Meet the Essence Coaches

Supporting your happiness and ease

What Is Essence Coaching?

Essence is a profound approach for increased freedom, ease, happiness and creativity, and for the letting go of perceived and conditioned limitations associated with any situation.

Reap the benefits of this extraordinary way of dissolving limitation and emotional reactivity by working with these licensed small group facilitators and one to one coaches.

Some aspects of the Essence approach you will learn with your coach can be used in the moment, in all situations and in all interactions to enhance every area of life.

The Essence coaches below are all fully trained, and have also chosen to hold a practising Essence Coach licence – you can be assured of their commitment to their own growth and to maintaining the highest professional standards in their coaching practice.


My passion is to lead, to inspire, to create and to motivate. My joy is in teaching and helping others to create happy, healthy, fulfilled lives by aligning with their inner truth and wisdom.

I originally enjoyed working in the media, but I found I was often stressed, and my immune system was low to the point where I experienced chronic fatigue.

I began a quest to get to the root of my ailments and unhappiness and trained in many disciplines of Holistic Health which has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of who I am.

One of my biggest turning points is attending a Secret Garden Retreat eight years ago. I felt an instant turnaround inside of me. From that moment on, I knew Secret Garden is where I would be able to heal and transform and develop professionally. I have continued to attend as many events and trainings as I can along with monthly one to one sessions and bi-monthly Supervision sessions with Joy.

I am so very honoured to become an Essence Coach and am looking forward to bringing this work out into the world, and to you if you are new to Secret Garden.

I have been seeing Kim for 5 months and I can honestly say she has helped me sort and resolve some difficult issues I have recently encountered. She is honest, kind and listens to everything you have to say.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Kim’s excellent therapy sessions. Thank you so much.  Oh. And she makes a decent cup of tea

Adam Pearce, Nottingham

What Does An Essence Coaches Licence Mean for You as a Potential Client?

If you are new to Secret Garden and have been exploring your inner life or are drawn through a current life challenge or a curiosity to work deeper, then working with a licensed Secret Garden Essence Coach means that you can be assured that your coach has been trained over long period to a high standard of professionalism. A licensed Essence Coach has been and continues to be actively engaged in their own awakening transformation.

They are committed to continuing with ongoing Secret Garden explorations and also undertake regular supervision sessions with Joy Hicklin-Bailey, the founder of Essence work. The licensed Essence coaches are year by year developing their sensitivity, understanding and capacity to love. Through the licensing agreement they update each year, they are committed to and accountable to ongoing community life through Secret Garden group work. As a result, you can be sure that you are in safe hands and that your Coach is aware and awake to creating a receptive, open and safe space in which you will be guided appropriately.

Private sessions with an Essence Coach give you regular, direct experience of the profound Secret Garden approach in accessible ways. Some aspects of the Essence work are offered in other group and training contexts, facilitated by Joy Hicklin-Bailey.

How will Essence Coaching Sessions help you?

These are the Benefits you will receive

  • You will notice real, measurable benefits and see manifest positive change in every area of your life that you are choosing to work with during your sessions.
  • Your Essence coach is a professional, highly trained to support your growth in areas such as health, abundance, relating, social skills, and more
  • You will learn how to stop suppressing emotions or expressing them destructively and let go of them instead. Letting go of negative emotions, thoughts about the past and worries about the future, old patterns and limits allows you to be happy, right now.
  • You will learn through experiential exercises a profoundly simple approach to releasing fear, limiting beliefs, judgement, anger, sadness, anxiety and so much more.
  • You improve your relationships, create increased financial security, and dissolve the fears that prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Essence will help you to let go of blocks to self-motivation and effectiveness
  • deal with stress, anxiety and challenging situations
  • make sound, grounded decisions
  • increase the fun and joy in your life
  • perform well under pressure
  • enhance energy, and resolve health problems. Go along easily and happily with the flow of life.

If you have worked with Joy already in sessions or groups, please contact Joy directly for sessions. Please specify which coach you are drawn to work with or state ‘any coach’. Essence Coaches are open to working with anyone new to Secret Garden.All coaches continue working with Joy and receive Supervision about their work with Joy for their professional development (your own material remains confidential to you and your Coach)If you wish to train as an Essence Coach, now is the time as the next cohort is gathering! Please contact Joy via phone or email.

If You Want To…

  • Experience the support of a highly trained, professional coach so you can –
  • Get out of your own way
  • Enjoy a rich, intimate relationship life
  • Ease transition to new phases of life
  • Learn a wonderful decision making process
  • Achieve goals which are truly appropriate for you and your growth
  • Realise your love, presence, openness and peace, the power of just ‘being,’ celebrating this man or woman that you are………………

…Essence Coaching Sessions are for you- make contact here