wonder-ful & deeply moving, I feel fantastic, very alive I feel very grateful & privileged to have been involved. I would certainly love to work with you again

Alaina Halford, Strenshaw

Wake up now to your joy in being 

Lomi Lomi Retreat with Ho’oponopono Ceremony….You! Awake & Alive!

At this Lomi Lomi Retreat, realise love is all that is & create awakeness, re-discover aliveness. Come nourish, heal, release, re-invigorate!

lomilomicontact_imagenFBJLJust imagine what would happen if you renewed your passion for life & your love of being you & what that might lead to……

Waves of Aloha………Touching Presence

The sweet ending of Summertime is a harvest time, a powerful time for re-gathering energy after the outward movements of high summer, and a time for self-renewal and celebration of your being.
If you would like to heal and nourish your being, find completion with the past, let go of the old & receive all that is new when you are fully present with life now, if you would like to experience deep nourishment and physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness, come join us.

This deep immersion retreat can bring very significant shifts in your life experience, allowing you freedom from old patterns of limitation and more of the natural happiness and freedom of being. We work with the physical, emotional and energetic levels of being to encourage through loving, vibrant touch, the wholeness that is your birthright. The aloha of our circle, the unconditional love and acceptance of all that you are, invites a deep let-go on physical, emotional and energetic levels.

If you are new to healing practices and massage, you are welcome, as are those who have attended these LomiLomi retreats before who wish to reconnect with the spirit and power of lomi and aloha. If you are an experienced professional masseur, Lomi supports every other exploration and modality you or your clients may be involved with, and you are welcome.

Lomi enhances your physiological health and at the same time shifts your neurology.  Wounds and trauma held within the body dissolve. Vitality and deep, natural stillness returns.

The powerful energetic field will give you exactly what you need. The novice and expert are one once the shamanic portals are opened. This is for you if you wish to create sacred space to open shamanically in relation to issues and visions of your choice and explore lomi deeply.

Our long, flowing, endless infinity movements with their oceanic rhythm embrace and nurture you and allow a cellular realisation of oneness and the wonder of aliveness.

You will receive several luxurious and deeply transformative massages during this retreat. The leaders and kings of ancient Hawaii received many massages over many days before taking up their worldly roles. You will also discover that giving this massage is a powerful receiving and healing too, whether you are new to lomi or experienced.

You will benefit from the healing power of aloha in many ways, on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual, when giving and receiving lomi. This inherently beautiful work, rhythmic and all-embracing as the ocean, ‘works’ on us as we give, and receiving is …..wonderful.

There will be quiet & silence to deeply enjoy the nourishment & encouragement of us being together. Meditative and healing time in nature is a crucial part of this retreat, too.

There will be laughter, profound ho’oponopono ritual, just being, silence, and, above all, nurturing Lomilomi opportunities for deep intimate connection with yourself, others & existence.

Matthew Hart, Bristol

Join us, Aug 31-Sep 3, 2019 – YOU can discover a totally unique way to digest the past, achieve conscious completion & create space for new life. Let Go, Relax,  & celebrate being you, the man you are, the woman you are, in superb company.

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a real opportunity to practise being present with out trying to get anywhere.. no where to go, nothing to get. It was if I was given permission to be.... ~ Dave Stork, Forest of Dean

A big mahalo for the wonderful Lomi Lomi Workshop. Your facilitation and gentle approach made me feel very safe, and held in what was altogether a very nurturing space. Thanks you so much. I felt a real cleansing and shedding of emotions -Loved it and want lots more!! Would like a longer course next time cos Im wanting to learn more! ~ Anna Donaldson, Edinburgh

This LomiLomi Retreat will leave you finding a million answers to a million questions. You stand at the door of a world that holds no boundaries for spiritual growth and well being. Above all sharing the natural instinct for expressing love, to a person you've never met ~ James Elsmore, Forest of Dean

great I learned loads. I feel like I did a lot of inner free-ing work…beauty and safety ~ Tanya Smart, Somerset

 Demo of some Lomilomi strokes on the front of the body

A demo of the basic back strokes you can learn & receive at a Secret Garden Lomilomi retreat

Come experience the delicious openings that 4 days of profound massage in a powerful energetic field can give you

You will receive many benefits by booking your place on this retreat

  • Several gentle, yet deep full body massages (your chosen boundaries fully respected)
  • Cleanses and detoxifies, enhancing all homeostatic systems and organs of your body
  • Invites deep relaxation of your body and mind
  • Opens your muscles and joints
  • Encourages effective lymphatic drainage
  • Stress and tension dissolve
  • Encourages harmony, a sense of well being and balance, in day to day life
  • Your body’s ability to detoxify is enhanced
  • Increases awareness of the pleasure of being in your body
  • Energises and revitalises your life force
  • Enhances your circulation, improving skin and hair and muscle tone and improves posture
  • Induces inner calm, harmony and clarity, new direction and insight, in you
  • Builds your confidence, vitality and self-esteem
  • Activates meridian flow
  • Opens you to deep levels of accepting who you are and what you can contribute to life
  • Enhances your self knowledge and brings focus & alignment
  • Release of the soft and deep tissues
  • Your unconscious brings into the light what needs healing in your spiralling journey into total freedom of being
  • Encourages abundance as you tune in more and more to your nature and that of this planet
  • Enhances your Creativity & Intuition
  • Relieves physical pain and dis-ease symptoms
  • Releases energetic blocks
  • Rejuvenates all vital organs – liver, heart, spleen and more
  • Your being is freed to let go of old patterns, trauma and behaviours that no longer serve
  • Inspires self-love so that you shine!
  • Supports you in transitions if that is where you are, and energises your new visions
  • There may be openings to, realisations of the deepest levels of Truth      Book Your Lomi Retreat here

This is your rare opportunity if you wish to invite more of the intimacy and healing of touch into your life, a way of creating sacred ground within and without. You will give and receive the gentle and profound Hawaiian Kahi Loa and Lomilomi Nui healing touch. Often the massages are ‘four hands’. These Lomi rituals were used in ancient healing initiations, and in these circles today, to fully integrate physical and spiritual energy and promote the free flow of life energy and joyous fulfilment.

This energetic healing and deep tissue massage quiets the mind, cleanses the emotional body, opens energy channels and can release toxins and relieve many old layers of tension, pain and conditioning in the physical body can be combined with powerful yet simple Huna rituals, shamanic journeys and profound meditations,. A deeper realization that all is one and that there is no separation can result.

‘Lomilomi is a profound rite of passage, an initiation. It is a spiritual healing which leads to physical and emotional healing. Deep, flowing, luxurious Lomi cleanses the body and allows increased light to enter the bones, organs and tissues. In Lohe lima, we sense elemental imbalances, soreness, held energy and any trauma in the body. Lomi is prayer, poetry in motion. The heart allows the flow of unconditional love. Lomi is life loving life. Grace heals through us. It is the aloha, the love, that heals, not technique. And every benefit the receiver gains is always given back to the giver. The more lomi we receive, the looser and more open the body and being. Moreover, each initiation we undergo can carry a deep intention for our lives. Huna and Lomi, the teachings of ancient Hawaii, are a direct access to the Truth of life, the essence of the love that we are, the aloha in all manifestation. You are all that is, the source and appearance of all that rises and falls in awareness, nothing else is ever happening. The Kahuna knows that life’s dream is the expression of wholeness, of aloha unfolding, there is nothing to search for. What is, is perfection. A paradox that runs through all my work and my life! Joy Hicklin-Bailey

This is a surrender to love. Celebrate YOU, and the miracle of the possibility of another, fresh  year on the planet in a completely different way. Join us!

Joy Hicklin-Bailey is an internationally renowned spiritual guide and healer, and the explorations are cutting-edge. She has practised LomiLomi and Huna for more than 20 years.

This retreat is in beautiful Gloucestershire with its beautiful valley walks. B & B is available so you can relax with most of those in the group, or non-res if desired. Give yourself a DELICIOUS treat, & book your place at this LomiLomi Retreat! Join us!

Very limited availability……Ready to book your place?

During this Retreat, you will learn easily, naturally and joyfully about

  • Demonstration and practice of the fundamental runs on the back and front of the body
  • Lomilomi & Hawaiian Spiritual Healing (Higher Self) Practice for clearing limits and trauma
  • Care of client and setting up sacred space
  • Art of Invocation and the art of asking for help to discover causes and to facilitate change
  • Pule (prayer) and right use of will and intention
  • Lau Lima
  • Pule (prayer) and right use of will and intention
  • Beauty, Rhythm and Grace of movement
  • Exploration of fundamental Huna principles
  • Heart opening Shamanic ‘flying’ movement
  • Correct lifts of body
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Voice work with ancient chants
  • Shamanic circle and lineage work – how to trust life and all that is
  • The power of presence in touching another
  • Art of feedback about your experience
  • Hiolani meditation on the light
  • Hakalau Shaman’s walking meditation
  • Ha breath energising
  • All your boundaries about touch and draping honoured and respected
  • This is a rare opportunity for all who wish to invite more of the intimacy and healing of touch into their lives, a way of creating sacred ground within and without whilst enjoying the deepening friendship and joy of a circle of those equally committed to truth and aloha. You will have lots of opportunity to give and receive the gentle and profound and gorgeous Hawaiian Kahi Loa and Lomilomi Nui healing touch. These were used in ancient healing initiations to fully integrate physical and spiritual energy and promote the free flow of life energy and joyous fulfilment. This energetic healing and deep tissue massage quiets the mind, cleanses the emotional body, opens energy channels and can release toxins and relieve many old layers of tension, pain and conditioning in the physical body. You will experience how it can be combined with powerful yet simple Huna rituals, shamanic journeys, forgiveness work and profound meditations,. A deeper realization that all is one and that there is no separation can result.
  • It is beautiful work -sharing and responding, nourishing each other through gentle non invasive touch, meditation and being together in the way we all need need deeply and can claim again. Learning lomilomi is a way to begin or deepen a profound, cleansing, healing journey for yourself and to learn how to facilitate that for others. The retreat is suitable for those who wish to share touch with loved ones, family or friends and also for those who work as healers or therapists. You will discover how to be more and more fully present with the person you are with, to create safety and holding, how to be sensitive to what is being held and what is ready for release and to facilitate a deeper opening in your receiver to an even fuller surrender to their true nature. We will also do some voice work with the ancient sacred chants which resonate with the very essence of what the words invoke. Lomilomi  helps those with unresolved past trauma, poor self image, stress, lack of self-esteem and confidence, relationship challenges, unhelpful habits or addictions, confused direction, and busy minds. Most important, it is also for those who wish to know the nature of life and being, who wish to be their divine, awakened aliveness more and more in ordinary life.
  •  Give yourself this nurturing combination of meditation, yummy massages, relaxation, silence, time in nature, breathwork, touch, stillness and shamanic journeying in the midst of nature.
  • A juicy and transformational wake-up call; a surrender of all that you are to love.
  • Allow the circle to take you back to Source, to silence and stillness
  • Be in the Present —as our community holds you, away from the pressures of everyday life, simple being with whatever is around and in you, so you experience the incredible healing powers of stillness, peace and presence. This gathering  is designed to show you how you can use envisioning to vastly accelerate your progress in achieving simple inner happiness and the power and peace of being. A deeper level of acceptance of what is allows you effortless creation  in your relating life and a being happy anyway as you enjoy the river of life.
  • Open to the Unknown — allow your heart to expand, creating space for Spirit
  • Cultivate & embody vital life force energy, soften into self-love, create space for just being.
  • Realise love is all that is

Very limited availability……Ready to book your place?

  • Enjoy b & b if you wish with most of the group, in a cosy, gorgeous home, with its garden and hot tub and stunning views, in the beautiful Slad Valley.
  • Savour superb delicious organic food, made with love, fully catered so you can just relax.
  • Enjoy the stunning vistas of rolling Gloucestershire valleys, soft sunshine on your face; the nourishing earth beneath your feet as you explore stunning local walks and woods as well as the garden. Enjoy our day venue in the delightful town of Stroud 10 minutes away. (London 1 hr 40 min Birmingham 1 hr)
  • What you can discover is that who you are is what’s already right here, right now beyond your story.  The story, what was or what might be, naturally changes as you let go into right now.  Life only happens now.  And it’s a celebration. And life energy can be shared right here, right now It’s exquisitely beautiful and a lot of fun to just show up and play, show up and live, being happy anyway as you enjoy the river of life.
  • Be in love with all that you uniquely are, body, heart & soul, feelings, nature, spirit.  
    What better way to nourish and relax and learn new massage approaches or refine your current Lomi practices? To book your place go to the orange booking button, or sign up below and find out more about Secret Garden awakening work.
  • There are several posts about Lomi within the blog if you wish to know more after booking, before we gather
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Live beyond separation, beyond unfulfilled longing, beyond suffering

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