Awakeness Is Circles – The Extraordinary Ordinary Next Circle Thursday August 18th

These monthly, live, online Awakeness Is Circles are your profound invitation to timeless presence and love.

I am so grateful for your loving support & for open windows of radiant truth, it feels just as intimate being with a group online, especially in the current challenges I and my loved ones are living  ~ Nick, Cirencester

I have spent 15 years at events and reading about spiritual awakening. Yet in these few days with you, the truth of it unfolded for the first time. And life is so much better now! Thank you is inadequateSally Meadows, Guildford

Massive thanks Joy… The awakening session I had with you a few days ago was so, so simple, gentle and the most powerful thing I’ve experienced in all my 25 years of exploring life. What a relief to see! Being awake is so natural, and coming back from falling asleep again more and more effortless. I was so serious when our session started! Mostly, now, just chuckling …no me ~ Rod, Manchester

Thank you for naming the dishonesty in ‘spiritual seekers’To hear this named without judgement was very freeing ~ Surahbhi McMellahn

Love it!  Thank you so much, dearest Joy.  And I have been meaning to say what an utterly beautiful video you sent us – exquisite!  Have listened to it several times already   ~  Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Minchinhampton

An assumption that there’s someone kinda located somewhere inside my brain… just an assumption, but with a lot of habitual endorsement… almost feels real, but doesn’t want to be gazed at, becomes hazy…A cartoon character by the name of Stephen – somewhere in my imagination… imagined. A fondness for this character – experienced as a gentleness in my chest and a warmth upon my cheeks and something akin to pleasure – but don’t quite know what I mean by pleasure, or who or what is labelling this as pleasure. A sense of all of this within some sort of gentle ocean… possibly an experience? possibly an interpretation? Gentleness and welcome in the air. A sort of silenc~ Stephen Hancock, Buxton

I absolutely love the monthly Awakeness group. It feels like a reset and seeing the warm and friendly faces of the participants feels like coming home. By the end of the session, somehow, something inside of me is rebalanced and the great, wonderful thing is that I don’t have to work anything out. There is just this magical unfolding that happens all by itself. The sessions are a great gift especially in the current times we are living in. Thank you so much❤️ ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

If you love What Is – or long to love What Is – beyond the personal self, join us at these exclusive, regular Online gatherings. 

The energetic transmission of the Awakeness Is Circles is ease –  and your integration of this awakeness in everyday life.

They are the perfect complement to all Secret Garden exploration; this dance on the edge of what it is to be utterly human, with a heart that endlessly breaks open, whilst living a life that is true, awake and free.

The gatherings are intimate, tender, and dissolve the habitual identities, roles, thought and feeling trances and stories – all that isn’t natural truth.

You explore awakening practices which cultivate Direct Seeing.

You can ask Joy anything and explore one-to-one with Joy, if desired.

You benefit from the support of regular, committed, intentional community.

Your membership also brings you a monthly exclusive video from Joy, access to a private and facilitated Awakening Forum, as well as VIP discounts for future events.

A gift each month ~ Kim Rossi, Notts

thank you, as always, for everything you bring to this life…YES!  I would miss these circles so much if you had to stop! There are no adequate words to convey how it is. The Awakeness Is circles are utterly unique and, for me, an essential gift for this “me” each month.  I look forward to these evenings so much.  The learning to let go of “me” and rest in being, in life happening just as it is, in this moment,  has been an invaluable gift, growing stronger each day – and has equipped me to be with the current times in a way I couldn’t have imagined ten years ago.  Just sitting in the energy of these circles is a truly transformational experience. Rachel Irvine-Fortescue, Glos.

I have intended this membership series for several years and it is truly rewarding to be able to offer it at last. It is clear that any sincere enquirer about what is real in this play of life needs a lot of consistent support. The Awakeness Is Circles are designed to underpin the core ongoing work and Essence webinar courses, by means of a regular online easy to access gathering of an Inner circle of committed enquirers.

Are you ready to build expertise in the practices that facilitate the awakeness of Direct Seeing?

Are you ready to awaken to & deeply live the truth that all that is real is the love that ‘you’ are?

Are you ready to do what love would do?

Are you ready to create real and profound change by dismantling all that isn’t love?

Are you ready to discover the wonder of compassion, tenderness and joy?

 … then the Online Awakeness Is Circles are for you! A gorgeous, rich circle has already gathered. You can join now if there are places. Booking below will operate while places are available, and won’t be possible when the Circle is full.…..

For mutual ease, we suggest you set up a Standing Order for your regular monthly or annual payments.

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You need good internet access and a laptop or PC with a built-in speaker, camera and microphone. We use Zoom’s video conferencing software, which is free to download and very easy to use. A zoom link (password protected) will be sent to you via email, with full instructions, after registration, for easy access to the meeting space. We take great care to ensure the meeting is secure and safe to use. Please arrange quiet, private uninterrupted space so you receive the maximum from the confidential meeting.

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