now! Thank you is inadequate ~ Sally Meadows, Guildford

Celebrate the vibrant, energetic being you are, and the wholeness beyond that which always, simply, is……why wait?

About Joy

‘It’s.beautiful, this witnessing of those I sit with finding aliveness, the natural flow of feelings, and what is beyond, the power & peace of a clear seeing of what is, in their ordinary lives & in what arises in the circles & sessions I have the privilege of facilitating.

Secret Garden points towards your ‘journey’ of awakening into embodied realisation of non-duality, of one, not two, into that which is beyond words. Whatever is – in the appearance – happening, the separate self’s hijacking of pure experience loses its hold and natural reality may be revealed.

Community, connection, presence, being, peace, intimacy, vulnerability, love, are beautiful gifts in the unfolding human story…. these are the qualities ‘I’ value and enjoy in the playshop of ‘my own’ life. My passion in Joyful Loving, Essence, Being and Joyful Living events events is an empowering of presence, awakeness, essence, from which comes natural power, joy, love and abundance. I love to see people shed the masks, armour & uniforms adopted in worldly activity or challenging relating, & come more & more to trust their nature, their deepest truth. That heals everything & then everything in the apparent story changes! Most of all, I love to share (in Most Intimate events) with those who are interested in exploring the natural reality of what is, unconditional love without cause, what cannot be sought, radiant being.

Since early childhood ‘I’ have experienced a series of spontaneous awakenings, in which the conditioned self dissolved, that have – in the apparent unfolding story that never was – lasted for longer & longer periods & radically transformed the experience of living on this beautiful planet into one of liberation, being.

The integration into ordinary life of this total surrender took many years. I only discuss this if asked – ‘spiritual’ experiences are simply that, experiences. What is, here, now, is ever changing & new – the stories are not the essence. In that ‘story’ that never was, I have been drawn to mystical & spiritual teachings since early childhood & I am very grateful to have worked with extraordinary teachers, indigenous & western. During this period, the energetic sense of a separate self completely & absolutely dissolved, leaving simply the wonder of what is.

Many trainings in healing and psychotherapeutic disciplines grounded what was ‘experienced’ & gave ways in which liberated being could be offered in a safely held way in this garden dedicated to the blossoming of human beingness. The ‘approach’ is a sensing, feeling, seeing & listening to all that is apparently happening in the moment yet the mystery brings intuitive guidance. The intelligence of life plays immaculately and sometimes surprisingly. Silence & non-doing, rather than controlling what is happening with an agenda, allows apparent healing, magical unfolding & revelation of the wholeness beyond the appearance of form, identity and role, the wondrous gift of life itself.

For over 20 years, there has been profound pleasure in and great gratitude for Secret Garden’s transformational weekend, day, week-long retreats, ongoing trainings & evening groups in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Andalucia, Italy, the Greek islands & the Hawaiian islands, and one to one and couple sessions.‘

Joy is currently writing a book with the working title “The Gateway to Being”

Joy Hicklin-Bailey brings you her expertise in human dynamics and transformational evolution. She is a superb facilitator of the emergence of Self or beingness, for those who are drawn to wholeness and freedom. Joy is a spiritual counsellor & an outstanding coach in the areas of natural happiness, intimate relating, awakened embodiment & professional development. Joy has been working with awakened embodiment coaching with individuals, couples and groups for over 20 years. Joy’s clients come from all walks of life & include professionals, mothers, fathers, celebrities, farmers, artists, healers, & more. Joy is such a world – class, profoundly effective facilitator that several internationally renowned teachers & coaches go to her confidentially to solve their life and love issues and go to her for supervision work. She works with immediacy, tenderness and utter clarity.

Joy is a qualified, practising Jungian psychotherapist, the founding facilitator of Essence work, a hypnotherapist, a Huna healer, an expert in ancient lineage work with ancestors and family (the source of constellations work), Time Line therapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, and astrological counsellor and a highly regarded business/executive coach & trainer at management & director level in organisations such as Centrica & Aviva, well-known charities & more.

Just imagine what this might lead you to…..