Being! Ongoing Training – how awake is your living day by day?


….a rich immersion into the loving of you, and of life itself in its simple, ordinary miraculousness. A glorious adventure. An invitation over and over to embrace everything. Life becomes a single, wholly integrated beingness. On the way, you will explore the archetypal foundation of your unique being and its gateway to freedom and naturalness. Death, birth, lover, king, queen, fool, magician and much more. You will visit the embryo stage of your unfolding, childhood, puberty, stages in maturing and old age.  Any unfinished business and self-created obstacle can be resolved, as you are guided surely through ceremony, ritual, meditation and circle, so that you may live free of any limiting effects and enjoy a rich maturation appropriate to your current life phase. Body and energy explorations invite an opening into the boundless intelligence of life itself, the miracle of being. This ongoing journey is an intensive process of reclaiming soul and heart. Here you’ll discover the keys to simply being. You will receive a more complete sense of response-ability for your life, an overview of your life as a whole now, the clear, clean instinctual gifts of each phase of life, a knowing of life’s preciousness and en-joy-ment of your nature as man or woman. You will nurture and grow creativity, trust and gratitude. Total presence fulfils every longing and natural happiness arises. This is a 24 day ongoing training in 6 4-day retreats, which gives the depth and committment deeply realised insight, healing, transformation, and awakenings happen. Depth, intimacy, playfulness, transparency and naturalness develop naturally. Places are available for those who can commit to the whole journey and are strictly limited.


If you’re open to exploring and diving deep, if you ask, ‘Could life be any better for me?’ & answer yes, then join us. If you love & long for clarity, truth, love & presence, & deeply satisfying relating,  if you wish to live fully embodied, if you wish to live co-empowerment rather than co-dependency, if you sense the potency of awakened masculine & feminine, its creative, dynamic aliveness, beauty, purpose, passion & joy, join this ongoing group now – limited places are available for this life-changing opportunity. This is a world class training and for you if you are discerning about the quality and subtlety of facilitation, the company you like to keep and the environments you choose to be in. This training is appropriate for you if you are single or in a couple, and attend with or without your partner.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve completed many trainings or whether you are just getting started – you’ll learn how to take your embodied realisation of freedom and your life skills and wisdom deeper….. and how to live who you are even more effectively and on a  grander scale!

How free are you of limiting projections about life and others? How open, vulnerable, not knowing & tender are you able to be? How clearly do you communicate your needs, what matters to you, your boundaries, feelings? How present are you in your body? How fully do you live the the strong, clear, purposeful man you are or the radiant, powerful woman you are? How freely does your life force flow? Are you in friendship with your energy in all its colours? Are you ready to live simply Being!?

Take this journey – one of dismantling separate selfhood through heightening consciousness, then of unification, liberation into being. Transmute the lead of your conditioning into the gold of simple naturalness.


Every thing, every circumstance, every feeling, is the perfect invitation to take you deeper in life, towards pure being. You will discover how to bring full openness, into co-operation with the natural evolutionary unfolding which is built into the physical and energetic body. Then suffering & conflict in relating with all others, & between man & woman & between inner masculine & feminine, ceases & is replaced by mutual respect, tenderness & joy.

You will experience a deep holding that allows you to awaken or more deeply realise the truth of the love that is at the core of all existence. And to live an expanded celebration of your humanity, the uniqueness of being you, the man or woman you are, with the stories you have lived & the life you are wishing to co-create now.

Join us…..Grow an embodied sensitivity to the polarities of male & female found in all nature & open to the inner marriage – dissolution of all opposites into beingness, unity consciousness. This surrender to the fullness of being, feelings, sensuality & spirit in organic unison, realised in Being!, opens you to beauty, joy & soul in your living and loving. It deepens friendship & harmony between you & your lovers, partners, spouses, children, parents & friends, & all you meet. Expect miracles, aliveness, wholeness.

More about how you will benefit from participating    Your Questions answered by Joy    Is it right for me -who books on this event?

Realise that you are Love, em-body Love
Relate with joy to what is, here now, in you, in apparent others, in life
Discover profoundly opening healing, ritual, initiation & the innocent release of sensual touch
Em-body Soul in your ordinary, miraculous life

What will an ongoing group give me?

There is nothing as potent for your life as the magic of an ongoing group…the intimacy that builds, along with the trust, insights, the courage & friendship that evolve when you know you are together over time, the incredible adventures, are irreplaceable & priceless. Because we can work deep, & because there is the safety of close bonding & the pleasure of community, you can open & resolve your deepest, core issues. Join us if you seek self -realisation or simply natural happiness.

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How will you benefit?

  • Realise deeply the freedom & consciousness to say & mean no or yes. Express your heart’s truth without blame or reactivity
  • Learn fluidity of emotional expression, your body, feelings & being an instrument for life to play. There will be lots of laughter!
  • See your limiting patterns, such as withdrawal, self-sacrifice, numbness, rescuing, control clearly – & find creative ways to  return to relating with unconditionality
  • Realise on a cellular level that sexual energy & spirit are one
  • Realise your own pool of joy & true happiness & love in being you
  • Be confident in your capacity to give love & pleasure
  • Rekindle passion & respect in your close relating

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Who will journey with me?

There’s nothing like taking time out to hang out with people who love depth and authenticity and the freedom of being. the support and nourishment and confidence of being loved in all you are is priceless. Any doubt or uncertainty about valuing what your heart knows dissolves. You will meet men and women from every walk of life, from business to healthcare to art, to music, to law and much more, and often from many different countries.

  • Realise on a cellular level that sexual energy & spirit are one
  • Realise your own pool of joy & true happiness & love in being you
  • Be confident in your capacity to give love & pleasure
  • Rekindle passion & respect in your close relating

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What will you experience, what will you learn?

Above all, this group will take your embodied rrealisation of awakeness to a whole new level.

You will learn true, effective communication, the power of vulnerable honesty, friendship with all the life in the circle and with ‘the other’.

You will learn deeply to acknowledge and enjoy your desire for connection, in all its moods, to receive love, to know & honour your choices or boundaries in any situation.

Your own awakening is the gift of every struggle you ever thought you had in life – you will learn how

Nurture an aliveness & energetic sensitivity you have never experienced before

Traumatic experiences that occur pre-birth, during birth and immediately post birth can have a lifelong effect on you, and because they happen before conscious memory, you can be ignorant of their impact. Trauma causes a split to your identity, forcing compromise as a survival strategy.
All experiencesin later  life  that you might consider traumatic are always, also, a re-stimulation of these earlier traumas. Unless you resolve the earlier events you cannot truly heal the later events.
In the training you will access such early experiences in a safe and productive way to enable such deep healing to take place. The necessary unconscious information and experiences are accessed in a safe and sufficient way.

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This group will fill fast so book now
This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!

This group will fill fast so book now just call or email us – Couples & singles –re-awaken intimacy & aliveness. If you join us in this sacred circle now you can still catch the early booking discounts. Excellent value, world-class facilitation. We aim to give you exceptional gifts now & also profound results which last for your lifetime

This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!

And you can receive couple/friend discounts too.

  • I know now what it means to 'make love'

    Elspeth Hurst, Lincoln

  • You are so so vigilant about constantly taking away from us our goals & ideals of becoming perfect or good & therefore deserving & loveable person we long to be (but already are!). I realised that I don't expect perfection from myself anymore & therefore not from others & so I don't get disappointed or offended easily which means I also don't feel 'tangled up in others' in that exhausting way

    Surahbhi McMellahn Ashburton

  • The ability to facilitate and hold a sacred space for areas of relating and personal development that is rarely, if ever, offered elsewhere. The feeling of safety and being held by the circle; the sense of wholeness felt by relating in a way, and with a depth, that is rarely possible in the usual course of living. The deep feeling of mutual trust, and the formation of close bonds within the group. Offering the encouragement to step outside normal boundaries, thus facilitating change that might not otherwise have happened.

    Graham V. Bath

  • Working with Joy has been very useful & rewarding for me, especially to reclaim myself as a sexual woman, to have permission to explore asking for what I would like and how to do that, to gain a much clearer understanding of the biological, energetic& psychological differences between men & women, all in safely held (though sometimes personally challenging) situations.

    Intimacy is a main focus of the work; it is never about performance but about presence, integrity, truth and honouring (self, especially). Having said that I have learned a lot of practical information & skills.

    Carole Clements, Bathford