Sacred Ground – Women’s Retreat Circles

Radiant Woman – Love, Beauty and Freedom

Do you know your own beauty and treasure, dear Woman?

Do you live natural intelligence or conditioning and roles?

Is your life a celebration of being you?

Do you love your sensual nature & live it fully?

How do you enhance pleasure in your life?

In this retreat you will dive into exploration of the passionate, sensual, sometimes wild, yet vulnerable woman you are & how you can live her naturally and freely, in your ordinary life and in your relating, whether you are a single woman or share life with a partner.

Are you done with superficial connection? With making yourself smaller or settling for less than when relating with man? With waiting for man to claim his ‘potential’?

Learn the skills to share your needs and desires. Claim your own power and be celebrated in it.

In safe space meet the men who have been doing their own men’s work and heighten awareness of patterns, projections and how to move beyond these into true meeting with your opposite.

Passionate, intimate, inspiring love is possible for you too.

Wherever the feminine has been honoured in a culture, down through the ages, women have made special times for being together as women. A time to nurture, support, ‘sort the seeds’, inspire each other to live empowered & fulfilled as women, & celebrate – recognised & appreciated by other women, in your beauty & power. This is just such a time for sharing strength, vulnerability & to touch & realise more fully the deep mysteries of receptive feminine essence. At this gathering of women being together you will remember or learn to appreciate how truly unique each of us women is, & how to live fully in your body, celebrate & enjoy your sexuality, your relationships & your life. .

Come to see the beauty in all women & accept all their colours of being, too. This deepens your self-love. Time to delight in your sensitivity, to laugh from your belly, find your voice & have space to share your story, your joys & struggles in becoming fully conscious, & be with others as they share theirs, be held safely if this is a time of intense emotion or transition, enjoy & relax in time to BE together in an inspiring & supportive atmosphere. Come, remember how you as woman have been & can now be honoured as a physical incarnation of love, & for your easy connection with the divine mystery of being.

These spacious and easeful retreats can become a vital, revitalising resource on this spiralling Secret Garden journey in which you come to love yourself in the body you have, in the life you live, in the woman you are, opening fully to what is touching you now, & finding the love of being which radiates out to those others in your life, & touches & enhances the lives of those in your communities. Find your glory! Very limited places.

What You Say

This group will fill fast so book now
This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!

What will you experience?

Rediscovering and claiming strands of your woman nature, dancing, & creative processes lead to a culminating powerful affirmation of self-honouring & empowered embodiment.  

Visualizations & rituals, pair work and circle, and silent time in nature are part of the support for your journey.  There is also a mix, as appropriate to theme & group need, of some touch, meditations, movement, intimacy structures, silence, time in nature, deep healing ritual, & energy work, movement, shamanic ancestral lineage healing work, all in response to what is in the circle. We will touch on aspects of the archetypal journey of woman from girl-child to wise-woman in rituals exploring the archetypal ground of being woman – a rich journey! Reclaim the power that has been lost or forgotten. Learn about your strengths. Awaken your own depths of stillness & your true nature.

A women’s circle can be tender, touching, outrageous, laughter filled, poignant, joyous. It will always be alive & true.

Some weekends include a ceremonial meeting with the men on their return from their men’s gathering. Such rituals have a profound yet wholly safe impact on the unconscious where all transformation occurs, which is different for each man and woman. This is one of those events – see Openings to Intimacy above.

Enjoy scrumptious, healthy food, & the great company of a like-minded community of great women!

This is an awakening & experiential weekend retreat in which your choices & boundaries will be fully respected & honoured.

Who will be with you?

Women of all ages come to these retreats, women in all phases of life, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sirens, lovers, sisters, wives, career women, of any sexual orientation, from all walks of life & cultural backgrounds. Some women will be new to Secret Garden, some will have explored in this garden for years and some will be part of an ongoing group.

What benefits will you receive from being in a women’s retreat?

Create a space in your life where you can explore & release your own unique womanly beauty, love and freedom and receive from our shared collective womanly spirit, sensitivity and care.

If old conditioning comes into the light of awareness, transform unresolved material from childhood, adolescence & adulthood into love and freedom.

You will re-member your trust, your innocence & the flow of feeling which brings expansion, adventure & freedom..

You can dream your life as you truly desire it. Reclaim the Deep Feminine.

Joy opens up possibilities for you to experience yourself at ease, empowered & renewed and clarify next steps.

The amazing circle of women sharing & receiving, witnessing & supporting you enables lasting transformation.

This retreat can also enhance your work with others by bringing you deep nourishment, if you are a therapist, coach or energy healer.

You will uncover your core strengths, discover your deep nature as woman & may awaken too to what is the freedom beneath that.

You will certainly return home experiencing a profound sense of love & possibility.

Self-doubt, procrastination, anxiety, low libido, overwelm, naturally dissolve. You will be inspired to honour & celebrate your unique embodiment of the feminine & empower your beingness – your way.

Learn to adore your unique beingness! Be your large empowered radiant woman nature!

If you love or long for connection, depth, realness, come join us!

This group will fill fast so book now just call or email us 

This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!

And you can receive couple/friend discounts too.

Openings to Deeper Intimacy

Some Sacred Ground women’s retreats have a particular theme of love, sexuality and relating with Man (see event info). Whatever your life circumstances and relating choices, you will have a rare opportunity to live fresh-ly in this arena and deepen intimate connection. On our final day, we will be joined by the men, who are gathering in another venue, separately, for a short time. There will be Ritual space in which, with the support of your women’s circle, you have the opportunity, if you choose to take it, to live the woman you choose to be now, in meeting man and your own being in relation to man. You will afterwards re-join the women’s circle for a short time.

You are invited to engage in your way with guided structures, meditation & circle that support meetings with the men a-new in the moment. Deepen your connection with your sensation-al life, finding your voice, expressing vulnerable truth, while receiving another.

Very limited places

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  • I feel I am learning in your circles that I can own the woman I am, all her moods and passions and sensitivities. I experienced great wisdom, beauty, authenticity and found Joy’s facilitation extraordinarily responsive and her reflections have really helped me see where I can find more freedom – and that is happening every day now. I found Joy and also many of the women in the circle to be inspiring role models. That gave me a way of sensing what was possible for me as I move into the next phase of my life.

    Paula King, London

  • I’ve realized that other women can be my friends, that I can lean on them and trust them and show them more of me than I ever imagined. My trust has deepened in my own being and my own sex, and my friendships are richer for that, as is my relationship with my mother

    Susannah James, Cambridge

  • You know how to say the right kind and loving words. you are so real and human.. I love your woman's warm wisdom. You have a gift to make the other, to feel heard. that is a blessing. I 'feel' between the lines that you know what I try to share and where my words might fail you read with your heart. Thank you. You have been a very a healing, reassuring and calming influence on me.

    Heidi Ovarassi, Findhorn

  • Wonderful – I’m back in touch with softness, tenderness, compassion, peace, acceptance, connection. I had been bracing myself to cope with life for so long, and I was able to let go and surrender – and fall back into myself. Thank you for providing such a nurturing, supportive and beautiful space to enable me to do that

    Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton