Joyful Loving Weekend – Explore The Power of Animus & Anima – Your Detailed Invitation

How YOU Can Create Awakened Intimacy

Relationship is perhaps the best opportunity for transformation & integrated consciousnessness, and being in freedom that most human beings have in life. The longing for deep connection,  being seen & heard fully, is core for the separate self – yet intimate relationships can be where the challenge of your overpowering fears & desires is felt most strongly too.

Come to love the shadows of feeling awkward, shy, guilty, disconnected, lonely. Find such ease with any tendencies towards blame, defensiveness and withdrawal that they dissolve away.

Reclaim the energy that has been projected onto the ‘other’ and ‘others’.

Learn to relate without manipulation and control, free of game-playing and complaint

Replace limited, conditioned strategies for getting what you want with direct, powerful communication and action.

Can you live intimate connection and yet be utterly free?

Can you relax into being full you, into being juicy, radiant, desirable?

Conscious exploration of this territory is liberating, intimate and powerful – the potential pleasure and beauty it unleashes is worth the challenge and the risks.

If you wish to relate in co-empowerment rather than co-dependency, if you sense the potential of awakened masculine & feminine, its creative, dynamic aliveness, beauty, power, purpose, passion & joy, join this group now – strictly limited places.

How will booking your place on this weekend course benefit you?

At this retreat you will learn ……

the capacity to share your deepest truth in a way that really lands with another

How to hear, how to see , how to receive the perceived ‘reality’ of another

Explorations in not knowing

The innate evolutionary power of your chakra energies & opening the pathways

Keys to inner marriage & its outer reflection in your own life

end a relationship that no longer aligns in a life-enhancing way

The power of your simple vulnerable honesty and totality of presence

How to stay open when your partner is triggering you

Breathing with consciousness & subtle energy exploration to enliven the senses, enhance pleasure & even build ecstacy

Fundamental yet ineffective relating defences that can destroy intimacy – & your way through them

How you manipulate or hide in gameplaying & how to do something different that creates connection

Secret arts of touch & spiralling pleasure

How to harness the power of your breath & intention, & the flow of energy through the chakras.

How profound meditation enhances self love, self regeneration, & self realization.

to communicate directly & powerfully, to ask without demand for what you want & say no to what you don’t want

a powerful method for deep listening that creates a healing energetic field.

to communicate clearly & vulnerably about your inner life without making another responsible for your doubts, opinions, fears, commitment phobia, self-judgements

to value aliveness in all its colours in intimate relationship

about your relationship with giving & receiving, to create deep nourishment

to make & keep & renegotiate clear agreements that nourish all involved

to surrender to love even in a challenging situation

how to heal a bruised or broken heart and let it open you to life fully

to love & accept the woman you are, the man you are, as without this you cannot learn to love others

To free up and cultivate your life force so that your energy flows freely

to dare to live your deepest longing to be felt, heard, to belong

how to be irresistible to the kind of partner or friend you wish for

to love all that others are, & celebrate life’s simple miraculousness

how to be human & in love with embodiment, its limits & limitlessness

how to value those who are be able to sit with you in all your colours.

how supportive, authentic community leads to reciprocal growth

an embodied sensitivity to the polarities of deep masculine & deep feminine found in all nature & moving towards the inner marriage – dissolution into beingness

How  life is showing you every moment to be more love (it’s not what you think)

Good news! These life skills and much more will be explored experientially in the Joyful Loving . You will be so warmly welcomed

What is the deeper invitation?

This is a light filled gathering, its fundamental, & hidden, power is in the energy transmission that occurs.

Ultimately this exploration is an invitation to see all unfolding as energetic, sensational life, being, & the man-woman dance of love, attraction & marriage as the most powerful opportunity to dissolve limits to this profound realisation.

This weekend is an opportunity to receive sacred knowledge & energetic transmission that will give you specific techniques & heightened awareness to begin to or deepen your capacity to enrich your sexual & relating life & can make your ordinary life an ecstacy

Your choices in participating, all boundaries respected, no physical contact is fine if wished & deep learnings will still occur , Your privacy & confidentiality is totally protected at all times, so you are safe to explore & find your freedom to be you, in love.

Every Joyful Loving weekend circle is all – new. The explorations are new and also you are new, at a particular point circumstantially, emotionally, energetically, in the spiral of your unfolding

Is this weekend right for you? 

Whether you are single or attend as a couple or are in relationship and attend alone, you are welcome!

  • You may be a single man wondering about how to attract & stay happily with woman, a single woman wishing to attract a man who will love totally, you may be wishing to get crystal clear about the relationship you choose next.
  • You may be a couple struggling to create a happy, fulfilling relationship
  • You may be a happy, committed couple who know they need to connect deeply now in order to continue to live true to love.
  • You may be in relationship and wish to attend alone and return home with the gifts.
  • You may have many years experience of exploring life’s truths, or this may be the first time you choose to attend a retreat…….

…if so this Joyful Loving exploration is for you. The field looks after us all.

Come and join us for this rich, deep exploration.  You will benefit from the depth, holding, maturity & vibrancy of Secret Garden community in which all are very welcome, and highly experienced facilitation to the degree you wish it.

Why it’s a good idea for you to attend this unique weekend

If you are single, perhaps you feel it’s the right time to attract a partner you feel aligned with into your life…Discover & empower what makes you attractive to potential partners & learn now the skills so that you can build the intimacy that you long for without making the mistakes that couples without this knowledge inevitably suffer from!
If you long strongly for a blessed experience of happy, committed relating, then you will resonate strongly with what follows & for joining us too).
If you are in happy relationship, with someone you love and for both of you, your relationship is vibrant, committed and fulfilling, yet you are intrigued by what else might be possible between you… this weekend can help a couple like you – already enjoying such a strong container for alchemical change – see and taste the infinite possibilities of what you can experience together. Understanding the true natural imperative in male-female relating helps you navigate together. Handling triggers and healing past heartbreaks & disappointments is less relevant so you can expand into a depth of intimacy and love that you may only barely intuit exists right now. The high adventure of loving deeply awaits!

If you are a couple struggling together, things are not quite right, or perhaps you’re in a relationship and it’s alright – but the fire has gone out… or is about to…come join us. Many relationships aren’t truly vital & thriving. It’s so common for children, busy-ness, co-dependency, even leisure time pursuits, to prevent an ever deepening intimacy and connection. Our Western materialist culture colludes in this being ok, normal, mature.
If you let this spark go dim, you begin to grow apart. And you forget who you really too, in the ease of and familiarity. What about being, your longings, your growth?
Perhaps sex is just ‘alright’ too and it’s too difficult to talk about it. Something deeper, that you once hoped and longed for, and still do in your heart, is missing. You simply distract yourself from the un-ease.
Don’t settle for numbness or compromise when just a weekend can re ignite this love you have shared. Why wait? Your children are learning what relationships look & feel like from you!

Join us, feel the support from others who know the territory’s challenges too and give your relating high priority.

Enjoy world class facilitation so that you can learn what allows love to blossom easily & naturally.

Book your place now – they go fast!

  • I know now what it means to 'make love'

    Elspeth Hurst, Lincoln

  • You are so so vigilant about constantly taking away from us our goals & ideals of becoming perfect or good & therefore deserving & loveable person we long to be (but already are!). I realised that I don't expect perfection from myself anymore & therefore not from others & so I don't get disappointed or offended easily which means I also don't feel 'tangled up in others' in that exhausting way

    Surahbhi McMellahn Ashburton

  • The ability to facilitate and hold a sacred space for areas of relating and personal development that is rarely, if ever, offered elsewhere. The feeling of safety and being held by the circle; the sense of wholeness felt by relating in a way, and with a depth, that is rarely possible in the usual course of living. The deep feeling of mutual trust, and the formation of close bonds within the group. Offering the encouragement to step outside normal boundaries, thus facilitating change that might not otherwise have happened.

    Graham V. Bath

  • Working with Joy has been very useful & rewarding for me, especially to reclaim myself as a sexual woman, to have permission to explore asking for what I would like and how to do that, to gain a much clearer understanding of the biological, energetic& psychological differences between men & women, all in safely held (though sometimes personally challenging) situations.

    Intimacy is a main focus of the work; it is never about performance but about presence, integrity, truth and honouring (self, especially). Having said that I have learned a lot of practical information & skills.

    Carole Clements, Bathford

What if love – & all your struggles with love – were your deepest invitation into a letting go, a dropping away of everything you think you are, a diving, utter availability to the perfect lover – that lover that is always here?
Love heals all, every moment!
Live the love you are

Joy Hicklin-Bailey

This group will fill fast and has limited places, so book now
This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!

Accommodation and Catering

Whether the weekend is residential or non-residential you can enjoy the beautiful location.

For residentials we all stay together in a place of great peace & beauty….Enjoy the shared (or very limited twin share or single) accommodation, fully catered so you can just relax, in the cosy, gorgeous atmosphere of beautiful Poulstone Court, or a local b and b, in this peaceful, stunning setting in the Herefordshire countryside. Please be aware that the retreat centre rooms will fill very fast. For a residential, you must add your fully catered accommodation via the drop down box on the course booking page, or specify no accommodation in the drop down if you will stay at a local b & b and book direct with them. For the latter, you need to book the retreat centrew meals only package in the drop down too, as we all eat together.

The non-residential weekends allow you the possibility of going home or finding your own place to stay or, like many participants, you can join us at a central Stroud daytime venue & stay overnight in our beautiful, peaceful home (with hot tub!) which we have our Saturday supper and evening circle in. There are dorm, single, twin, double & camping options there. This books fast. For non-residentials, you add the catering option via the drop down box on the course booking page and if you wish to book informal b & b too, do so via the drop down box on the course booking page.

During both the residential and non-residential weekends, enjoy the delights of awake community, scrummy meals, time to relax, the meditations, music, dancing. Savour superb delicious organic vegetarian food, made with love.

Enjoy the beautiful, relaxing gardens of both non-res and residential locations. Receive from the nourishing earth beneath your feet as you explore stunning local walks.

What will you experience in this weekend?

If you are like most human beings you either love or long for deeply satisfying friendships, work associations & sexual relationships that open you beyond the mere desire for gratification in the moment. It is only when your whole being opens that you can fall into the deeper mysteries of being & of erotic, sacred, sexual loving. The art of love is learned, yet very rarely taught. In this workshop you might well experience openings you had no idea were possible.
It may be for you a way of marking a transition, or a way to remember how loveable you are, or a way to be closer to your partner.

This workshop is a carefully guided intimate encounter with the beauty of the body, your longings and desires, the free flow of your feelings & sensitivities.
Every Joyful Loving workshop is all-new, and you wil find that you too are all-new each time you participate. The weekend themes are always different, you are invitedthrough guided structures, meditations, & circles into meeting others and your powerful archetypal energies too, in a tender, playful, nourishing space. You will learn how it is possible to heal what limits intimacy for you, how to let go of any fears & judgements that keep you separate from a deeper loving connection with yourself & others & how to open into more deeply satisfying ways of relating & creating pleasure. There will be some short but powerfully affirming time in your own gender circle where you will receive support to embody the fullness of what it is to be a woman in her feminine power held in sisterhood & a man in his male power supported by your fellow men. Relax & discover your way of being intimate, open to the sacred, joyful & sensual in your relationships. Let the way you are touched through your feelings, your body & words be an awakening into presence. Some participants are part of the ongoing Joyful Loving group, & bring depth, trust & ease to our circle.

Couples & singles -re-awaken intimacy & aliveness. This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself! And you can receive couple/friend discounts too. If you join us in this sacred circle now you can still catch the early booking discounts which make excellent value extraordinary value.
Do you long to go deeper in your relating life?
How can you expand your capacity to give & receive more love every day?

Give yourself this nurturing combination of meditation, yummy massages, relaxation, silence, time in nature, breathwork, touch, tantric explorations and creativity in the midst of nature. A juicy, transformational journey; a surrender of all that you are to love.

Just imagine the benefits of spiritual community & world class facilitation…..Join us…..Open to beauty, joy & soul in your relating & deepen friendship & harmony between you & your lovers, partners, spouses, children, parents & friends.
This group will fill fast so book now – just call or email us if you have any questions or concerns that prevent you from booking one of the very limited places now.

Who facilitates?

Joy Hicklin-Bailey is expert in facilitating breakthroughs in consciousness and intimate relating for singles & couples. The power of her Joyful Loving work, in which you can explore the themes of sexuality, intimacy & relating, comes from the energetic, a dedication since childhood to love & truth.
Joy’s passion is to facilitate your freedom & simple happiness & to create spaces where deep trust, total aliveness, challenge, acceptance, community, nurturing & an appreciation of the simple & sacred in life can be experienced.
Joy Hicklin-Bailey integrates embodied spiritual realisation, shamanic & tantric knowledge in which she has been immersed for over twenty five years. The focus of her adult life has been & still is intimate relationship.

The Power of Alchemical Partnership

Joy will be joined by her beloved partner Tim who has for twenty five years lived with the spiritual life as his core focus, with intimate relationship a central theme. He gives so much energy and committment to this Secret Garden.

Through leading guided inner journeys & meditations, & teaching the healing power of intimate massage & energetics they have developed based on all the traditions of shamanic sexual spirituality in India, China & Hawaii (aloha-ai), pair structures & expertly facilitated whole circle work they will facilitate you to dive deeper into beingness, alone & with another…. And perhaps beyond.

Joy is currently writing a book with the working title

Joyful Loving – How You Can Live Awakened Intimacy & find the Gateway to your true nature

If you need more reassurance that this will be all you hope and long for, go to Joyful Loving Weekend-What They Say

or call or email us!

Places are limited so take action now!

This group will fill fast and has limited places, so book now
This is a wonderful present for your loved one or yourself!