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Being Ongoing Training

May 26, 2018 @ 10:30 am - May 29, 2018 @ 3:30 pm

This all – new exploration of your archetypal ground can bring realisation of that beyond past, future – the precious glimpses – or more – beyond the veil, the not knowing of awakeness, beyond apparent problems, pain or conflicts. It is designed as a glorious adventure in human beingness. Being is a joyful dance of freedom, always, or a miserable chore, some of the time, and resistance to what is, and old stories, the rest of the time. Profound opening to all that is, is key.  There will be dismantling of false veils of trance and apparent separation and old myths that you no longer need.  You will journey into meetings with fundamental archetypal energies. You will receive deep holding so you can comfortably integrate the recognisable stages of change that are happening in your own being human, as transformation and awakenings happen.

The Most Intimate exploration and dialogues invite a clarity that has never been accessed before and a new possibility, the collapse of all that was thought or felt to be. You can make yourself available for direct experience of the freedom that is, always and embodied realisation of it. Resolution of all dualities and suffering is possible. Yet, for the separate self, the lie of the personal overcoat is so compelling that it is hard, almost impossible,  to maintain these glimpses of empty fullness beyond the personal, what truly is, without authentic community, real committment and clear guidance. The ongoing groups in Secret Garden are the spine that fully supports this unfolding awakening journey for all who choose truth.

How do you choose to live this wonder ‘you’ are? If you value depth, consciousness, the accountability and tenderness of authentic, committed community, join us! Wake up to beauty, connection, love and ease.

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Venue:  Central Stroud
Dates:  September 22-25 or Sep 29 to October 2, 2018
Times:  Start time Saturday, – see your confirmation email depart 3 30pm Tuesday
Accommodation:  Non-residential Catering to incl 2 lunches 2 suppers & refreshments. Lovely Bed & Breakfast (double, twin, single, camping) available if desired

Module 5

Venue:  Hawkwood College, Near Stroud
Dates:  December 29 2018-Jan 1, 2019
Times:  See your confirming email about the module
Accommodation:  Residential Fully Catered (fee due late autumn 2018). It is truly special to know that this circle will be sharing New Year 2018-19 together at a very beautiful residential venue, with delicious food, beautiful gardens and walks..all our needs looked after.

Module 6

Venue:  Central Stroud
Dates:  Spring, likely Easter April 20-23 tbc, 2019
Times:  Start at 11 00 am Saturday, depart 3 30pm Tuesday
Accommodation:  Non-residential Catering to incl 2 lunches 2 suppers & refreshments. Lovely Bed & Breakfast (double, twin, single, camping) available if desired


Joy Hicklin-Bailey
07866 470238


Stroud Area
GL6 7QD United Kingdom + Google Map