There have been so many wonderful Awakenings since the New Year retreat with you & Tim. And the depth of intimacy we now share with each other is extra-ordinary; we feel totally Alive in each others presence & it deepens with every moment. ~ Alaistair Howard-Dobson, Ipswich

Wake up now to your joy in being 

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New Year Retreat

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New Year Retreat….You! Awake & Alive!

At this New Year Retreat, realise love is all that is & create awakeness, re-discover aliveness. Come CELEBRATE! being you, being with the other, celebrate existence!

candles_flameJust imagine what would happen if you renewed your passion for life & your love of being you & what that might lead to……

New Year is a powerful time for self-renewal and celebration of your being.
If you would like to take stock, digest, find completion with the past, let go of the old & receive all that is new when you are fully present with life now.

Give yourself a DELICIOUS CELEBRATORY treat to begin 2017 as you mean to go on, & book your place at this New year celebration of being the man you are, the woman you are!

There will be quiet & silence to deeply enjoy the nourishment & encouragement of us being together. There will be laughter, ritual, just being, silence, dance, nurturing opportunities for deep intimate connection with yourself, others & existence.

Joy Hicklin-Bailey is an internationally renowned spiritual guide and healer, and the explorations are cutting-edge

This is an all new dismantling of whatever stops you being awake & alive! A surrender to love. If you are tired of the same old celebrations, perhaps too much alcohol, being alone, watching bad TV, setting New Year resolutions and not keeping them, maybe it is time to celebrate YOU, and the miracle of the possibility of another, fresh  year on the planet in a completely different way. Join us!

This retreat is at the award winning Hawkwood centre where you can enjoy delicious food- it is fully catered & includes a special celebration supper on New Year’s Eve – & beautiful walks in the gardens & surrounding valleys.

Joy is a totally loving mirror, a force of nature, she finds the key to open the door to the truth of you behind the mask. I have noticed the dissolving of a subtle cocoon I'd wrapped myself in of mostly unconscious defence mechanisms. I feel wholly alive since the retreat ~ Oscar Levy, now New York

This has been the very best gift I could give to myself. If you are drawn, just book it!! My best New Year ever! and feeling it has opened up my life.
~ Lily Sutton, Norwich

You’ll receive a FREE awakened intimacy e-book & videos whether you book your place at the retreat or not. 

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Join us, Fri Dec 30 6 30pm-Sun Jan 1 3 45pm – YOU can discover a totally unique way to digest the past year, achieve conscious completion & create space for new life. Let Go, Relax,  & celebrate being you, the man you are, the woman you are, in superb company. Just imagine what would happen if you renewed your passion for life & your love of being you & what that might lead to……join us!

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  • Give yourself this nuring combination of meditation, yummy massages, relaxation, silence, time in nature, breathwork, touch, tantric explorations, stillness and creativity in the midst of nature. A juicy and transformational wake-up call; a surrender of all that you are to love.
  • Cultivate and embody sexual energy, explore the polarities of deep feminine and deep masculine
  • Make Your Farewells to the old you and to those who you wish to release in your life now- consciously, creatively and lovingly – so you can create space for new possibilities
  • Enjoy a special dinner, dance & music making on New Year’s Eve & ritual and a silent meditation to welcome in your coming year.
  • Allow the circle to take you back to Source, to silence and stillness
  • Be in the Present —as our community holds you, away from the pressures of everyday life, simple being with whatever is around and in you, so you experience the incredible healing powers of stillness, peace and presence. This gathering  is designed to show you how you can use envisioning to vastly accelerate your progress in achieving simple inner happiness and the power and peace of being. A deeper level of acceptance of what is allows you effortless creation  in your relating life and a being happy anyway as you enjoy the river of life.
  • Open to the Unknown — allow your heart to expand, creating space for Spirit
  • Cultivate & embody vital life force energy, explore the polarities of deep feminine & deep masculine, space for just being.
  • Realise love is all that is & create awakeness, intimacy & pleasure in your loving. Make your love & relating easy as you release your limits to love, clarify values & communication & melt into surrendered connection. Being Man Being Woman Come CELEBRATE! being you, being with the other, celebrate existence! Be in love with all that you are, body, heart and soul, feelings, nature, spirit.
  • Look Forward and create your new year so that you identify exactly what nourishes you in  intimate relationship, what makes your heart glow, Access the courage to set up a structure to support that happening for you throughout the year.
  • This will be the last Joyful Loving event for many a moon! Experience this profound, yet light, circle now at the very best time of year for inner enquiry!
  • Enjoy the shared (or limited single) accommodation in the cosy, gorgeous atmosphere of beautiful Hawkwood college, with its huge garden, extraordinary trees and grounds. We will have the Library, dining room , Blue Room and Hall to play in.
  • Savour superb delicious organic food, made with love, fully catered so you can just relax.
  • Enjoy the Meditation Sanctuary, the beautiful gardens and water features,
  • Enjoy the stunning vistas of rolling Gloucestershire valleys, soft sunshine on your face; the crisp beauty of frost; the nourishing earth beneath your feet as you explore stunning local walks and woods as well as the gardens. Enjoy a visit to the delightful town of Painswick a mile away.
  • What you can discover is that who you are is what’s already right here, right now beyond your story.  The story, what was or what might be, naturally changes as you let go into right now.  Life only happens now.  And it’s a celebration. And life energy can be shared right here, right now It’s exquisitely beautiful and a lot of fun to just show up and play, show up and live, being happy anyway as you enjoy the river of life. New Year is a powerful time for self-renewal & celebration of your being. Don’t miss it!
  • Be in love with all that you are, body, heart & soul, feelings, nature, spirit.  
    What better way to start the New Year? To book your place go to the orange button below, or sign up below and find out more.

I'd go through the weekend a hundred times again. it's impossible to get the words right so just thanks, thanks and thanks again ~ Neal Thornton, Chiswick

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