E – circle guidelines for the use of the Joyful Loving forum

Aloha! Welcome to our e – circle!

What a joy it has been to share with you those last days! Thank you for being.

In our Joyful Loving forum, you are invited again into the oceanic depths of being. The request is that your sharing here be of the nature of the sharing in a live circle. Please read all the guidelines below before using the forum.

First, the boundaries –please read, digest and respect these at all times, they are for very good reasons. Please note that if you have participated or will participate in Being With People ongoing training or Essence training, the policy there was or will be different. You must now revert to the policy for Joyful Loving ongoing groups please.

The egroup is intended for deep sharing as in a live circle and we hope to be able to continue with this facility. The boundaries here are fundamentally the same as they are in live Secret Garden circle. If abuse of these boundaries happens I will stop this facility immediately. Respect, consciousness and care is vital and – with it – anything is possible. Loosely held spiritual community is demanding, it asks a lot of you AS WELL AS giving you a lot. The boundaries & guidelines for this forum and for our community in between modules are as follows

  1. Please keep this e group absolutely confidential. This material, whoever has written it, should not be passed on or made available for anyone else to read, The only exception might be something I (and only me) write specifically says in the same post that you can share it on facebook, twitter or via email with friends & family) All  subjects, people, responses, referred to in this egroup should never be discussed please with anyone. These points include members of your family, partners etc who are not in this circle, even if they attend a public day or weekend workshop connected with this ongoing group.
  2. Please do not use the egroup in any other than the invited context (see below), including your work/business signatures, or advertising any business or event, or commercial activity, (including therapy/coaching) or for sending any round robin emails, event fliers etc. Please make sure before posting that you do not have any ads or business invitations in it (I may have my signature at the bottom as always, because I am providing and co-managing this facility and wish you to know where you can sit in a Secret Garden circle again)
  3. Please understand that the email addresses, telephone numbers and addresses  must not be passed on to anyone else and that you must not record or extract or use someone’s email from this group for any reason ever. Please do pass any contact details of Secret Garden group participants m on to anyone else. This is ctually ILLEGAL and must NEVER happen.
  4. Please note this is not a social networking facility nor is it for making any practical arrangements to do with our gatherings.
  5. Tim and me and  Secret Garden do not sanction any gatherings, massage swaps or any sharings between small groups or pairs of participants between modules nor can we or will we take responsibility for any consequences of anyone breaking this boundary.
  6. Rarely, an invitation to your own large one off public celebration such as a special birthday or wedding party (not any old event you are going to!) which is for the public is perfectly ok and lovely if I know about it first and should be sent via this egroup please after checking with me privately. Other than this, only prior – agreed – with – me meetings are ok. (eg we have sometimes visited the theatre and cinema) The important policies of guideline nrs 5 & 6 have arisen over time owing to very serious problems indeed occurring in the past which were beyond my intervention or input as I was not present. So please do not arrange group meetings or ‘swaps’ with those you meet via this circle.
  7. For practical information related to our meetings, please everyone go to the website first (Joyful Loving Event page https://secretgarden.co.uk/backup/event/joyful-loving-ongoing) for all basic questions – venue details, times, what to bring etc will be on the site nearer the time of each module and will also be in your confirmation sent around 4-6 weeks ahead of the course.
  8. Dates are not yet final for 2016-please keep all potential dates diaried that were given in my email to you of May  21st-they are more up to date than those on the website and will be until we finalise things. All dates need to go into your diary now please so you can honour this commitment to intimate relating with each other. It was a marathon but everyone can do all dates except a prior commitment we already know about.
  9. No swearing, shouting and ‘screaming’ in posts on this forum
  10. No ‘thank you’ posts –remember every post will be read by many people-we already know you are grateful for the sharings here
  11. Make your posts count-you can reply to several people in one posting for example or maybe write just once about one specific question or theme, or make sure you aren’t just replying to look good or caring (we know you are!) etc etc
  12. No unconscious using up of people’s space, energy & attention-only ‘speak’ when you have something significant moving.
  13. No ‘inspirational’ material. Please do not add to the deluge of information humanity is currently burying itself in -that means do not post anything that isn’t written by you and isnt ‘ vulnerable sharing’

The boundaries are based on many years of experience. Abuse of these boundaries is an abuse of me and everyone participating and can take huge amounts of time and energy to resolve. Please take great care. The boundaries keep the space safe for us all and therefore its potential for healing and learning through totality is massive. I am not going to take on the role of policing this forum. You all are responsible to hold that intention together. If you have a real question about these boundaries which you cannot let go of, ask it via the egroup, not just to me.

I hope this doesn’t push buttons and I’m not trying to make anything wrong, just keeping this e group as pristine as we can is GOOD.

Please use this forum for deep vulnerable sharing, for creating connection, asking each other relevant questions. Material shared should be respectful of and appropriate to what is offered in this Joyful Loving training which has as its themes truth, being, consciousness, love, life, relating, sexuality and intimacy

Such spaces as this are rare. Respect and care allows them to thrive. I know you can understand the spirit in which this is written. I wish you an experience of this egroup filled with extraordinary learning, totality of committment, shared passion for each other’s beingness, the power of self-revelation, honesty, vulnerability, trust, friendship, joy and laughter.


All love and aloha

Your Joyful Loving Forum is at https://secretgarden.co.uk/backup/forums/forum/joyful-loving-ongoing-group-forum