• Thank you so much for your knowledge & understanding over the weekend - not to mention your clear sight, intention & love. I had such a fabulous time being part of it all and found the interaction with others profound. It was a privilege to be part of thing....the unity, the loving space held, the intention, the flow.....(it brought) re-inforcement of the fact we are all one in love....seeing people more clearly, less judgement, more love....The power of the space held in love & the undoing occurring from it (was powerful) would help others recognise the illusion & experience truth

    ~ Paul Bradley, Cirencester

  • I felt such a difference since the women's group and since the couples retreat... it's incredible. I'm excited & scared, because this work takes me completely out of my comfort zone. I embrace the fear & i find my courage to continue. The effects of the last weekend has made me want more and to go deeper. I feel I've experienced a complete different reality that i like very much.

    ~ Susana Jimenez Montalvo

  • I want to mark something that feels really important from our session yesterday. The biggest thing that came was that ‘it’s alright to be me’ & that ‘there is nothing wrong with me and how I do life’. I suppose before there was an underlying feeling that what is right for others should be right for me which left me feeling inadequate. But that’s all gone now. It inspires me to be true to my own needs which makes me feel truly liberated.

    Kim Rossi, Notts

  • yet like a circle. I also like the way you helped individuals with their issues. Not with vague general platitudes, but with genuine strong insight & care. You have this amazing ability to see underneath the surface 'issue' & describe and help to treat the root cause of the person's 'problem'. Then direct them regarding further actions...(inner, outer) of your core key skills in the exploration of aliveness, consciousness & beingness.

    Steve Dyer, Isle of Man, UK

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“Aloha simply is, empty of belief, story, judgement.

Sunshine sings it,  rain falls through it,

winds breathe it, trees are moved by it,  the earth rolls with it,

children grow with it, the ocean churns it, bodies may love it into beingness.

Aloha is form and formless, the essence of creation.

Aloha is energy, potency, no-thing and every-thing,

the ground of being which is fulfilment and peace, it is

shared and celebrated in love.”   Joy Hicklin-Bailey