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Essence Webinar – Your Joy & Freedom in Being – Live Awake, Alive, Open

March 31, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


What if your own awakening is the gift of every struggle you are experiencing right now, and of every struggle you ever experienced?

Joy will show you how your challenges and confusions are perfectly designed to take you deeper in life, towards pure being. If you co-operate with the evolutionary opportunity built into Life, suffering, confusion and conflict cease and are replaced by clarity and joy.

You will explore the question – what is the one core healing for any frustration, holdback, hurt or imperfection, in any life story?

How do you live beyond that yet remain grounded?

  • 3 profound keys to move beyond smallness and deepen your embodiment of joy and freedom
  • For you if you want high quality guidance, free of spiritual ideology, about an often misunderstood area, and crystal agenda-free reflection along with the highest energetic transmission
  • Discover how challenges can become gateways to the ever present wonder and radiant beauty of being you, radically alive
  • Guided individual enquiry (whole group)
  • Question & answer session
  • You MUST register IN ADVANCE for this event – registration takes 30 seconds.
  • Go to Essence Your Joy & Freedom in Being to claim your free seat now before they go – we have limited places

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Joy Hicklin-Bailey is expert in facilitating breakthroughs in intimate relating for singles & couples. She is an author & Founder of the renowned Essence Programme, The Most Intimate dialogues & Joyful Loving programmes and ongoing groups. She has a private practice working with couples & singles very successfully, based in Gloucestershire.

Joy’s passion is to facilitate freedom and simple happiness in you and to create spaces where deep trust, total aliveness, challenge, acceptance, community, nurturing and an appreciation of the simple and sacred in life can be experienced.

Joy’s is currently working on a first draft of a forthcoming book Awakening to Being

The power of her work, in which you can explore the themes of waking up into What Is, intimacy and relating, comes from the energetic, a dedication since childhood to love and truth. Secret Garden work is profoundly healing and then an opening to that which is beyond description. Your relationship with your body, your feelings, your energy & your male/female nature is gradually freed of the rejecting judgements, personal or cultural, you may have grown up with. Sensation, action, communication and touch are seen as transmitters of being. Secret Garden is a profound affirmation of your unique human beingness, your feelings, your heart, your natural capacity  for pleasure & se-uality. As a result you can say Yes to yourself & all the life that flows in you. Underlying that is a deeper invitation. The revelation of wholeness – beyond separation.

You can taste this in this evening talk. You can enjoy a  deeper experience of this energetic transmission by participating in her deeply transformational Secret Garden day circles, weekends, retreats and Trainings in UK & worldwide.


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